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In 1975 Saltcoats was integrated into the Cunninghame and District Council and therefore ceased to be an independent burgh - it had originally been granted Burgh status in 1528. The name Saltcoats or Saltcottis is derived from ancient times when salt was extracted from seawater - the 'cottis' being the local dwellings. Much of the salt in those days was used by the fishing industry for the curing of fish.

Saltcoats Harbour was built by Robert Cunninghame primarily for the export of his Stevenston coal to Ireland. The outer pier was added around 1800, at that time Saltcoats was a busy port with both local and foreign shipping, Prior to this in 1772 a two mile canal was built from the Stevenston coalfields to facilitate the coal's exportation. 

Many of the older inhabitants will remember how busy Saltcoats used to be with holidaymakers and day-trippers during the summer holiday season. The Glasgow fair fortnight saw the town inundated with city people looking for a nice time "doon the watter". From the 1920s through to the 1950s popular stage entertainers played at the Beach Pavilion during the summer. But now that overseas travel has become increasingly popular and affordable Saltcoats' image as a holiday town has now passed.

Family history researchers will find that Saltcoats is divided into two parishes - half is in the Parish of Ardrossan and the other half in Stevenston Parish. Roughly the Parish dividing line runs up Countess Street and Raises Street - you need to know this in order to locate the relevant censuses and other documents. Bear in mind also that that where a document mentions "Old Ardrossan" think Saltcoats, If it mentions "New Ardrossan" think Ardrossan. You may be able to receive local help by visiting our threetowners forum.

Some books on Saltcoats:

Old Saltcoats
by R. & M. McSherry. Stenlake Publishing
Pictorial booklet old photographs  (50)  1995 approx  6.50
ISBN No:  1-872074-57-X

Saltcoats Old & New  (published on this site)
"Scotland's Quaintest Burgh". It's lost links and landmarks restored.
 By P. Charles Carragher.
 Published By Archd  Wallace 1909