Inhabitants of Stevenston and Saltcoats from the 1819 Landsborough list
See also the entries for 1822 & 1836

This list has been produced with the kind permission of Jill McColl of North Ayrshire Library in Ardrossan where the original hand written document is held.

For ease of searching I have sorted Dr. Landsborough’s list into alphabetical order. Where the name is unclear I have put a question mark. There is also a ä against some of the children’s names. I believe it could indicate the birth of a child after 1819 and before 1822. Some names are circled, I have noted this in entry as I think it might be that this person has died between 1819 and 1822.The initial at the side: R, R.C., A.Burg., etc are the Church this person went to so I have included this in the last column. Any information in brackets I have added and is not in the original document.

Mairi Frew, Stevenston.

Surname1st nameOccupation2nd personExtrasMisc.
AdamFrancisCollierMargaret HaddowMargaret, Robert & Ann Haddow & CatherineTownhead
AdamGeorgeCollierAgnes GibsonJanet, Eliz.Boglemart
Janet's name circled
AdamRobertCollierAgnes BiggartJohn B., RobertBoglemart
AitkenRobertCarpenterAgnes JackIsobel, William, Peter, JamesHill Street
R at side
AitkenJohnLabourerAnn ReidGrace, Catherine, Ann D.Boglemart
AlexanderJohnMasonAnn Alison-Townhead
AlexanderRobertweaver--The Pund
Entry next to W. Bowie
AlexanderRobert---Little Dubbs
AlexanderSamuelWeaverJanet ParkeDavid, JeanBoglemart
AlexanderWidow or Eliz.

(Next to John Alexander. Name circled)
(m.Ann Brown)
WeaverElizabeth Alison - sister
Janet, John(b.1788)School Well Street
Age 81
Eliz.'s name circled
AlisonAlexanderLabourerMarion YoungJames, John, William, Andrew, ä MaryBoglemart

John's name circled
AlisonDavidPlasterer?Eliz HowieAlex, Robert Brown, ä AnnSchool Well Street
AlisonElizabeth---School Well Street
AlisonJamesWeaverMargaret BairdJames, Margaret, Robert, John, Alex.,Townhead
AllanJamesSmithAnn GrahamAgnes, Jean, Ann, Mary, James &
Alex. Stewart, Smith.
AllanWidow or Jean Barr--Robert, John, Mary, JanetKyles Hill
AndersonAgnes--William ??Kyles Hill
Mary BarclayEliz, Agnes, William, James, Margaret, John McKinlay

Ina? Kerr
Bradshaw Street
CollierJanet AuldAlex., John, Janet, Agnes, Caldwell & JeanBoglemart

R at side
AndersonWilliamLabourerMargaret StewartWilliam, John, Margaret, Jean, JamesQuay Street
AndersonWilliamShoemakerJean CraigQuay Street
Campbell's Close
A. Burgh at side
AndrewJamesLabourerAnn JamfrayMargaret W.Boglemart
AndrewWilliamLabourerEliz. WalkerJohn, Margt., William, Helen ä childBoglemart
John & Margt.'s name scored through
ArnotJamesLabourerAgnes BarberJames Stirling
Robert Frame? -weaver
Kyles Hill
ArnotWilliamWeaverJanet FrewDavid, James, Alison, Margaret, Mary Miller - servt.Kyles Hill
R at side
ArnotJamesPloughmanGrizzel WilsonJohn, Thos, Robert, James, Hugh, AgnesTownhead
ArnotWidow or Janet Sinclair--Mary, Thomas, Isobel, John, William, George, James, HelenTownhead
AuldJamesDavid, Mary, Janet, Alex., Eliz., JohnBoglemart
R at side
AuldJamesRobert, Gavin, Ann, John, James & Margaret HoweQuay Street
James - Elder
AuldJanet or Widow Boyd---Schoolwell Street
AuldJohnCoal overseerAgnes MurrayJeanTownhead
R at side
AuldMathew-Helen GibsonWilliam Glasgow, Alex., James, JanetTownhead
Wm Glasgow's name circled and Mathew
AuldMathewWeaver & shopkeeperMargaret RitchieHamilton, William, Thomas, James, MargaretQuay Street
B at side
AuldRobertWeaverMary ThomsonRobert, Margt., DavidThe Loan
AuldWilliamCollierElizabeth KennedyAlex, Robert,Mgt., John, William, Thomas, Janet, Kennedy, Eliz., HughThe Close
Aytou??Widow or Margaret Walker---Kyles Hill
BaillieHugh---School Well Street
Name circled
BaillieJohn-Jean PatonJean, David, Jean, Daniel?, JosephSchool Well Street
David's name circled
BaillieJohnWeaverJanet Sharpe-Boglemart
BaillieMartha or Widow Lambie-Andrew Miller and Eliz. Lambieä John1st page
Martha's name circled and other names added
BaillieWidow or Jean Auld-Janet BaillieHugh
Margaret Cockburn servt.
Hill Street
BaillieWidow or Jean McCarneyJohn, James, William, Ann, JeanLittle Dubbs
At side - Irvine
Also date 1821
BairdAlexWeaver-Hugh, Agnes
Jean Langwell
BairdAlexanderMerchantMargaret YoungMargaret, John, Janet, Robert, Alex., Eliz.Quay Street
BairdCrawfordWeaver-John, AlexBoglemart
BairdJohnWeaverMary MuirMargaret also
Math. Hunter, Margaret Baird ä Mary and Mary and John Baird
BallantineCampbellCollierJean DaleJohn, Mary, Thomas, Janet ä JeanCow Roading
(m. 18/8/1799)
Coal overseerAnnabella KelsoJohn, James, Campbell, Cath, Robert, Thomas, William, ä AnnabellaCow Roading
JohnCow Roading
An addition to above John B.
BallantineJohnCollierLittle Dubbs
Bane?JohnJean BowWidow Bow or Margaret Glen, Margaret Kerr, William Skeoch servts.Castle Hill
Margaret Glen age 80
BanksAlexanderCollierMary BrownMartha, Janet, HelenTownhead
BanksCharlesCollierMarion ShawJohn, Charles, Marion, JamesBoglemart
BanksDavidCollierRobina RossDavid Mc. Alex, Thos., James, Agnes, Janet CThe Pund
BanksJamesCarrierAgnes SmithJean, Nathaniel, John, Janet?. Thomas, William, Robert, Alex., DavidCow Roading
BanksJohn-Janet Cummins?-Boglemart
BanksJohnSaddler?Marion GrayJames, John, Robert, Ann, Janet, Marion, Margery, Charlotte, David, Alex., William & Widow Gray or Ann WylieQuay Street
(m. 13/10/1814)
CarterHelen HamiltonAnn McBrideTownhead
BanksWilliamCollierAgnes ChalmersGeorge, Jean, *****Can't make out last name
BarberAlexanderFlesherArch. Barber - flesher & Jean BarberHarbour Street
BarberRobertRope spinnerMargaret McLachlanRobertKyles Hill
BarclayAndrewGadenerJean WrightJanetHill??
BarclayGeorgeEngine manMary MuirJohn, Margaret,George, William, James, Samuel, JeanCow Roading
John is scored through
BarclayJohnInnkeeperJean SmithAgnes,
Mary Thornberry?
Harbour Street
BarclayJohnMary BrownMary, Jean, Janet, Agnes, John, James & at side
Robert Skeoch and Agnes Skeoch
BarclayPeterSmithJames Agent???
Janet Smith servt.Mill Hill
BarclayPeterSmithAnn DickJean, Peter, Eliz, ä WilliamDockhead Street
Peter - Elder
BarclayRobertLabourerJanet BarclayEliz.Kyles Hill
B at side
BarclayWidow or Eliz. Young-Robert-Canal Street
R at side
BarclayWidow or Jean Gordon?-Margaret, JamesCanal Street
R at side
BarclayWidow or Margaret Crawford---Canal Bank
BarclayWilliamShipmasterAnn ShanksWilliam, JamesHill Street
BarrAgnes---Kyles Hill
BarrJohnMillerMargaret WattJean, Alan, Agnes, JohnäMill Hill
BarrWidow-Widow KerrJanet,
John & Mathew Bar
BaxterWilliamCarpenterJean CameronAgnes, Jean, Sarah, JohnQuay Street
R at side
Baxter??Margaret or Widow Walker--Robert W and John WTownhead
BeaumontMrMrs BeaumontFrancis, Maria, & Agnes Johnston and Eliz Brydon servts.Mayville
Benny?JohnCollierAnn HoustonJames, Margaret, John, AgnesLittle Dubbs
BeveridgeDavidCollierMargaret RussellBroom Farm
BeveridgeHeneryCollierJanet WhiteAndrew, Eliz., Helen, John, James, Henery, JanetBroom Farm
Andrew Beveridge
Entered at side
BiggarAdamWeaverMargaret ThomsonWilliam, AdamBoglemart
BlackJohnSailorMary BrownJames, MargaretQuay Street
Campbell's Close
BlackNeilCarpenterGriz. BlackAnn, David, Alexander, Robert, John??Kyles Hill
Ann is scored through
BlackWidow or Janet CraigQuay Street
BlackWidow or Jean HowieJohn, JeanNew Street
(Raise Street)
BlairHughWeaverMargaret WoodsideRobertTownhead
Both Hugh Blairs next to each other
BlairHughWeaverMargaret HowieAnn, MargaretTownhead
BlairJamesGardinerAgnes NivenHugh, James, John, William JanetGrange
BlairJohnWeaverJanet BogueJohn, Margt., Janet, Ann, JeanTownhead
BlairWidow or Agnes BrownJames BrownLittle Dubbs
James age 87
BlairWidow or Mary HendryRobert, William, Robert Hendry & Jean Templeton and Janet JackHugh Robertson and Ann Young & RobertGreehead
Robert Hendry age 85
Hugh R & Ann Young added at side
BlairWilliamQuarrierAgnes HamiltonCharles, John, EdwardSchool Well Street
BlytheDaniel?CollierEliz. BoydWilliam, James, Eliz.Boglemart
Bolton?Thomas-Jean ServiceThomas Bolton weaver & Martha Stevenston
Jean, Allan, Martha, Ann, Wilson, Ann Newall servt.
Canal Street
Thomas age 90
BowieWilliam-Agnes Alexander-The Pund
away at side and names scored through
Entry next to Robert Alexander
BoydAlex.AgentJanet BridgeJames, Marion, AndrewCanal Street
(m. 20/7/1770)
Sips carpenterLiz WattJean, HughSchoolwell St.
BoydHughShoemakerJames, Hugh, Susan, Mgt. Blair,
ä Janet
BoydHughMargaret LockhartJohn, Alex, Margt. Hugh, William, Mary, Jean, Peter, ä James & Cath Currie servt.Corsenkell
BoydJean-Hugh & Samuel Milligan-Canal Street
R at side
BoydJean or Widow K???-James BoydTownhead
BoydJean or Widow Kilpatrick-Robert, Janet, JohnTownhead
BoydJohnWeaverMargaret MuirJohn, Margaret, Jean, Mary, Thomas,
William, ä Ann
Child Margaret's name circled
BoydJohnWeaverMary Brownä John, ä MaryBoglemart
BoydJohnCollierAnn Smith-Cow Roading
BoydJohnTaylorCath DougalMargaret, IsobelThe Loan
BoydJohnMargaret ScottWilliam, Peter, James,
& Janet McKelvie servt.
Grange Mains
AgnesAnn BairdCatherine McKenzie servt.Canal Street
BoydWidow or Janet Auld---Schoolwell St.
BoydWidow or Lilias StirratBurn Side
Next to Robert Kelso
BrodieAlexanderCarpenterMary SmithMary Margaret MarianneKyles Hill
BrownAlexWeaverMary McNaughtWilliam, Alex, Ham??School Well Street
BrownJohnFlesherMary Rowan-Bridge end
BrownJohnLabourerEliz. BrownEliz, MargaretCanal Street
BrownJohn-Mary DickieJohn, AgnesCanal Street
BrownJohnTobaconistQuay Street
BrownJohnEliz, Brownmarion Young
Mary McFarlane, James Thomson, John Thomson,servts.?
Bogue end
BrownMathew-Susan RichieMgt., Mary, Robert, Mathew, Hugh, Marion RitchieTownhead
Brown MathewWeaverMary Kean?Mary, Janet ä AnnCow Roading
A. Bapt. Against Mathew. R against Mary
BrownMr-Mrs BrownAgnes, Robert, Mathew, John, George, Eliz., JohnCanal Street
BrownMr H-Mrs BrownMary Robertson,
Eliz McGill, William Crawford, servts.
Canaal Street
BrownSamuelWeaverJane JohnstonMary, Robert, JaneKyles Hill
R at side
BrownWidow--Robert, MargaretTownhead
BrownWidow---Canal Street
BrownWidow or Janet BarberThomas Barr - weaverJean BrownNew Street
(Raise Street)
BrownWidow or Margaret StewartMargaret Dougal nieceQuay Street
BrownWilliamSailorIsobel AngusMargret, Daniel, Janet, James, WilliamCanal Street
BrownWilliam SailorJanet DivansJanetKyles Hill
Next to Neil Divans
BruceMarion or Mrs Paton--Agnes WilsonBurn side
BuchananJohnJanet RossMary, Jane, ä John, Window Ross or Mary McMillanArdeer
(M. 1806)
LabourerMargaret RichmondJohn, WilliamCow Roading
BurnsWilliamJean Ayton?Thomas, Janet, Cath, Gavin, William, John, Robert, Jean, Alex, & Janet Barclay servt.Canal side
John scored out
BurtonJohnWeaverRebecca Elliot-Boglemart
ByronAlexanderLabourerMargaret BoydPeter, John, Margt. S, Alex., WilliamBoglemart
CalderwoodMargaret-Agnes PinkertonMary LoganBoglemart
R at side
CalderwoodWidow or Mary Gillies-Robert McCrae gr.son. Margaret CampbellWilliam Reid
Robert Watson lodger
Kyles Hill
CaldwellJohnCollierJanet Conn? Or Carr-Boglemart
CaldwellRobertBakerMary CochranMargt., John, Jean, Robert, Mary, James, David, ä WilliamThe Close
CaldwellWilliamCollierSusan FordWilliam, Mary, John, Susan, James, Letitia?Boglemart
B at side
CaldwellWilliamLabourerMargaret DunlopRobertHawkhill
CameronJohnWrightMary Gibb-Canal Street
CampbellAlex.Eliz. GrayJohnHarbour Street
CampbellAlexanderPloughmanJean CummingJean, John, Robert, Mary, Ann, Eliz. Also
Jean McLane? Or Widow Cumming gr.m.
CampbellAlexanderSailorJean RusselMarianne, Agnes, Alexander & Arch.Canal Street
CampbellAlexanderSailorJanet BlackMary, Joseph, Margaret, Janet, Cath.Canal Street
CampbellBoyd-Mary RitchieAlex., John, Margaret, HughCanal Bank
CampbellHugh-Griz Campbell-Canal Street
R at side
CampbellHughRope makerJanet Panter?John, JanetCanal Street
R at side
CampbellJames-Marion MarshallMary,
Mary Speir?
Agnes Frew
George Marshall
School Well Street
James name circled
CampbellJanet-Janet Hunter-The Close
CampbellJohnIsobel BoydJohn ,????, John, Isobel,
Margaret McKillop servt.
Quay Street
Campbell's Close
CampbellMrVintnerMiss Campbell, Alex, Hugh.
Miss Cuthbertson, David
Alex Murray,
John Logan,
Sarah Clerke,
Janet Clerke, servts.
Harbour Street
CampbellWidow or Janet Stevenston-Walter CampbellWilliamCow Roading
CampbellWilliamCarrierJanet McDowal?Alex., Margaret, GraceHill Street
B at side
Cangan??MathewWeaverMary WrightMargaretTownhead
Cashman?JeanMerchantAnn Kerr or Kean?Robert, Ann HughesDockhead Street
ChalmersDavidMarion CrawfordJanet, John, Marion, Jean, Eliz Muir Glen
ChalmersHughShoemakerAgnes-Cow Roading
R at side
ChalmersHughMargaret EisdaleMargaret, Hugh, Robert, William, Isabel, David, Rachel,
Margaret Thornton servt.
Bogue end?
ChalmersJohnTeacherDockhead Street
ClasperJamesCollierMargaret Ditchburn?John, Robert, Mary, William, James, ä MathewThe Pund
CochburnJohnSmithMartha JackJohn, ???, Mathew, William, AdamCow Roading
CochranJohnSailorMargaret MitchellJohn, Robert, David, RobertsonQuay Street
R at side
ColtartAndrewWeaver--Hill Street
Age 84
Coltart?AndrewWeaver--Hill Street
Age 84
Coltart?AndrewWeaverJanet ErskineJean, Helen, Andrew, William, Janet, Cath, Margaret, JohnCanal Street
ConnDavidMasonMargaret SmithJohn, David, William, James, Robert, Thomas, AlexBoglemart
R at side
CookeArchibaldWeaverMary Cooke-Kyles Hill
CookeWidow or Sarah RitchieArch., Margaret, Mary, James &
Abraham Ritchie & Margaret McNicol
Salt Garnel Close
CorneliusJohnCarterAnn BrodieJames, Peter, Alex, Marianne, Margaret, George, FrankKyles Hill
CowanDavid-Martha WilsonMartha, Adam, John, David, Eliz., William, Francis, CrawfordCanal Street
David (son) circled
CowanHughBoatman?Eliz Hopkin or Widow Cunninghame-Townhead
CowanHughLabourerMargaret LoganHugh, Mary, Margaret, Janet, Eliz., William, ä RobertThe Close
CowanJohnWrightJanet McNaughtEliz., John, James, Mary ä DavidSchool Well Street
Eliz's name circled
Cowan JohnCarterMargaret RamsayJames, Agnes, JohnBoglemart
CowanMargaret-Barbara Cowan-Bridge end
Next to Robert Gibson and Cath. Cowan
Margaret DunlopJames also
Hugh Cunninghame, Janet Shedden and ä James added
Canal Street
Peter’s name circled
CraigWidow or Margaret Wood---School Well Street
Age 83
CrawfordAlex.WeaverRachel KennedyEliz., Janet, Agnes, John, RachelSchool Well Street
CrawfordHughJanet RitchieJanet, Agnes, Jean, Martha Dunlop Dockhead Street
CrawfordJamesMasonJean Tyne??John Auld gr.s.Old Bridge End
Margaret StewartAlex., Agnes, John, Margaret, Eliz., RobertSchool Well Street
CrawfordJohn-Eliz. ConnorSarah, Janet, Mary, RobertCanal Street
CrawfordJohnShipmasterEliz. CrawfordQuay Street
CrawfordJohnMary McKIllopJohn gr.son?Summer seat
John age 88
CrawfordRobert-Janet Hendry-Cow Roading
CrawfordWidow or Margaret Hogarth---Kyles Hill
CrawfordWilliamFlesherSarah CrawfordJohn, James, GavinCanal Street
CrawfordWilliamShoemakerMargaret kelsoJames, RobertQuay Street
CunninghamAndrewSailorMargaret CrawfordJean, Margaret, Eliz.Finlay Street
Andrew's name circled
(b. 1780)
WeaverChristina BoydJames W, Mary, Mathew, George ä JohnTownhead
CunninghamMrJean McMillanCath. McCormick, Robert Anderson SSeabank
CunninghamMr John-Mrs Cunninghame-Canal Street
CunninghamPatrickShoemakerSarah BurnsJean, Rosanna, Barnet, Thomas, PeterTownhead
RC against Sarah’s name
CunninghameJohnCarterMargaret HogarthJohn, William, Alex, James, Margaret, Isabella &
Mary McLachlan
New Street
(Raise Street)
CunninghameRobertMerchantEliz. MillerMargaret, Martha, Reside? Patrick, JohnNew Street
(Raise Street)
CurrieCatherine-Jean Currie-Canal Street
CurrieGilliesSailorAgnes MuirJohn, JanetCanal Street
CurriePeter-Susan Frew? Or Shaw?-Mill Hill
CurrieWidow or Agnes McNeil-John, NeilHill Street
R at side
CurrieWidow or Mary JohnstonHugh, Neil, Ann, Eliz,
Johnston Robertson, Ann McFee servt.
Quay Street
CurrieWilliam-Janet ClarkJean, Cath., Ann, MargaretCanal Street
A.Burgh. at side
CuthbertsonJamesFlesherEliz. MurdochJames, Alex., Eliz, Thomas, William, John, MathewQuay Street
DalzielJohnLabourerMargaret WalkerAgnes, JohnBoglemart
DalzielJohnEliz. Grierä WilliamKyles Hill
Davidson HughCollierIsobel Wilkinson??Isobelä JohnCow Roading
DavidsonWidow or M. McFee--Mary, George, James, WilliamCanal Street
DavidsonWidow or Mary FullartonJames, Margaret, Peter, Agnes GunnQuay Street
DeanRobertLabourerJean BrownThomas, Marion, MarthaBoglemart
DeanWidow or Ann DunlopAnnHarbour Street
R at side
DickieWidow or Ann Jamieson--Adam, JohnBoglemart
B at side
Divans?NeilLabourerJanet Barr-Kyles Hill
Divans? Or DeansPeterSalterMatty HolmesBarry?, Marianne, John, Robert, Agnes, PeterQuay Street
R.C. against peter
DochertyJohn??propAgnes CampbellJohn McFarlane lodger,
Mary Smith, Janet, John, Mary,
Robert Miller & Janet Lusk?
Kyles Hill
DonaldMrsMiss DonaldJohn & Eliz. Learmouth,
Mary Baillie,
Ann Hamilton servts.
(m. Robert Dow, Minister)
-Miss Dow
Miss Janet Dow,
Miss Adie?
Jean Barber, servt.Finlay Street
DrummondPeterCollierJean ElphinstoneMary, Cath, Agnes, George, Janet ä JohnThe Close
DuffJohnLabourerSusan Niven?Susan, AgnesCow Roading
R.C. against John
DunbarWidow or Agnes Thomson-Eliz. Dubar
Isobel Cunninghame
-Canal Bank
DuncanAlex.SailorIsobel McKechnyMargaret, Alex., ElizQuay Street
DuncanRobertMerchantMary KinnenJohn, Robert, Jean, Janet, Alex, Mary, & Janet MurphyDockhead Street
DunlopHughJean DickieJohn, Margaret, Hugh, Ann, Mary, Janet, ä James McDonald &
Hugh Thomson servt.
DunlopJean---Kyles Hill
DunlopJohnLabourerMartha SkeochAdam, Martha, JanetThe Close
DunlopJohnSailorIsobel AuldJohn, George, Isobel, Hugh, Eliz. &
Widow Auld or Margaret Auld
Kyles Hill
Margaret age 85
DunlopJohnTaylorMary KerrMargaret, Isobel, DavidQuay Street
Elder against John
DunlopWidow or Agnes Kell?-GrizCanal Street
R at side
DunlopWidow or Margaret SmithJames Ji??tou?Margaret Dunlop, JamesHarbour Street
DunlopWilliam-Janet StewartEliz., Janet, William1st page
???america??? written at side
DunlopWilliamSailorJanet GillespieAgnes, William, Isobella McD.?, George, ThomasCanal Street
DyetThomasWeaverEliz HowieEliz., Thomas, Magdaline, Eliz.ReidBreakplough
ElliotJohnLabourerElenor HunterMatty, Thos., Mary, Sarah, JohnQuay Street
ElliotJohnLabourerJanet HaySarah, James, John, Jane, Rebecca, Eliz.Townhead
ErskineJohnWeaverJanet FairrieAlex., William,Thos, Arch., Agnes, Janet
William Erskine, Janet Dunlop ä Johnä Agnes
Canal Street
R at side
ErskineJohnWeaverMartha Dick-Canal Street
ErskineMr George--Janet, MargaretHarbour Street
ErskineThomasSailorJean SutherlandJohn, Thomas, Mary, MargaretCanal Street
R at side
EsdaleRobertCollierEliz. MontgomeryTownhead
EsdaleWilliamCollierJean BrownJamesBoglemart
EwingMr.Relief ministerJohn, Marrion, Cath, Eliz, Margaret, Jeffrey, JeanCanal Street
FalconerJanetJohn Baker? John Alonspan????Bradshaw Street
Farro?Widow or Margaret MowatWidow Mowat or Margaret FindlayAnn, Margaret, Jeffrey, Marianne, Eliz.Canal Street
FeeWidow or Jean Watson-Marion Fee &
Jean Wark?
Kyles Hill
Jean age 86?
FerrierJames-Janet Smithä James ArchibaldBoglemart
FleckWilliamSalt??Jean MontgomerieJean BoydQuay Street
FowlesWidow or Margaret Gillies-John Fowles weaverWilliamThe Close
FrazerJohnSailorJean BrownMargaret, John, Isobella, ä James &
Margaret Durroch servt.
Harbour Street
FrazerRobertCollierMargaret Jamfray
Janet, James, Joseph, Robert,Mgt., & then separately
David, Robert, Peter,
FrazerWidow or Ann King-John Frazer (weaver)Euphamia Cunninghame,
Ann Blair
The Close
FrazerWidow or Janet Cunningham--Margaret, Ewing Loan
FrazerWidow or Margaret Baird----School Well Street
Age 83
Name circled
FrewAlex.SailorJean FrewDavid, John, Alex.Quay Street
FrewDanielTailorMary HendryWilliam????
FrewDavidCarterMary SmithMargaret, Mary, Janet, Catherine, AnnTownhead
FrewJamesCollierJanet YuleJean, Ann, ä JosephTownhead
Next to John Yule& J.Kilpatrick
FrewJamesWeaverMary McGowanAlexBoglemart
FrewJohnWeaverCath. kelsoRobert, James, Ann, John, GeorgeBoglemart
FrewJohnLab.Anne HowieJean, Alex., ä DavidBreakplough
Jean & Alex.’s name circled
FrewRobertCollierJanet JamphrayJoseph, Patrick, Margaret, David, John, Janet, RobertTownhead
At side of page – away
FrewRobertWeaverEliz. LindsayRobert, Jean, John, James, Janet, Eliz, Alex, ä David, ä Mgt.Cow Roading
FrewWidow--David, Margaret, Jean, JohnTownhead
FrewWidow-Muir FrewTownhead
FrewWilliamJean RichmondMary StirratBoglemart (85 beside William
FullartonJamesTinsmithMary BrownDuncan, John, Mary, IsobelQuay Street
FullartonJohnCarter??Mary Adam or Aitou?Thomas, Margaret, William, John, Robert, Sarah, Marianne &
James McCallum & Martha McCred?
Kyles Hill
R at side
Looks like "In Africa" beside John
FullartonMary or Widow Baxter or Banton?William Baxter or Banton - weaverBradshaw Street
FullartonWidow or Eliz. Gray---canal Bank
R at side
FullartonWidow or Jean Mattie?-Flora Fullarton, James Brown sailor & John Brown-Canal Street
Jean’s name circled
FullartonWidow or Jean WylieJanet F.Quay Street
FullartonWidow or mary RobertsAlexQuay Street
FultonAndrewQuarrierJean CunninghameTownhead
FultonJohnMasonMargaret ReidEliz., Arch., Robert, Mary, ä BryceTownhead
GaltHughShoemakerAgnes ResideJean, RobertHill Street
R at side
GaltJohnLabourerMarion ServiceWilliam, Ann, Jean, Catherine
Marion Hannay?
1st page
GaltWidow or Marion MalcomeEliz.James Gemil, writer & Margaret Robertson – servt.Quay Street
GibsonAlanCarter-Jean, William, Agnes, John, Robert, Marion,
Eliz. Lister?
School Well Street
Jean’s name scored out
GibsonAndrewLabourerMary BoydMarionSchool Well Street
GibsonJohnWatch MakerAgnes StevenstonJean, James, Allan, John, William, George &
Mary McKillip servt.
Quay Street
GibsonRobertWeaverCatherine CowanAndrew, Barbara, Robert, Mary, William, James, Margaret, Hugh, Cath, John CowanBridge end
Mary and James’s names are circled
GilchristWilliamWeaverEliz. ThomsonJean, John, Eliz, William, Janet, Thomas, James, AnnSmiths Canal
GilchristWilliamShoemakerAnn Reid-Boglemart
GillespieWidow or Sarah McGuire?JamesCanal Street
GilliesWidow or Mary Biggart--Jean, MargaretBoglemart
GilmourHughMusician???Agnes Glover?Eliz., Agnes, RobertBoglemart
GlenAlexanderSurgeon??Mary CrawfordRobert., Grace, Mary,
Robert Glen,
Janet Milne & Alex.
Mill Hill

Robert, Janet & Alex added at side
GlenRobertWeaverJanet ChalmersJohn FrazerBoglemart
R at side
GlenWalterWeaverJean PinnelJanet, Mary, WalterBoglemart
R at side
GlenWidow or Susan Scott--Margaret Montgomerie & Sarah Templeton,
R at side
Glen or CurryJanet-Robert Currie
Janet, Peter
Away at side
Glossop?GeorgeShoemakerJean LamondJohn, George, Alex, Helen, Daniel?, & Eliz. Stewart servt.Quay Street
Goad?JohnSalter?Mary JamiesonJames, William, Eliz, John, SusanQuay Street
GordonJamesWeaverMary BoydRobert, Thos., Margaret, William, Mary, Alex, Agnes, GilbertCanal Street
GoudieDavidLabourerMary GoudieThomasKyles Hill
GoudieJamesCollierAnn SmithSamuel Reid,
James R,
Hugh, John ä George
GoudieWilliamBoatmanMargaret MuirMargaretSchoolwell St.
GrahamAlexanderLabourerJean Picken?Margaret, Alex, Arch., & Samuel gr.son?Canal Bank
GrahamHenryCollierJane Smith,John, Rachel, Henry, James,
Rachel Cooper gr.m.
Meth. Beside Henry
GrantLouis?LabourerMargaret McGhieMaryä CatherineCow Roading
GrantWilliamLabourerMary EisdaleMary, WilliamBoglemart
Graw??JamesSalterMargaret McMurrayRobertQuay Street
GrayJamesShoemakerjean Dally?Eliz, James, John, Alex, DavidBoglemart
GrierWidow or Jean Hazel--William, Eliz, Margaret, JamesKyles Hill
B at side
Guthries?WilliamCollierHelen McFadzeanAgnes, Janet, John, ä Peter?,
John Glachen? lodger
Cow Roading
Meth. Against William
HaddowWidow-James, John, Ann, Catherine,
Jean Hunter or Widow Harvie
Townhead next to Adam ,F. & Mgt. Haddow
HaggartyGeorgeWeaverJane HendryAdam, Mary Jane, MargaretKyles Hill
HalbertgeorgeLabourerEliz. CunninghameJames, HughGreenhead
HamiltonElizabeth-Mary Limond?-Canal Streer
HamiltonArchibaldTaylorGrizz. McKechan?John, James, Arch., George, Mary, ä ElizabethSchool Well Street
HamiltonArchibaldLabourerMargaret McNeilNeilly, Archibald, WilliamSalt Garnel Close
HamiltonEdwardWeaverAgnes SillarsEdward, Archibald, AgnesThe Close
Burgh. Or Bapt. At side
HamiltonHughWeaverJean HanneyMargaretBoglemart
R at side
HamiltonJanet-Agnes Brown-Boglemart
HamiltonMrMary InnesJanet Jack, Margaret Allan, James Swansie?Grange
HamiltonPeter-Jean HarveyJean, Eliz, Janet, Grace, Margaret, Ann, Mary, JamesCanal Street
R at side
HamiltonRobertWeaverMargaret CraigJean, Robert, Eliz., John, Margaret, Marion.
John Holmes ä Robert
John Dalzel, Eliz. Grim? ä Robert?
School Well Street
Robert added at bottom
HamiltonRobertTaylorJean BrownleeAndrew,
Allan Robertson – lodger,
Janet Baird, Eliz, Humphrey, Isobel Hamilton
Dockhead Street
HamiltonWidow-Cath. HamiltonRobertHarbour Street
HamiltonWidow or Ann HamiltonMargaret, CatherineQuay Street
HamiltonWidow or Ann HamiltonIsobelQuay Street
HamiltonWilliamWeaverMarion HarveyRobert, Margaret, Thos, MarionNew Bridger end
Thomas’s name circled. R at side.
Hare? or Hane?Charles-Agnes Gordon? Or Goudan?Margaret, Barbara, Helen Adam nieceCanal Street
HarperAndrewWeaverJean BoydHughä Andrewä AndrewTownhead
1st Andrew’s name circled
HarperAndrewWeaverJean BurnsWilliamTownhead
HarveyWidow or Jean Murdoch---Canal Street
HarveyHughWrightEliz. CraigWilliam, John, David, Hugh, Robert, Eliz., MarionHarbour Street
HarveyJames-Mary Bradrick?MaryBoglemart
Harvey ThomasSailorMargaret NeilRobert, James, Thomas, Margaret, Agnes, Arch., Janet, JohnBoglemart
R at side
HendersonMissQuay Street
HendryAlexanderWeaverAgnes MuirMargaret BryceHill Street
HendryNeilWeaverMargaret BaillieMary, Helen F.Dockhead Street
In America beside Neil
HeronThomasBakerMargaret CampbellMargaret Gray, JohnQuay Street
Campbell's Close
Hill SarahMary HamiltonQuay Street
JamesCollierEliz. AuldJames, Robert, Janet, John & Alex.Boglemart
R at side
Hind? (Hyde)JamesCollierJean HamiltonJohn, William, Alex., Mary, AgnesCow Roading
James’s name circled
Hind???John-Sarah KelsoJanetOld Bridge end
R at side
HogarthJohn-Mary FinlayRobert., James,
John, Finlay. &
Margt. W Kilpatrick servt.
Mill Hill
This entry has addition at side see Robert Scott
HogarthWidowJames, Mary, Janet, Alex.Quay Street
Mary’s name circled
HogarthWidow or Barbara Jack? or ParkQuay Street
HogarthWilliamSailorMargaret HoweElizabethQuay Street
HolmesRobertPlastererMargaret ReidJames, Margaret, Allan, Cunningham, Eliz, Janet, Ann, Margaret gr.c.?Corse Hill
HowieJohn-Janet-Old Bridge end
HowieJohnCarterlex., Eliz.
& Mathew Montgomerie carrier
Old Bridge End
HowieMargaret---School Well Street
R at side
HowieMrMrs HowieMrs Kelso, Alex & Eliz Cameron and William McDonald servts.Hullerhirst
HowieRobertMargaret Willis?William, Robert, James, Thomas, John, Andrew, JeanLochcraigs
Both Howie entries together
HowieSarahQuay Street
HowieWidowMary DunlopJohn Knox,
Jean Marshall,
Janet McCallum servt.
Both Howie entries together
HowieWidow or Jean Auld----JeanOld Bridge end
HunterAdamFlax dresserJanet RoganMontgomerie StewartNew Street
(Raise Street)
CollierAnn DickieAnn, Agnes, Mgt, Janet, Mary, JamesCow Roading
B at side & James added
HunterJamesSmithJanet CampbellDavid, ä Jane
Alex. Reid, Ina?? Anderson, John, Peter & Eliz.? Added at side
Last name unable to read
HunterJohnCollierMary KerrMary ä Agnesä JanetBoglemart
HunterRobertCollierMargaret HaddowAgnes, Joseph, Robert, Alex., Adam, James, John`Cow Roading
HunterWidow or Janet McGowan--Robert, WilliamThe Close
HunterWidow or Jean McKelvieNew Street
(Raise Street)
-Margaret SharpeHenry McAuley & Eliz. Campbell and Henry McAuley and Susan WilliamsonTownhead
Eliz. Campbell’s name circled
HutchisonJamesCarpenterJanet McFeeJean, Arch, John, Agnes, Janet, James, MaryHill Street
HyslopWidow or Jean Stewart-Thomas, sailorJean,
William Bichen?
JackWilliamLabourerJean LochhartWilliam
Agnes Park niece
JackJohnInnkeeperHugh Ritchie
Janet Jack
Margaret Lambie, Cath Nicol,
Arch. Hutchison servt.
Quay Street
JamiesonRobertPloughmanJean AllanAnn, GeorginaGrange
CollierMargaret StevenstonDavid (b.1799), Alex, Joseph, Robert(b.1813)Cow Roading
JamphrayDavidMargaret WilsonMuir House
JamphrayJohnWeaverJean Reid1st page
JamphrayJosephCollierJean YuleJanet, ä JeanThe Loan
JamphrayPeterMasonEliz. ReidJean, David, Ann, ä WilliamTownhead
JamphrayRobertCollierIsobel JamphrayMargaret, Isabel, ä CeciliaThe Loan
JamphrayWidow or Isobel Smith---Burn Side
JohnstonWidow or Catherine McKelvieDuncan McKelvie and Mary BellQuay Street
CollierSarah BanksThos., Jean, Nathan., Charles, Griz.New Bridge end
Sarah’s name circled
KelsoJamesCoal overseerAnn LochriggGeorge, Anne, David, MaryBoglemart
Mary's name circled
KelsoRobertCollierMary BoydAnn, John, James, ä David,MaryBurn Side
KelsoRobert---Canal Street
KelsoWilliamWeaverMary FullartonArch., William, Neil, Mary Canal Bank
KennedyCatherine or Widow Robertson-Mary Robertson-Boglemart
KennedyPeterSailorMarrianne RusselQuay Street
KennedyThomasWeaverMary StevenstonAgnes, Margaret, Mary, ä Thomas,
& John Thomson weaver
New Bridge end
KerrAlexanderSailorJean KerrDavid, John, Alex.Quay Street
R at side
KerrAngusSailorEliz. S??erale? or Skeoch?MaryQuay Street
KerrDanielTailorMary HendryWilliamBoglemart
KerrHughShop keeperHelen ResideDavid, Helen, Jean, William,Mary, Margt., Ann, RobertTownhead
David, William,Ann & Robert scored through
KerrJamesLabourerAnn ReidWilliam, Ina, John, Ann, Jean, George, JamesSchool Well Street
KerrJamesWeaverMary McGowanAlex.Boglemart
R at side
KerrJohnTaylorJanet-Cow Roading
Both names circled
KerrJohnWeaverCatherine KelsoRobert, James, Ann, John, ä GeorgeBoglemart
KerrJohnSailor"Frenchwoman"Quay Street
KerrMalcolmSailorCath. McKinnonDuncan, JohnQuay Street
KerrMalcolmSailorJanet DavidsonAgnes,Mary, Janet, Eliz DavidsonQuay Street
Campbell's Close
KerrRobertWeaverAnn MurrayMary, JohnCow Roading
KerrWidow LiliasCatherine Kerr sisterQuay Street
KerrWidow or Cath Robertson--Mary, Archibald, AlexanderCanal Street
KerrWidow or Janet Kerr-Ann KerrJanet Scally?,
Agnes Durroch?. Jean Kerr or Mrs Jenkins,
Mary Jenkins
Harbour Street
KerrWidow or Jean Kerr---Canal Street
KerrWidow or Margaret KerrDaniel Kerr - LabourerQuay Street
KilpatrickJamesAnn HaddowWilliam, MargaretBoglemart
KilpatrickJamesAnn HaddowWilliam ä MargaretBoglemart
KilpatrickJohnCollierJanet KilpatrickMargaret, Eliz, Janet, Susan, Jean, William, Isobel, Marion
Peter Wilson? added
KilpatrickJohnTaylorJanet Wylie-New Bridge end
A.B. at side
KilpatrickRobertCollierMargaret HamiltonRobert, William, Janet, Hugh, Mary, John, MargaretBridge end
R at side
KilpatrickWilliamCollierMargaret StrathernJames, Isobel, Lilias, George The Pund
KilpatrickWilliamCollierCecelia JeffaryAnn, William, Alex, James, ä M.Kelso, ä MargaretBoglemart
KingAgnes or Widow McGowan---Kyles Hill
KingHughLabourerAgnes Wilson-Kyles Hill
KingJamesSailorMary ClarkeEliz., Agnes, ä Jeanä Hugh ä WilliamKyles Hill
KingJohnMasonIna? MaitlandWilliam, Mary, John, Janet, James, Margaret, ä Eliz.The Close
KingWilliamMasonJanet Snodgrass-The Close
KingWilliamSailorMartha McLeanMartha, Margaret
Andrew Sillars & Martha King?
Kyles Hill
KingWilliamMasonJean MuirJanet, Margaret, Eliz, Ann, Jean New Street
(Raise Street)
KinnierWidow or Jean Service-Mrs McDougalJohn, Alex, RobertHill Street
Kinnier?WilliamMerchantJean SnodgrassJohn
Ann McLachlan
Canal Street
KirkwoodWidow or J. Ferguson--Robert, Helen, JeanBoglemart
KirkwoodWilliamWeaverJean McNaughtJames, ä JohnBoglemart
KnowlesAbrahamSailorMatty MurphyMattyQuay Street
Laidlaw?James-Margaret Thomson-Canal Street
LambieAlex.ThatcherJean ThomsonMary Smith, John ä Jean FrewBoglemart
LambieJanet---1st page next to William Lambie
LambieJohnThatcherBarbara SmithJanet Reid gr. Ch.Townhead
LambieJohnThatcherBarbara SmithJanet Reid
John Bryce,
Marion Reid & Robert added at side
LambieWilliamSmithMargaret ServiceEliz., Jean, Marion, James, ä John1st page
LandsboroughDavidMinisterMargaret McLeishJohn, James
Eliz. McGregor
Ann Andrew servts.
School Well street
Lask?DavidWrightMartin RobertsonEliz, John, DavidQuay Sreet
LaurieJohnCollierJanet BrownJohn, Margt., William, AnnBoglemart
LimondWidow or Jean Campbell--MaryCanal Street
Linnett?Daniel?SeniorMargaret ArnotJohn, ä ThomasBoglemart
LittleJohnSailorGriz. McHutchisonJohn, Kennedy, WalterCanal Street
LittleWidow or Mary Philips-Thomas Campbell - rope makerIsabella BellKyles Hill
Lobb?Widow--Soiphia?, William, Bank
LochhartJames-Margaret RitchieJames, John, William, Margaret Jean Deans?? Servt.Old Bridge End
LochrigLionCobblerCatherine McComb
Marion GrahamBoglemart
LockhartElizabeth--Jean Walker - niece1st page
age 85
LockhartJohnJanet WalkerMary, Helen, Twins? Margaret ä Robert ä JohnMisk
LoganWilliamCollierMary ReidJean Smith, William?, Peter, Ann K?, Mary, AgnesBoglemart
Jean Smith scored through
LoveFrancisWeaverAgnes CochburnMargaret, Robert, Eliz, Janice?, Ritchie ä John & WilliamCow Roading
Love?James-Jean AuldAnn, Jean, John, William, Hugh, HelenFinlay Street
Love?William JohnMasonJean PtolemyRobert, Janet, William, Eliz, John, Jean, Agnes, MaryBow bridge
Lymburn?DavidSalterMargaret YoungWilliam, David Lynburn gr.c.Quay Street
MacckayMagdalene---Kyles Hill
MacckieJohnWeaverAgnes HowieWilliam, John, James, Flora?, Jean, Daniel, Janet, Henry HowieSmith's Canal
MainJohnCollierAgnes Bank or Burch??-Townhead
Agnes's name circled
Main?JohnMary CrawfordQuay Street
Mann?Eliz.Janet Dunn,Lawrence Bell & Eliz Bell Street
MarshalWilliamCollierEliz., Sharp?-Burn side
MarshallDavidCollierAgnes ParkJohn, Eliz.Boglemart
MarshallGeorge---School Well street
MartinJames?ainterEliz. McFarlaneRobert, Eliz, John, MatildaHarbour Street
R at side
MattieDanielCarterCatherine HamiltonMary, Margaret, James, Janet, John, RobertKyles Hill
May?Ann---School Well Street
Mayor?AndrewMerchantAnn McKelvieWilliam, Isabella, Cath McTaggartQuay Street
Mayor?MathewLabourerJanet HarperJanet, AndrewQuay Street
Communion?? At side
(m.20/1/1796 Coyleton)
Potter?Ann MunnThos, Mary, Peter, Ann, Eliz, James, Janet, Cath, & JohnThe Close
Ann-Mr. J Dow?-Canal Street
McAlay?HenryWeaverSusan WilliamsonQuay Street
McAllisterArch.CollierMargaret WeirWilliam, Margaret, Arch, Jean, David Little Dubbs
McAllisterJohnCollierMargaret GardenerAgnesTownhead
McAllumMathewFlesherMargaret BarclayBradshaw Street
McBrideJohnWeaverJean FrazerWilliam RichmondBoglemart
McCallumArchibaldWeaverMary ResideCatherine, James, Margt., Jean,
John Campbell nephew
Canal street
McCrackenPeterAlex. McCracken - FlesherHarbour Street
McCraeJohnAgentMargaret MuirEliz, John, Robert, George, William, Alex, AndrewNew Street
(Raise Street)
A Bapt. At side
R at side
McDonaldAlexanderCollier-Agnes, Mary, John, George, Jean, Eliz.Cow Roading
McDonaldDonaldWrightEliz. ColtartJohn, Andrew, Jean, Eliz, MargaretHarbour Street
McDonaldJamesSailorJean StewartJean, William, Ann, James, John, MargaretCanal Street
William’s name scored off
McDonaldMrs or Jean Erskine-Eliz., Jean, Robert, Margaret,
Ann Kirkwood serv.
John Hutchison and Mary Erskine &
Hill Street
Mrs McDonald’s name circled and John Hutchison age 93 and Mary Erskine 90
McDonaldNeilWeaverMargaret KilpatrickColin, Mary, Margt., George, John, Edward, Henry, John ä Eliz.School Well Street
McDonaldWidow or Mary Boyd--David, John, Eliz.School Well Street
McDonaldWilliamCollierMargaret RitchieJean, Lilias, Ann, Helen, Margaret, Carrick?, Eliz.Bridge end
McDonaldWilliamFishermanLydia SymondsHarbour Street
McDougalIsobel---School Well Street
McDougalJanetAllan McDowalDuncan, MargaretNew Street
(Raise Street)
Away at Allan’s name
McFazeanDuncanCollierIsabella McFadzean-Boglemart
McFeeDanielShipmasterMary FrazerMary, John, Margaret, Jean, Daniel, JamesQuay Street
McFeeHughLabourerJean Love? Or Lowe?John, Ann, Jean, Arch, ä JamesCanal Street
McFeeJohnSailorMargaret RoganWilliamSchool Well Street
McGechinJohnButcherMargaret McPhersonAbigail, & James Dow Pund
McGhieJohnLabourerJean McFee
Janet McFee
School Well Street
McPhieRobertLabourer Margaret PinnelJames, Walter?, Agnes, Eliz, Robert.
William Thomson -nephew
McGillWilliamLabourerMargaret BarberMargaretBoglemart
McGinniesDimis?CarterJanet JohnstonqJanet, JamesKyles Hill
R.C. at side
McGowanWilliamMerchantHannah MillerNew Street
(Raise Street)
McGregorWidow or Eliz Gilmour--Barbara
Mrs Henderson? Robert, Alex. H.
Mill Hill
Away against Barbara and Robert
McIntyreJohnMatty Brown?Kyles Hill
??Ireland? at side
McKayAlexanderCollierMargaret GibsonAllan Pinkerton - Elder,
Richard McK.
Richard’s name circled
McKayWidow or Mary McMillan--Thomas, Mathew?Boglemart
McKeanJamesWeaverRebecca RobertsonJames, Andrew, JohnBoglemart
R at side
McKeanWilliamWeaverMary LoveEliz., Margaret, William, MaryBridge end
B at side
McKechanDanielLabourerHelen McFallThomas, Margaret, AgnesBoglemart
McKechanJohnLabourerAgnes McNaughtJames, John ä Alex.School Well Street
McKechanJohnQuarrierCatherine McFarlaneCharles, JanetBoglemart
LabourerJean AuldAlex., Janet, ä CatherineOld Bridge end
McKechneyJamesTaylorMargaret KerrQuay Street
R at side
McKeeEdwardTaylorChristian MillsNeil, Isobel, James, Ann, Eliz, EdwardDockhead Street
McKelvieJohnGardenerMary BoydJohn, Alex, MaryArdeer
Mary Boyd's name circled
McKelvieWidow or Eliz. Jack-Thos. Reid – mason &
Janet McKelvie
John R.,
John Johnstone
Hill Street
McKenzieDavidShoemakerAnn BarbourJohn, Alex, Griz\., Margaret, Daniel, Samuel, AnnKyles Hill
R at side
McKenzieGilbertSailorMary DobbsRobert, Neilly??, James, ElizCanal Street
Eliz.'s name circled
Janet AuldJames, Agnes, JohnTownhead
John has been added later
McKenzieJohnCarpenterMargaret McLachlanJean McLachlanCanal Street
A.Burgh. at side
McKillopAlexCath BrownPeter Sillars,
Barbara Archibald, William McK.
Quay Street
McKillopIna?---Harbour Street
McKillopRobert-Mary BowieMary, Margaret, Robert, Jean, James, John, PeterKyles Hill
Mary, Margt., & Jean scored out
McKillopWidow or Janet McMillanJanet Miller, Margaret, William, John, Janet McKillop & JohnQuay Street
McKindlayAlexLabourerJean McIntoshWilliam, James, AgnesCanal Bank
McKinlayMrs-Mr McKinlay
Miss McKinlay
Marion Alexander Agnes Hare?, servts.Canal Street
Mrs McKindlay age 88?
McKinleyWidow or Marion Stewart-Mrs Andrew or Mary McKindlay-Canal Street
McKinnanWidow or Jane Kerr-Cath, William - sailor-Finlay Street
McLachlanJamesSailorEliz, Skeoch-Canal Street
James's name circled
McLachlanJamesBooksellerElisabeth RalstonAndrew, Eliz, James, M. Robertson servt.Quay Street
McLachlanJanet---Canal Street
McLachlanWidow or Agnes McFee-Mary McLachlanAgnes McKean, William Logan lodger,

Catherine McKelvie, Agnes Murray
The Pund
R.C. at side
McLachlanWilliamWeaverEliz. KirkwoodJohnQuay Street
McLaneMathewSailorMargaret DouglasBarbaraQuay Street
"In America" beside Mathew
McLauchlandJohnJanet WhiteCharles, John, Janet, AnnCanal Street
McLeanCharlesRope spinnerAgnes Wattä Alex.Canal Street
McLeanMrs--Mary Smith - servt.Canal Street
McLeanHughCollierGriz. ShawMary, William, ä JamesBoglemart
McLeodMary-John Newal-Townhead
Name circled
McMillanDanielSailorMarion SillarsDaniel, John, Arch, Flora?,, Eliz, PeterCanal Bank
Away beside Daniel
McMillanJohnSailorArch. McMillan
Isobel McMillan
Mary McMillan
PeterHill Street
McMillanWidowWidow KerrThomasHarbour Street
McMillanWidow or Eliz.-Francis McM., AgnesAddition at side see Francis SmithKyles Hill
R.C. at side
McMurrayRobert-Caldwell TanahilAllan, Martha, Rosana, Eliz.Boglemart
Abroad at Robert’s name
McNaughtjamesSailorAgnes KerrJames ä AnnBoglemart
McNaughtJohnWrightJanet AuldJanet, James, Margaret,, Eliz, John Schoolwell St.
McNaughtWidow or Eliz Walker--AnnSchoolwell St.
McNaughtWilliamWrightMargaret WalkerJames, Margaret, Robert, Agnes, William, Janet, ä WilliamSchoolwell St.
1st William circled
McNeilJohnSalterMary McFeeAgnes, Mary, SarahQuay Street
McNeilPeterWeaverMary FrazerMary ä ThomasSchool Well Street
R at side
McNeilSamuelLabourerMargaret Tash?Jane, James, Rachel, Isabella, Margaret & Mary

Jane Smith lodger
Canal Bank
McNeilWidow or Mary Shaw--Cath., Janet, Malcolm, Eliz.Canal Bank
McNishJohnShoemakerJanet BoltonJean, Thomas, Janet, Mary, John, MargaretDockhead Street
McNishMary-Charles Cooke - lodgerKyles Hill
McWattCharlesLabourerAnn WilliamsonIsobel, Henrietta, Catherine, Alex., CharlotteBoglemart
Charlotte's name circled
Meiklewey?Benny?LabourJanet KnoxJohn, Samuel &
Sarah Jackson,
Mary Stewart, Widow Meiklewey or Grace Campbell, William
Arch. Meicklewee & ??? Fulton
Kyles Hill
Against Grace – Episcp.
MiddletonJohnWeaverIsobel HowieJean, Eliz, Janet, Ann, ä IsobelBoglemart
Isobel's name circled
MillerJames-James MuirJames, AgnesFinlay Street
MillerJamesSailorMartha LaskWilliam, David with
William Black,
Mary Fullarton, James, Peter, Mgt., Ard.?
Quay Street
MillerMrs. Or Jean Wallace--John MillerCanal Street
MillerRobertShipmasterAgnes ServiceRobert, Janet SmithHill Street
Away against Robert’s name
Robert (son) name circled
MillerThomasSmithMargaret FullartonJohn, Jean, William, Thomas &
Robert Currie, appren.
Quay Street
MillerWidow or Martha CrawfordWilliam, Martha, MaryLittle Dubbs
MillerWilliammerchantMary GarratEliz, William, Mary, John, Robert, Hannah,

Mary McCohan servt
Quay Street
MillerWilliamJanet CrawfordSummer seat
MillerWilliamWeaverMargaret McKillopPeter, Barbara, Walter, BryceSmiths Canal
MilneJamesLabourerJanet DunlopMarion, John, James, Robert, R. Dickie, MarySchool Well Street
MitchellRobertCollierMary BrownJames, Jean, John ä MaryMill Hill
Bapt. At side
MoffatJamesCollierEliz. ResideEliz.Auld, Jean, James, Margaret, JohnBoglemart
Money? Mathew-Catherine Dermont?Mathew, Peter - LabourerCanal Bank
R.C. at side
MongomerieMrs. or Margaret HunterMiss MongomerieQuay Street
Campbell's Close
MorrisonMalcolmSailorMargaret Verily?Hector, William V.Canal Street
R at side
MorrisonPeterJanet HamiltonJanet, Cath. &
Arch. ?? a child??
Salt Garnel Close
MuirJamesWeaverMary MuirWilliam, jamesBoglemart
MuirJamesMary SmallAlex, James, William, Hamilton, Janet, Jean, SamuelHayocks
MuirJohnMary MuirJames, Alex &
Agnes Paterson,
John Bryce servts.
Hill head
John Bryce scored through
MuirMaryJeanie? PatonDavid, MargaretSmiths Canal
Next to John Boyd/Mgt. Muir
MuirWidow or Eliz Auld-Eliz Muir-Hill Street
Eliz age 82
MunroAdamServantMary WattJames,
Agnes Watt - sister ä baby
MurchlandJohn-Janet Clerk?Janet, John, Eliz, Alex, AgnesSchoolwell St.
MurchlandWilliamWeaverMartha BrownMartha, Eliz, ä JamesTownhead
MurphyEdwardLabEliz WilsonJane, Marianne, John, James, Eliz., George, FrancisTownhead
R.C. at side
NeilJamesCarterMargaretKyles Hill
NeilJohnQuarrierSarah MarshallThos., Margt., Mary, Janet, JohnSchool Well Street
NeilMathewWeaverJanet WoodsideIsabellaMill Hill
B at side
NewallChalmersLabourerEliz. KnoxJohn, Charles, Eliz, Margaret Scotland,
Margt. McMillan lodger
Canal Bank
A. Burgh. At side
NicolCath or Widow Mathie--James, Cath, David, George, JohnKyles Hill
NicolDavidSailorCatherine KelsoHarbour Street
NicolJohnSailorJanet McFeeElizabeth, - sisterQuay Street
NivenJohnEnginemanMargaret Clarke?Margaret, Susan, John, Davidä IsabellaCow Roading
NivenWilliamEnginemanHelen Berry?Susan, Richard, Alex., ä Ann,
Widow Niven or Susan Muir gr.m.
Cow Roading
OliverWidow or Catherine McDougalDuncan, Agnes, CathQuay Street
OlvayRobert HardyFlesherEliz. McCullochSamuel, Jean, Eliz, John (b.1811)Boglemart
OrrRobertInnkeeperJean DavidsonJeanHill Street
Panton?Mrs or Ann Thomson--Alex, James, AnnKyles Hill
A.Burgh at side
ParkIsaacWeaverJanet SharpeDaniel, Robert, Andrew, Margt., Janet, Eliz., JeanBridge End
R at side
ParkRobertCollierMargaret CunninghamJean, Janet, ä Margaretä , JamesBoglemart
Margt.'s name circled
ParkWilliamCollierAgnes ChalmersGeorge, Jean Baillie?Boglemart
ParkeRobertCollierMary Marshall-Boglemart
PatonDavidWeaver--Bridge end
PattisonWidow or Mary Shaw-Agnes Pattison-Canal Street
PenmanJamesCollierElizabeth FinlaysonJames, Malcolm, William, Isobel, GeorgeCow Roading
PenneljohnWeaverJanet DalrympleJoseph, John, MaryMay?, Jean, Janet, JamesBoglemart
PinnelWalterWeaverJanet Thom-Boglemart
PinnelWilliamWeaverJanet ErskineJamesSchoolwell St.
PorterWidow or Mary WeirJames McMicken? gr.son?Dockhead Street
RaeDanielBakerMargaret OrrMargret, Daniel, ThomasQuay Street
Thomas's name circled
RaesideJohnMasonAnn BrownJames, Ann, John, Eliz, Jean, MarthaCow Roading
RaesideWidow or Eliz. Smith---Cow Roading
RamsayWilliamNeil Ramsay, Margaret RamsayIsobel Hamilton ??Mayfield
ReidAlexanderWeaver--Canal Street
ReidCharlesCollierEliz. EisdaleJean, Eliz., John, Robert, CharlesTownhead
Reid CunninghamCollierJanet HogarthMary, John, Jean, Robert, CunninghameMill Hill
ReidJohnCollierAnn Shaw?-Cow Roading
ReidJohnLabourerMargaret JackAgnes, JanetBoglemart
WeaverIsabella Glen?Alex., Eliz ä
Helen Wilson
1st page
LabourerEliz Banks ??-Townhead
ReidRobertCollierAgnes Walkerjean, MaryCow Roading
ReidRobertWeaverMary LambieBarbaraMill Hill
ReidThomasAgentAgnes WalkerJohn, Robert, Janet ä Thos., ä William
Also Ina Cockburn??
ReidWidow or Jean Carr??--JamesCow Roading
ReidWidow or Jean Hamilton--Jean Smith - NieceCow Roading
ReidWilliamInnkeeperJean ScottJean, Janet, Mary, David, JamesTownhead
ReidWilliamBakerMargaret StevenstonMargaret, Allan Ritchie RobertNew Street
(Raise Street)
ResideAnn-Ann Stirrat-Boglemart
ResideJohnRope makerJanet RossDavid, RobertHill Street
R at side
ResideJohnMasonAnn BrownJames, Ann, John, Eliz., Jean, MarthaCow Roading
RichardsonCharlesCollierAnn SmithHughTownhead
Away at side
RitchieHughMasonJean Muir-School Well Street
R at side
RitchieJamesWeaverjean YoungJean, John, Margaret, Ann, James, Eliz. AgnesNew Bridge end
RitchiejamesMasonJean BarclayJames, Janet, Margaret, Ann, Jean, Robert, ä John

Eliz. Barclay
new Bridge end
RitchieJanet---School Well Street
RitchieJanet-Euph. Imray?-School Well Street
RitchieWidow or Janet ColtartJanet JohnstonNew Street
(Raise Street)
RitchieWidow or Janet ThomsonDockhead Street
RitchieWidow or Margaret Brown---New Bridge end
Robe?DavidCarpenterJanet SkeochJohn, Alex, David, Ann Robe?Canal Street
R at side
RobertsonCatherine---Canal Street
RobertsonHughWrightAgnes WylieMarthaQuay Street
RobertsonJamesCarterJean CrawfordHelenOld Bridge end
Jean’s name circled. Helen add
RobertsonJamesCollierIsabella SmithJeanBoglemart
Away written at side
RobertsonJohnSailorAnn CowieAnnQuay Street
RobertsonJohnSailorJane DuncanRobert, John, CunninghameQuay Street
RobertsonWalterBarber?Agnes AllanAgnesQuay Street
RobertsonWidow or Mary CurrieQuay Street
RobertsonWidow or Mary FergusonAnn ThomsonDockhead Street
Rohonis?JohnLabourerMargaret ShearerJames, Margaret & WilliamBoglemart
RossFindlayCollierJanet Banks
(b. 1778)
Jean, William, Nathan., Findlay, James, MargaretTownhead
RossThomasShipmasterJean Smellie?Jean, Janet, Thomas, Hugh,
Janet Smellie,

Agnes Cameron, William Hendry Munro, lodger
New Street
(Raise Street)
RossWilliam-Elizabeth Anderson-The Loan
A.Bapt at side
RoxburghRobertBakerJohn, Thos. & Widow Niven or Sarah Roxburgh, Janet Roe, servt., Gavin Gibson,
James McMillan, John Kerr
Roy JosephLabourerIna? White?John, James, Mary, Helen, Margaret, Eliz., Adam, John Hill
RusselAdamSailorCath. RobertsonMary, Margaret,Eliz, Cath, Ina?Quay Street
RusselAgnes---Mill Hill
A.B. at side
RusselMathewWeaverCatherine NeilJean, Mary Janet, CatherineCow Roading
A.B. at side
RusselWilliamCollierNelly BlytheEliz.Cow Roading
RussellRobertWeaverMargaret Hill?????Margaret, Susan, Marian, Ann, John, Jean, MaryOld Bridge end
A.B. at side
ScotlandmargaretCochrane Pew? - sailorQuay Street
ScottAdamCollierCatherine SmithRobert, Catherine, Margaret, ä James Smith, AnnBoglemart
ScottArchibaldCollierJanet WylieRobert, Thomas, Arch., Margaret, Janet, John, Mary & Jean, ä MarionBoglemart
ScottJamesMasonIsobel BiggartAdam, John, Margaret, Agnes, Isobel,

Mary Thomson
ScottJohnCollierMary CummingAdam, John, Margaret, James, Jean, Robert, WilliamCow Roading
ScottJohnShoemakerMary GillespieMarion, Janet, Mary, Thos.Boglemart
Met. beside John
ScottJohnWeaverMary Conn or Carr?William, Jean, John, DavidQuay Street
ScottMargaret---1st page
ScottMargaret or Widow ??annie--Margaret, Isobel, GeorgeBoglemart
ScottPeterMasonAgnes Orr-Townhead
ScottrobertcarterSarah WalkerWilliam, Thomas, Mgt., Robert, John, SarahTownhead
William and Mgt., are scored through
ScottRobert-Cath McBrideä RobertMill Hill
This entry is at side of page next to John Hogarth
ScottRobertQuarrierJean MitchellJohn, Margaret, Eliz, David sailor,
Adam Scott
R at side
?Widow Park
jean Scott
John Park weaver, Sarah McNeil? ä Margaret,
Jean Park
ScottThomasBellman?--School Well Street
ScottThomasWrightmargaret Jamiesonjean, William, Helen ä Alex.Boglemart
ScottWidow or Helen Dow-James Scott-Boglemart
B at side
ScottWidow or Mary Young--Robert, Susan, AgnesBoglemart
B at side
ScottWilliamWeaverMary HogarthRobert, Mary Townhead
Mary's name circled
ScottWilliamCarterAgnes Smyllie?Andrew Milligan, &
Jean Paton? servt?
ScottWilliamThatcherJean YoungJanet YoungBoglemart
B at side
ScottWilliamcartermargaret SmithJames, Adam, Janet, William, JeanBoglemart
Mary millerJean, Thos, Quintin?, James, Janet, John, Robert, Williamnew Street
(Raise Street)
ServiceWidow or Helen HowieWidow Stevenston or Griz. HowieHelenNew Street
(Raise Street)
ServiceWilliammerchantjean WorkmanEliz, Thos., Helen, Mary, Jean, William, RobertNew Street
(Raise Street)
ShanksJamesCarpenterJean FergusonJean, Helen, Janet, Eliz, David, James, Margaret, Walter, Helen ShanksHarbour Street
SharpeRobertCarterJanet Spears?Ann, William, Margaret Sharpe Aunt?Boglemart
Sharpe?Widow or Janet Kirkwood?-Eliz., Robert sailorCanal Street
SharpeAnn-Robert Boyd, Collier-Boglemart
ShawWidow or Ann Currie-James Currie
Margaret Currie
Widow Currie or Cath. McAlisterHill Street
ShearerJamesCollierAgnes CrawfordJanet, John, Henry?, James, Cornelius,
Elizabeth Hunter
Cow Roading
ShearerJohnCollierWidow Shearer or Ina Colquhoun-Cow Roading
ShearerWidow or Lilias Stirrat--Robert, William, Agnes, JohnBoglemart
John scored through
SheddenJamesLawyerMargaret Dunlop?Janet, Martha, James, Margaret, Jean, ThomasQuay Street
SheddenWidow or Ann Frew or KerrJohn Shedden, weaver-Dockhead Street
SillarsDavidCollierEliz. BiggartJean, James, David, James W., Margaret C., William B.Boglemart
SimAlanCollierAnn HunterJohn, Mgt., David, Ann, Arch., James ä AlanTownhead
SkeochIsobel---School Well Street
SkeochJamesMerchantEliz. ResideJames, John, Jean, Eliz, Janet &
Widow Skeoch, &Jean McKillop servt.
Salt Garnel Close
Widow Skeoch age 89
SlaterWilliammerchantJanet HunterMary, Eliz, Janet, John, Jean, David, James, Robert Alex.New Street
(Raise Street)
A. Burgh at side
SloanWidow or Janet May
(m.24/9/1785 James Sloan)
--William Sloan,
Bridge End
A.B. at side
SmallAlex-Eliz. AuldMargaret AuldCanal Street
B at side
SmithCharlesWrightHelen ScottWilliam, James, Thomas Helen, Charles, Eliz., Gilbert WrightMill Hill
SmithFrancisMary AlexanderWilliam Campbell & GeorgeKyles Hill
R.C. at side
SmithjamesCooper??ReidJohn, Jean, Margaret, JamesBoglemart
SmithJamesCollierEliz. GoudieJames ä Cath. Hacker?Townhead
SmithJames-Katherine Stoker?Mill Hill
James's name circled
Smith JamesShopkprJanet CrawfordJean, William, James, John ä Charlesä Archi.Old Bridge end
SmithJames---Cow Roading
Next to Robert Smith
SmithJohnInnkeeperMargaret ResideJohn, James, Robert, Agnes, William, Margaret, Eliz, Alex, David, Thomas.
John Smith &
Arch. Sillars – ostlers?
SmithJohnSailorAgnes King-Kyles Hill
SmithJohn JamesCooperIna? ReidJohn, Jean, Margaret, JamesBoglemart
B at side
SmithRobert-Janet LangMary Frances,
John sailor??
Cow Roading
SmithThomasWeaverjean AlisonJanet, Ann, Mgt., Jean, Thomas, James, Alex.Townhead
SmithThomasCollierMary McKelvieAlex, James, Thomas, Robert, Gavin, AgnesThe loan
SmithWidow or Agnes Currie---Boglemart
R at side
SmithWidow or Jean BarbourNew Street
(Raise Street)
SmithWilliamSailorJanet Manton?
Janet Cameron
-Kyles Hill
R at side
SnodgrassMrs or Isobel SkeochAnn BarclayNew Street
(Raise Street)
SnodgrassRobertMerchantMargaret WilsonWilliamQuay Street
Campbell's Close
SpenceMary--RobertKyles Hill
SteelWilliamLabourerMarion OberkeWidow Higgins or Mary Howie &
D Higgins
Kyles Hill
StevenstonAlanMary HogarthWilliam, JamesHarbour Street
"In America" against Alan
StevenstonGeorgeMerchantCath PorterJanet, Agnes, Robert, George, Cath, & Euphamia Wilson servt.Dockhead Street
StevenstonGeorgeMerchantMary StevenstonDockhead Street
StevenstonWidow or Agnes Thomson-Agnes Gibson Street
Agnes age?
StewartJohnWeaverMargaret AlexanderEliz, John, HughSchool Well Street
StewartWidow or Jean hunter-Janet Stewart or Wid. BallantineArch., Ronald? B., &
Arch. Ballantine & Ann Wylie??
Canal Bank
Jean Hunter age 86?
StewartWilliamLabourerMary RobertsonThos., Janet, Jean, IsabellaThe Close
StirlingCharlesWeaverMary ThomsonAlex., John, Mary, MargaretHarbour Street
Mary age 91
Name scored out
StirratJohnMary MuirCroaks Well?
B at side
StirratThomasLabourerhelen RobertsonJames, Thomas, Margt.Boglemart
StirratThomas-Margaret Workmanä David WorkmanCanal Street
SutherlandDanielTaylorAnn Barr-Canal Street
TanahillJohnCollierJean AndersonJohn
Margaret Carmichael
School Well Street
TempletonJohnLabourerSarah Whitehill?-Boglemart
TempletonJohnWeaverMary SmithQuay Street
B at side
ThomAlexCollierSusan Esdale
Jean, David Lands., Alex., Mary, Janet, ä Susan, ä Eliz (b.1822)Susan with ***
CollierCatherine Brownä MaryCow Roading
ThomJamesLabourerAnn Reid??, John, Ann, Jean, George, JamesSchoolwell St.
ThomsonAdamCollierMargaret Madelaw?AdamThe Close
ThomsonAdamCollierMargaret HaddowAdamThe Close
ThomsonAgnes-Agnes PinkertonTownhead
ThomsonAlex??sailorJean Puton?New Street
(Raise Street)
ThomsonAlexCollierMarion ScottJanet, RobertTownhead
ThomsonAlexCollierMarion ScottJanet ä RobertTownhead
ThomsonDavidSmithMargaret ChalmersMargaret, David, Marion, John, Janet Cow Roading
ThomasDavid-Flora SharpeWilliam, John, Rliz.School Well Street
ThomsonGrizzel---Mill Hill
ThomsonJamesShoemakerElizabeth KingHarbour Street
R at side
ThomsonJamesShoemakerMary WrightJohn, Mary, Eliz.Quay Street
R at side
ThomsonJohnCollierMargaret Wood-Townhead
CollierJean Frew
Catherine, John, Alex., Ann, RobertBoglemart
Ann's name scored through
VicarWidow or Griz Wylie--Helen, Margaret, Thomas, Ina?Canal Street
WalesDanielWeaverJean ChalmersJanet, Cath., Agnes ä Hugh?Cow Roading
R at side
WalkerJohnWeaverMargaret BowieAgnes, Robert, Janet, William, JohnMill Hill
WlakerJohnCollierAnn SmithMargaret, Jean, John, Robert, Ann F.Cow Roading
R at side
WalkerRobertWeaverAnn SkeltonJohn, Marianne, Sarah, James, WilliamBoglemart
WalkerWidow or Janet Galt? Or Scott--Alex., JeanTownhead
WallaceWilliamShoemakerElizabeth MillarJames, William, Eliz., ä AndrewSchool Well Street
WarnerMrMrs WarnerPatrick, Samuel Croker?, factor,

Mathew Hunter, Margaret Hillhouse,

Jean Alexander, Margaret Alexander, Agnes Baillie,

James Arnott? servts.
WatchmanArch. CollierJean MarshallMary, Jean, Angus, RobertCow Roading
Robert circled
WatchmanWidow or Mary SillarsAgnes, Isobel, John, Arch., DavidBoglemart
WaterstoneJamesSmithMary CarmichaelDonald?, John, James, Mary, Agnes, Cath, JanetQuay Street
WatsonAlex.LabourerBarbara PhilipsCatherine, James, George,

Alex, gr.s…? Catherine gr.c.?
Harbour Street
WatsonGeorgeWeaverJanet GibsonAlex., William, Janet, Jean, Elizabeth, SarahCanal Street
A.Burgh. at side
WatsonWidow or Mary McGuire??-Margaret-Burn side
WattAlexanderWeaverMaria CruickshanksMargt., Marion, Hugh, Eliz., RobertMill Hill
next to Widow Watt
WattAlexander-janet AlexanderJanet Watt or Mrs Roe? A childBoglemart
Alex's name circled
WattJohnLabourerMary OrrDavid,
James Richardson
The Close
David's name scored through
WattRobertWrightJanet Ramage?Peter, Alex., James, Robert, Janet, JohnCanal Street
WattWidow or Agnes Coulter--AgnesKyles Hill
WattWidow or Marian Montgomerie---Mill Hill
WeirGiles or Widow BaillieDockhead Street
Weir RobertHostlerSusan, Marion, Eliz, SusanHarbour Street
WhiteAlex.WrightEliz. Houston?John, Alex.Quay Street
A.Burgh. at side
WhiteHughCollierJanet BlackAndrew, James, Janet, William, Eliz, ä Helenä , AgnesLittle Dubbs
Helen’s name circled
WhitelawJames-Mary McCraeWilliam, FrancisKyles Hill
R.C. at side
WilkinsonArchibaldWeaverCatherine BrownPeter, IsobellaSchool Well Street
Cath's name circled
WilkinsonWidow or Marion Neil---Boglemart
R at side
WilsonAdamCollierJanet WalkerPeter, Adam, RobertCow Roading
WilsonAdamElizabeth WoodEliz.Little Dubbs
WilsonAlexMargaret JeffrayAndrew, HelenOld Bridge End
WilsonAlexander-Margaret JafrayAndrew, HelenBridge end
WilsonHughWeaverMary TaylorMargaret Carnochan?Harbour Street
Margt. Age 84 also name circled
WilsonJamesCarrierMargaret StirratThomas, Barbara, George, David, John, William, RobertNew Street
(Raise Street)
WilsonJamesWeaverMary ServiceAgnes, William, Margaret, Janet, MaryHawkhill
WilsonJanetQuay Street
WilsonJohnEnginemanJanet FrazerJohnTownhead
WilsonJohnQuarrierHelen FleckJanet, John ,William, Robert, Helen.

Margaret Auld –servant
1st page
Wilson JohnWeaverMary HarveyJohn, James, Alex, Sarah, &

George Barns?
Quay Street
George & Sarah’s name circled
WilsonJohnShipmasterJean RitchieWilliam, John,Elizabeth WilsonDockhead Street
WilsonPeter-Margaret? KilpatrickJohnCow Roading
WilsonRobertSailorMargaret Limond?Martha, Janet, Margaret, ä Twins?Finlay Street
WilsonRobertWeaverJanet WilsonWilliam AuldQuay Street
WilsonRobertMerchantAgnes ServiceEliz, Euph, Agnes, RobertNew Street
(Raise Street)
WilsonWidow-MaryJohn Wilson & Alex Thomson page
WilsonWidow or Sally Cowan-Robert - weaver, Ann Simm??WilliamSchool Well Street
WilsonWidow or Ann Barclay--Ann Barclay niece
Mill Hill
Next to Peter Barclay.
Agnes added at side
WilsonWilliamEnginemanJanet FrazerWilliamTownhead
Innkeeper & farmerjean BanksAllan, Nathaniel, Eliz., Jean, Rachel, Alex., Martha,

Janet McBride servt.
Cow Roading
WilsonWilliamInnkeeperJanet Taylor,
Janet Hood,
John Kelly
WilsonWilliamMerchantAmeliaMary Wilson servt.Quay Street
WodrowMiss--Mary Dunlop servt.Canal Street
WoodHelen-John Kerr-School Well Street
WoodJohn-Mary Allan-School Well Street
WoodRobertMerchantIsobel RobertsonMargaretKyles Hill
Robert - Elder
WoodWidow or Janet Barclay--Robert, MarthaCanal Street
WoodsideRobertWeaverMary RobertsonMarian, Mary, Agnes, Robert, Robertson.Townhead

Robertson is a girl’s christian name!
WylieHughLabourerJean CalvinJohn, Robert, Janet, Jean, HughSmith's Canal
Robert & Janet scored out
WylieJamesWeaverIsobel KingHugh, James, Agnes, MathewCow Roading
WylieJohnWeaverHelen BiggartJanet, Mathew, James, John, William, Mary, Andrew &

Widow Wylie or Eliz. Baird
WylieJohnMasonMargaret CrawfordJohn Cross?Old Bridge end
WylieWidow or Agnes AllanJohn ByronMr Anderson - lodgerQuay Street
YoungBryceMasonBarbara MillerJohn, Mgt., William, RobertTownhead
YoungHughSailorJanet BarberWilliam, Marion, Mary, JeanBradshaw Street
YoungJamesCarterJanet RitchieMargaret, John, James, Eliz.Townhead
YoungJamesWrightMargaret ResideJamesBoglemart
YoungJohnMasonMartha RobertsonJames, Helen, John, William, Thomas, Robertson, MargaretBoglemart
YoungWidow or Eliz. Davidson--Ann, Eliz., Margaret, JohnTownhead
YoungWidow or Eliz. Davidson--Ann, Eliz., Mgt., John-
YoungWidow or Janet RayAgnes, Barbara, HelenNew Street
(Raise Street)
YoungWidow or Jean AlexanderMary, James, William Young Jean YoungBrakeplough
Widow Young’s name circled
YoungWidow or Jean McKechnyWilliam Brown and John Calderwood lodgers.Quay Street
YoungWilliamLabourerMarion WilsonQuay Street
YuleJohnCollierJean KilpatrickSusanTownhead