1819 Census

1819 1822 1836
 Inhabitants of Stevenston and Saltcoats taken from the 1819 Landsborough list

This list has been produced with the kind permission of Jill McColl of North Ayrshire Library in Ardrossan where the original hand written document is held.

For ease of searching I have sorted Dr. Landsborough’s list into alphabetical order. Where the name is unclear I have put a question mark. There is also a ä against some of the children’s names. I believe it could indicate the birth of a child after 1819 and before 1822. Some names are circled, I have noted this in entry as I think it might be that this person has died between 1819 and 1822.The initial at the side: R, R.C., A.Burg., etc are the Church this person went to so I have included this in the last column. Any information in brackets I have added and is not in the original document.

Mairi Frew, Stevenston.

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1st name


2nd person






Margaret Haddow

Margaret, Robert ä Ann Haddow & Catherine





Agnes Gibson

Janet, Eliz.


Janet’s name circled




Agnes Biggart

John B., Robertä Margaret





Agnes Jack

Isobel, William, Peter, James

Hill Street

R at side




Ann Reid

Grace, Catherine, Ann D.


Alexander John Mason Ann Alison - Townhead
Alexander Margaret - - - Townhead
Alexander Robert weaver - - The Pund

Entry next to W.Bowie

Alexander Robert       Little Dubbs
Alexander Samuel Weaver Janet Parke David, Jean Boglemart
Alexander Widow or Eliz. Baillie - - - Townhead

(Next to John Alexander. Name circled.)

Alison Alexander


(m.Ann Brown)

Weaver Elizabeth Alison – sister (b.23/1/1746) Janet, John(B.1788) School Well Street

Age 81

Eliz.’s name circled

Alison Alexander Labourer Marion Young James, John, William, Andrew, ä Mary Boglemart

John’s name circled

Alison David Plaisterer? Eliz Howie Alex., Robert Brown, ä Ann School Well Street
Alison Elizabeth - - - School Well Street
Alison James Weaver Margaret Baird James, Margaret, Robert, John, Alex., Townhead
Allan James Smith Ann Graham Agnes, Jean, Ann, Mary, James &

Alex. Stewart , smith.

Allan Widow or Jean Barr -   Robert, John, Mary, Janet Kyles Hill
Anderson Agnes - - William ?? Kyles Hill
Anderson James Hacking-


Mary Barclay Eliz, Agnes, William, James, Margaret, John McKinlay,

Ina? Kerr

Bradshaw Street
Anderson John


Collier Janet Auld Alex., John, Janet, Agnes, Caldwell & Jean Boglemart

R at side

Anderson William Labourer Margaret Stewart William, John, Margaret, Jean, James Quay Street
Anderson William Shoemaker Jean Craig   Quay Street

Campbell’s Close

A. Burgh at side

Andrew James Labourer Ann Jamfray Margaret W. Boglemart
Andrew William Labourer Eliz. Walker John, Margt., William, Helen ä child Boglemart

John & Margt.’s name scored through

Arnot James Labourer Agnes Barber James Stirling gr.sn.

Robert Frame? – weaver

Kyles Hill
Arnot William Weaver Janet Frew David, James, Alison, Margaret,

Mary Miller – servt.

Kyles Hill

R at side

Arnott James Ploughman Grizzel Wilson John, Thos, Robert, James, Hugh, Agnes Townhead

John’s name scored out.

Arnott Widow or Janet Sinclair - - Mary, Thomas, Isobel, John, William, George, James, Helen Townhead
Auld David Collier Elizabeth Thom David, Mary, Janet, Alex., Eliz., John Boglemart

R at side

Auld James     Robert, Gavin, Ann, John, James & Margaret Howe Quay Street

James – Elder

Auld Janet or Widow Boyd - - - School Well Street
Auld John Coal overseer Agnes Murray Jean Townhead

R at side

Auld Mathew - Helen Gibson William Glasgow, Alex., James, Janet Townhead

Wm.Glasgow’s name circled and Mathew

Auld Mathew Weaver & shopkeeper Margaret Ritchie Hamilton, William, Thomas, James, Margaret Quay Street

B at side

Auld Robert Weaver Mary Thomson Robert, Margt., David The Loan
Auld William Collier Elizabeth Kennedy Alex, Robert, Mgt., John, William, Thomas, Janet, Kennedy, Eliz., Hugh The Close
Aytou?? Widow or Margaret Walker - - - Kyles Hill
Baillie Hugh - - - School Well Street

Name circled

Baillie John - Jean Paton Jean, David, Jean, Daniel?, Joseph School Well Street

David’s name circled

Baillie John Weaver Janet Sharpe - Boglemart
Baillie Martha or Widow Lambie - Andrew Miller and Eliz. Lambie ä John 1st page

Martha’s name circled and other names added

Baillie Widow or Jean Auld - Janet Baillie, Hugh,

Margaret Cochburn servt.

Hill Street
Baillie Widow or Jean McCartney     John, James, William, Ann, Jean Little Dubbs

At side – Irvine

Also date 1821

Baird Alex. Weaver Ann Warren? William Boglemart
Baird Alexander Weaver - Hugh, Agnes,

Jean Langwell

Baird Alexander Merchant Margaret Young Margaret, John, Janet, Robert, Alex., Eliz. Quay Street
Baird Crawford Weaver - John, Alex Boglemart
Baird James Weaver - James Boglemart
Baird John Weaver Mary Muir Margaret also

Math. Hunter, Margaret Baird ä Mary and

Mary & John Baird gr.ch.

Ballantine Campbell Collier Jean Dale John, Mary, Thomas, Janet, ä Jean Cow Roading
Ballantine John

(m. 18/8/1799)

Coal oversear Annabella Kelso John, James, Campbell, Cath, Robert, Thomas, William, ä Annabella Cow Roading

See also John B. added at side

Ballantine John

(m/ 8/2/1822)

- Catherine


John Cow Roading

An addition to above John B.

Ballantine John Collier     Little Dubbs
Bane? John   Jean Bow Widow Bow or Margaret Glen, Margaret Kerr, William Skeoch servts. Castle Hill

Margaret Glen age 80

Banks Alexander Collier Mary Brown Martha, Janet, Helen Townhead
Banks Charles Collier Marion Shaw John, Charles, Marion, James Boglemart
Banks David Collier Robina Ross David Mc, Alex, Thos., James, Agnes, Janet C. The Pund
Banks James Carrier Agnes Smith Jean, Nathaniel, John, Janet?, Thomas, William, Robert, Alex., David Cow Roading
Banks John - Janet Cummins? - Boglemart
Banks John Saddler? Marion Gray James, John, Robert, Ann, Janet, Marion, Margery, Charlotte, David, Alex., William

& Widow Gray or Ann Wylie

Quay Street
Banks Nathan.


Carter Helen Hamilton Ann McBride Townhead
Banks William Collier Agnes Chalmers George, Jean,***** Cant make out last name
Barber Alexander Flesher Arch. Barber – flesher &

Jean Barber

  Harbour Street
Barber Robert Rope


Margaret McLachlan Robert Kyles Hill
Barclay Andrew Gardener Jean Wright Janet Hill??
Barclay George Engine man Mary Muir John, Margaret, George, William, James, Samuel, Jean Cow Roading

John is scored through

Barclay John Innkeeper Jean Smith Agnes,

Mary Thornberry?

Harbour Street
Barclay John   Mary Brown Mary, Jean, Janet, Agnes, John, James & at side

Robert Skeoch and Agnes Skeoch

Barclay Peter Smith James Agent???


Janet Smith servt. Mill Hill
Barclay Peter Smith Ann Dick Jean, Peter, Eliz, ä William Dockhead Street

Peter - Elder

Barclay Robert Labourer Janet Barclay Eliz. Kyles Hill

B at side

Barclay Widow or Eliz. Young - Robert - Canal Street

R at side

Barclay Widow or Jean Gordon? -   Margaret, James Canal Street

R at side

Barclay Widow or Margaret Crawford - - - Canal Bank
Barclay William Shipmaster Ann Shanks William, James Hill Street
Barr Agnes - - - Kyles Hill
Barr John Miller Margaret Watt Jean, Alan, Agnes, Johnä Mill Hill
Barr Widow - Widow Kerr Janet,

John & Mathew Barr gr.ch.

Baxter William Carpenter Jean Cameron Agnes, Jean, Sarah, John Quay Street

R at side

Baxter?? Margaret or Widow Walker - - Robert W and John W Townhead
Beaumont Mr   Mrs Beaumont Francis, Maria, & Agnes Johnston and Eliz Brydon servts. Mayville
Benny? John Collier Ann Houston James, Margaret, John, Agnes Little Dubbs
Beveridge David Collier Margaret Russell   Broom Farm
Beveridge Henry Collier Janet White Andrew, Eliz., Helen, John, James, Henry, Janet Broom Farm

Andrew Beveridge

Entered at side

Biggar Adam Weaver Margaret Thomson William, Adam Boglemart
Black John Sailor Mary Brown James, Margaret Quay Street

Campbell’s Close

Black Neil Carpenter Griz. Black Ann, David, Alexander, Robert, John?? Kyles Hill

Ann is scored through

Black Widow or Janet Craig       Quay Street
Black Widow or Jean Howie     John, Jean New Street

(Raise Street)

Blair Hugh Weaver Margaret Woodside Robert Townhead

Both Hugh Blairs next to each other

Blair Hugh Weaver Margaret Howie Ann, Margaret Townhead
Blair James Baker Jean Dykes James, Mary, Marion, David,

Basil Dykes,

Samuel Reid,

Helen Dykes

New Street

(Raise Street)

Blair James Gardener Agnes Niven Hugh, James, John, William Janet Grange
Blair John Weaver Janet Bogue John, Margt., Janet, Ann, Jean Townhead
Blair Widow or Agnes Brown   James Brown   Little Dubbs

James age 87

Blair Widow or Mary Hendry   Robert, William, Robert Hendry &

Jean Templeton and Janet Jack

Hugh Robertson and Ann Young & Robert Greenhead

Robert Hendry age 85

Hugh R. & Ann Young added at side

Blair William Quarrier Agnes Hamilton Charles, John, Edward School Well Street
Blythe Daniel? Collier Eliz. Boyd William, James, Eliz. Boglemart
Bolton? Thomas - Jean Service Thomas Bolton weaver &

Martha Stevenston

Jean, Allan, Martha, Ann Wilson,

Ann Newall servt.

Canal Street

Thomas aged 90

Bowie William - Agnes Alexander - The Pund

Away at side & names scored through

Entry next to Robert Alexander

Boyd Alex. Agent Janet Bridge James, Marion, Andrew Canal Street
Boyd David

(m. 20/7/1770)

Ships carpenter Eliz Watt Jean, Hugh Schoolwell St.
Boyd Hugh shoemaker   James, Hugh, Susan, Mgt. Blair, ä Janet Townhead
Boyd Hugh   Margaret Lochhart John, Alex, Margt., Hugh, William, Mary, Jean, Peter, ä James


Cath Currie servt.

Boyd Jean - Hugh &

Samuel Milligan

- Canal Street

R at side

Boyd Jean or Widow K??? - James Boyd   Townhead
Boyd Jean or Widow Kilpatrick -   Robert, Janet, John Townhead
Boyd John Weaver Margaret Muir John, Margaret, Jean, Mary, Janet, Thomas,

William, ä Ann


Child Margaret’s name circled

Boyd John Weaver Mary Brown ä John, ä Mary Boglemart
Boyd John Collier Ann Smith - Cow Roading
Boyd John Taylor Cath Dougal Margaret, Isobel The Loan
Boyd John   Margaret Scott William, Peter, James,


Janet McKelvie servt.

Grange Mains
Boyd Thomas


Agent Ann Baird Catherine McKenzie servt. Canal Street
Boyd Widow or Janet Auld - - - Schoolwell St.
Boyd Widow or Lilias Stirrat       Burn Side

Next to Robert Kelso

Brodie Alexander Carpenter Mary Smith Mary, Margaret, Marianne Kyles Hill
Brown Alex Weaver Mary McNaught William, Alex, Ham?? School Well Street
Brown John Flesher Mary Rowan - Bridge end
Brown John Labourer Eliz. Brown Eliz, Margaret Canal Street
Brown John - Mary Dickie John, Agnes Canal Street
Brown John Tobaconist     Quay Street
Brown John   Eliz, Brown Marion Young,

Mary McFarlane, James Thomson, John Thomson, servts.?

Bogue end
Brown Mathew - Susan Ritchie Mgt., Mary, Robert, Mathew, Hugh, Marion Ritchie Townhead
Brown Mathew Weaver Mary Kean? Mary, Janet ä Ann Cow Roading

A. Bapt. Against Mathew. R against Mary

Brown Mr. - Mrs Brown Agnes, Robert, Mathew, John, George, Eliz., John Canal Street


Brown Mr. H. - Mrs Brown Mary Robertson,

Eliz McGill.,

William Crawford, servts.

Canal Street


Brown Samuel Weaver Jane Johnston Mary, Robert, Jane Kyles Hill

R at side

Brown Widow - - Robert, Margaret Townhead
Brown Widow - - - Canal Street
Brown Widow or Janet Barber   Thomas Barr – weaver Jean Brown New Street

(Raise Street)

Brown Widow or Margaret Stewart   Margaret Dougal niece   Quay Street
Brown William Sailor Isobel Angus Margaret, Daniel, Janet, James, William Canal Street
Brown William Sailor Janet Divans Janet Kyles Hill

Next to Neil Divans

Bruce Marion or Mrs Paton - - Agnes Wilson Burn side
Buchanan John   Janet Ross Mary, Jane, ä John, Widow Ross or Mary McMillan Ardeer
Burns John

(m. 1806)

Labourer Margaret Richmond John, William Cow Roading
Burns William   Jean Ayton? Thomas, Janet, Cath, Gaven, William, John, Robert, Jean, Alex, &

Janet Barclay servt.

Canal side

John scored out

Burton John Weaver Rebecca Elliot - Boglemart
Byron Alexander Labourer Margaret Boyd Peter, John, Margt.S, Alex., William Boglemart

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