From our early Guestbook - 2

betty mcclymont 01/Jul/2001:16:17:39
Hello scotland i was born on april 23rd 1954 daughter of jean cook and andy mcclymont and lived in saltcoats until 1968 and immigrated to canada with brother john mcclymont and sister may mcclymont. i went to saltcoats public school and then junior secondary school till coming to canada at age 14. i went back for the first time in october of 2000 and had a great time met a school friend margaret armstrong. i have cousins living in saltcoats who live on ivanhoe drive saltcoats jean

James Alexander 05/Jul/2001:08:12:17
Hi my name is James Alexander eldest son of Robert -&-Isabella Alexander (hughes),my grandparents were James(jumbo)hughes-&-my grandmother was Isa (Erskine)my grandparents on my fathers side was John -&- Cathie Alexander, my greatgrandfather was Muggins Alexander from Gutherie bray.I left Saltcoats 6 years ago for New Zealand ,Im married to my beautiful wife Bernadette and have two beautiful kids, i'm in the Nz police, but its not the same as i often pine for back home, The Elms bar,Celtic and my family but sometimes life is a sacrafice and you need to get on with it.Hopefully if anyone knows or knew my family please get in touch. James...

Leanne Sarsons 05/Jul/2001:23:28:26
Great Page!!!! , looking forward to one day coming over there and seeing all the sites upclose. Anytime you are in Canada look me up... smile . PS: i know Sam, bobby swams friend, great guy..??

ANDY WEBSTER 08/Jul/2001:23:23:20

alice lowe 12/Jul/2001:18:36:05
I have enjoyed the site very much I was born in Glasgow and spent my holidays in ardroosan for many years ,so have some great memories of the place. Was lovely to read the poems loved the one fom the bus driver. thanks once again for some great memories
yours alice lowe(faceache)

isabel smith 13/Jul/2001:22:09:19
anyone born between the years 1944-1948 and attended kyleshill primary school saltcoats, we would like to hear from you or please send your photos over the net to us... we are planning a re-union next year april or may.. If you live abroad please send an e-mail re-living your years at kyleshill[as we hope to have a magazine printed for the occasion....

Karen Herrick nee (h 14/Jul/2001:03:14:33
Karen here in Canada, adore this site./better than a bunty comic on
Sunday (which haven't had for many moons).

Was wondering if anyone had a tablet recipe? the one we got after school at the white van at the public primary in Saltcoats.......or on a tuc day at school when we had abt 4 pence each to spend ......

My mum is comeing up in a few eeks from toronto....and she will die when she sees this sight!!!!..........when I read it...i feel like am home again.....thanks...all and all who write in those wee memories.......some bring a tear to me.....
tyhank you
Karen ( ex) wish I wasn't

Karen Herrick (nee Hollywood) 14/Jul/2001:03:22:26
Hello again
forgot to add the wonders of my birth!
My mum and dad,, Hugh Hollywood of (Sarah Anne Gillick and Thomas
George Hollywood) and Marion Barr (Maisie)of Edward Barr and Marion Hamilton Jackson )

Edith Jameson (nee M 15/Jul/2001:22:20:31
Hi, Edith Jameson again, sorry about the last entry. My maiden name is McEwan. My grandson is named Gavin not Edith.

Edith Jameson (nee Mc  15/Jul/2001:22:03:58
Hi, I lived at Mayfield Rd. Saltcoats before emigrating to Canada in 1968.I went to Kyleshill and the Ardrossan Academy.I would like to hear from any of my school pals Irene Ward, Betty Scott,Rayella Burns, Joan Murdoch, Margaret Adams to name a few.I'm married with a son and daughter and most recently a little grandson. .Edith

jim cochrane 15/Jul/2001:11:54:34
Hi Hugh,
Thanks for including my old school photos from Stevenston Jun. Sec School, 1950 and 1956. Tom Knox and I have been firing Emails back and forth trying to fill in the gaps in the names. We've got most but would love to hear from anyone who can fill in the few blanks. It's a tall order but through your site who knows?
All the best, JKC

W.Young 16/Jul/2001:19:32:34
Hi this an appeal to all you ex-pats out there, I am a member of the
newly founded Ardrossan Winton Rovers 2001 Committee We are trying to keep this once proud team afloat and are looking for donations from ex-pats who would like to keep Ardrossan with a junior football team. We are starting from scratch so any donations would be greatly appriciated.

If you are giving a donation could you make it payable to W.Keen he is our treasurer but was manager of Winton a few seasons ago and he like me doesn't want to see it going to the wall. My home address is W.Young 10b Winton Street Ardrossan. All donations will be replied to in person either by myself or our match secretary T.Ferrie.
Hoping you can help thank you
Willie Young

Isabella   16/Jul/2001:10:39:03
Hello everyone..great blast from the past is for anyone who has been told about or remembers the dances held in a hall in Irvine for the servicemen during WW2. I'm interested in finding any relations to my mums best friend who attended these dances with her named Mary Hill. Unfortunately this is all I know, her name, my mothers name at the time was Isabella Browning, known as Isa Browning. Also I'm looking for decendents of Annie Browning and Quentin Boyd who moved to Canada sometime in 1884 (about).

David Miller    17/Jul/2001:05:49:52
I am doing the old try to work out your ancestry thing. Hi all great site,
My Mum used the maiden name of Kerr lived in the Stevenson, Saltcoats area. She was born in 1920 (approx),I belive she was adopted sort of, her original Mother name was Templeton.
Mum had a sister (or her original mother)that went to USA, Peynsilvainia She came to Australia after marring a William Miller born 1926 sister anne his father was John I believe from the same area. Came to Australia in the late forties early fifties This info may mean little to you however if you have any info I would love to hear from you.
Rgds David

Jamie McCallum 17/Jul/2001:10:20:51
Hello everyone, my name is Jamie and I am the son of Hugh McCallum who has developed the threetowners website. I was born and raised in Australia but most of my relatives are located in Scotland, It is good to see all the kind comments in the guestbook. I am very proud of my dad for all the work he has done and the enjoyment it has given to people all around the world.

David Miller 19/Jul/2001:03:48:46
Hi All, Jamie you should be proud your dad,he has done a grand job. Further to trying to find some family history,re my father. He had a fair bit to do with the Landsborough church. may 1941 to july 44 he was what they called a CHECKER, Jul 44 to Feb 47 was in the Navy, Apr 51 to Jul 51 Time keeper. I have this from a referance from Minister Gavin Barr.Married in the same church, Dec 1948 Had 2 addresess 15 Glebe st, Saltcoats -&- 57 Boglemart St, I am coming over to the Three towners soon and would love to hear from some one with info.
Best Rgds David.

samantha hammond   19/Jul/2001:09:32:40
I used to live in the three towns : Misk Knowes Stevenston and Carey Road Saltcoats. Many of you may know my parents, Winnie Chalmers from Saltcoats and Scott Hammond from the top end of Stevenston. I now live in Surrey with my mum. My dad still lives in Saltcoats Carey Road. Any one who knows either of my parents can contact me and i will pass on any messages for you. Any one who knew me before i came to live in surrey can contact me too. i used to go to Auchenharvie Academy in 1996-1997. Before that i went to Ardeer Primary. So if you knew me from there or any hwere else all you got to do is e-mail me.

Bob Rainey 21/Jul/2001:10:45:19
Just wanted to say thanks for a great site!! My dad (Harvey Rainey) from Saltcoats and mom (Jean Watson) from Stevenson and I spent an afternoon reading the stories and looking at the pictures. It was a rare opportunity for me to share in their reflections of their lives in
Scotland. We continue to remain very close with our family still living in Saltcoats. As a matter of fact, my wife Kathy and I were there this January (not a great time to visit I might add) but we flew in from Delaware USA to celebrate my cousin's surprize 40th birthday. Just
wanted to express my appreciation for the trip down memory lane.
Bob Rainey

Frederick S. Buchan 26/Jul/2001:19:29:34
I just stumbled on to the "Threetowns" site--great idea and worth developing. Thanks to all who made it possible. I left Stevenston in 1949 at age 17,and have lived mainly in Salt lake City since then. Worked at Ardeer for two years. My connection with Stinston goes back to the early 18th century through the Reids, Rosses, Garvens, Youngs et al. Maybe we are in the process of creating a global village through e-mail. Would like to hear from other "threetowners" I'm particularly interested in getting photographs of Stevenston when it was
decorated for VE day in 1945. Any suggestions?
Fred Buchanan

jim cochrane 27/Jul/2001:11:54:11
Another useful and developing website for your readers is which will speak for itself. It is building up into an very interesting site and, I'm sure, will be a source of information for lots of your participants.
Best regards, JKC

Rachel Ross (Burns) 28/Jul/2001:19:21:09
Hi Edith (Jameson) and to anyone else who remembers me. I'm still living in Ardrossan and married to Ian with 2 grown up (or so they say) children, Gillian who is 27 and Andrew who is 23. I gave up working in with Jas Campbell and Co Solicitors in Saltcoats to have children and never went back - I have been devoting my time to bringing up my family and what a wonderful family they are!! As far as I know Joan Murdoch and Margaret Adams are both Primary Teachers. I occasionally see Joan in the town. Betty Scott is living in South Africa (last I heard). Good to hear from you.

Janet Lee 29/Jul/2001:09:53:25
I was the person who wrote to the paper about my grandfather I have had no luck I think he must have been hatched under a cabbage bush. He certainly hid his tracks. ie John Douglas McKenzie born about 1861 died 1951. If anyone has any hints about this ghost figure or how to track him please let me know would be very grateful. I don't even know the name of his first child born in Adelaide South Australia.

Russell Dunbar 30/Jul/2001:19:52:01
What an interesting site, names spotted already that bring back some great memories. Don't let them tell you that nostalgia ain't what it used to be!! I was born (1946) and reared in Stevenston and went to school at Ardeer Primary / Stevenston High and Ardrossan Academy, I may as well not have bothered. Married to Margaret Wharton in 1969, we have two daughters, twin grand daughters aged 11, and two grand sons not quite two. Lifes a breeze !! Living now in Prestwick. Give us a shout if you remember us.

John Lundie 01/Aug/2001:11:49:38
Hello All, Just a note to say how much I enjoy my occasional visit to the threetowners site. I am surprised at the number of names I recognize when I visit, and the photo's of the people living in Australia some of whom I am sure I know amazes me. If any of them recognize the lundie name from Ardrossan please get in touch. If any of my old school friends from Ardrossan Academy see this please get in touch with me as it would be great to hear from you. We left in 1958 my Mum and Dad and I to come to Australia and I have ben her ever since. My wife and I visited the old town and old school last October and I must say it has not changed
a lot, my old house at 32 Firth View is still there and so is good old Killmathew Street. Again any old friends please get in touch.
Regards to all,
John Lundie.

Andy Hammond 02/Aug/2001:19:32:58
Hi I am Andy Hammond. I was born in Rieds Avenue Stevenston in 1949. In my younger days i have travelled considerable but I now reside in Camberley in Surrey. i am interested in contact from any of my old chums or acquaintances.
Regards andy

Anne McCallum 03/Aug/2001:09:55:14
Hi, my name is Anne McCallum (nee Ralph). My dad lived in Garven road Stevenston most of his life. He went to Ardeer Primary and then Stevenston Higher Grade in 1944.'45 and '46. His dad worked at Ardeer Factory from 1922 to about 1963. His name was Jack Ralph. My dad married Betty Barr from Saltcoats (her family owned Gordon's fish shop). We lived in Dubbs Rd and my sister (Shonaid) and I went to Stevenston High until we left for Australia in 1969. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers us. My friends at school were Vhari-
anne McEwan and Linda McNally. I think this is a great site.

robert grayston 04/Aug/2001:20:14:58
just to let you know what a great site you have, i was born and still live in STEVENSTON found an old class photo from 1957 thanks to ANNE McBRIDE (McLELLAND) for the entry anyone know where the rest of this class ended up? it would be nice to hear from HUNTER DEMPSTER, ALLAN WATT, and the rest of the class of 57.

ian gibson 04/Aug/2001:09:32:15
just found the site been over here in australia for 13yrs live in melbourne was back home for the first time last year due to my fathers passing away must admit saltcoats hadnt changed much i do miss the summer weather over there
regards ian gibson

Allan Mann 05/Aug/2001:00:35:18
Just found the threetowns site ... great stuff. Formerly from Stevenston ...Stevenston Junior Secondary in the 1950/60's and then Ardrossan Academy and Glasgow School of Art.
Faither (same name) worked at the 'Black Powder'/Ardeer and was an elder in the High Kirk; family owned Reids Fish -&- Chippie in Stevenston; Mum latterly owned the Ironmongers in New Street. (Both retired -finally-! to Australia in the 1990's). I live in Ballarat just a wee bit outside Melbourne. Been back to see the birth place quite often over the years ... somebody should find the Stevenston town councils (past and present) and take them out and linch them for what they've allowed to be done to to heart of the toon, its a tradegy. The High Kirk had a night of fundraising (MIGHT HAVE BEEN A CARD NIGHT) where members of the congregation brought along old photographs of the town and folk etc., and pinned them up around the Church Hall, this would have been in the 1970's I think ... anyway I went around and took

Margaret Wallace Nun 08/Aug/2001:20:59:00
Hi my name is now Margaret Nunes living in Trinidad, W.I. but I was a Wallace. I attended Winton Eglinton School Ardrossan. I return to Scotland regularly. My sister still lives in Ardrossan. It was so great finding your threetowners site, it brought back a lot of memories. I can be contacted at

George Irvine 09/Aug/2001:16:00:17
Hi all, well this lot takes me back, i have just sat for about three hours looking through this lot. I grew up in Adams Ave. and left in about 1979/80 moved to pennyburn for a few years and now live in Hampshire after moving doon for work in 1985.If anybody remembers me from St.Brendans primery school early 70s or St Andrews Acadamy late 70s drop me a line. Andy White, John Austin, Martin Coleman did the band ever make it ??? I used to work at the shows down at the harbour in the summer with Jim Mcgrath and Jim (addie the maddie)Adamson. so if any of you lot are oot there hear fae ye soon.


Margaret Muir 12/Aug/2001:18:10:13
Margaret Muir (Sweeney) I would like to contact John Lundie I am his wee cousin from Stevenston, If you read this John please email me.

Michael McGuire 13/Aug/2001:19:26:21
Hello Hugh,I have been led to this site by a link from Australia. I still live in the area (Ardrossan) but grew up in Saltcoats. I worked in the Nylon Plant from 1974-1981. I will be happy to hear from anyone who might know me. I have already been able to contact a cousin in Canada who I last saw in 1973. I attended St. Mary's and St Mick's. I was in the first year intake when the school opened in Kilwinning c1965.

Thanks for a great site.
I am Michael McGuire -&- I lived at 49 Mayfield Rd Saltcoats 1952-1973.

Marilyn 15/Aug/2001:05:03:18
I wonder if anyone knows the whereabouts of the G Harlin or similiar surname who lived at 152 Haycocks Rd, Stevenston. Son in law of Elizabeth Graham Robertson.. Any information would be appreciated.

ed harkness 17/Aug/2001:10:42:51
Scotland was in my thoughts today, remember well my father driving trucks to Ardrossan from Glasgow, with his family on board, to the seaside for the day. Can remember the British Road Services trucks carrying whisky to Ardrossan, I think it was shipped to America. Can anyone varify that? I dont think it all made it intact! Drambue was the whisky if my memory serves me well. Faraway in Sydney NSW now, but it gives me pleasure to tell my kids of my childhood days in Scotland, sun shone everyday -&- we were always happy.Happy days..

Wonderful site, great idea. I would love to hear from anyone in the year. I moved from the area in 1962 to live on the south coast of England. I've conatcted Anne McBride -&- Robert Grayston and would really like to here from anyone out there.
Best regards to you all - Adrian

a shapley    17/Aug/2001:21:27:25
I'm Arthur Shapley (now known as Adrian). Previous entry not too clear. I would be pleased to hear from anyone in the SJS 1957? picture supplied by Anne McBride (McLelland).
arthur (adrian) shapley

Eddie Hornby   18/Aug/2001:14:51:47
I wondered if there is anyone from Saltcoats living near us here on the  borders of France Germany and Switzerland?? I grew up in Links Road in Saltcoats, left St Michaels in 1971. My mother, brother and sister are still in Ayrshire.

jim donnelly 18/Aug/2001:20:53:03
hi my name is jim donnelly and i used to live at hirst place (long gone) saltcoats. i used to spend a lot of time in the melbourne cafe and the eglinton cafe in windmill st and at the dancing at the ingeldene on a saturday night. does any one know the whereabouts of billy brennan? billy was the drummer with the tulsons and he lived in dalry rd saltcoats. i married a ardrossan girl, jean johnston (big jocks daughter) from kirkhall drive, if any one remembers jean or me drop a line

Maria Paterson 20/Aug/2001:20:18:33
still trying to trace a photo of my mum's school days at Glencairn Primary in Stevenston about 1946 - 1955 or if anyone remembers her from the secondary school, probably the old Auchenharvie. Her name is Lilian Wilson, she lived in the High road then moved to the bottom end of Stevenston. She turned 60 earlier this year and I would love a photo of her when she was young. If anyone remembers her or has a photo with her in it, could you please get in touch with me. ever hopeful Maria

Margaret Waters(Dobi St Michael's Academy 1968/74     20/Aug/2001:23:57:25
Hi Hugh, thought I'd pay a visit from over there on the Irvineites group! Thanks to the threetowners site I have re-established contact with Paul Dorrian out in South Africa and James Sheehan. We have started up a new group on Yahoo for ex-St Michael's pupils. This has been set up mainly for those who were in first year in 1968 - but any ex-pupils are also welcome. If you want to see what happened to your old pals, see and post old photos, want to have a laugh in an online reunion, this is the place to be. Why not join us? The more the merrier as the saying goes. Cheers. Margaret

Maggie Waters (Dobie St Michael's Academy 1968/74   21/Aug/2001:22:16:17

Hi all: a slight clarification to the message I posted below on the ex-pupils site. It should have read: This has been set up mainly for those who were in first year in 1968 - but any ex-pupils who were at St Mikes between 1968 and 1974 also welcome. Regards, Margaret

ALAN HYND    24/Aug/2001:18:28:26

david macdonald   24/Aug/2001:15:55:08
hi great page i was born in saltcoats 1966 would like to hear from anyone that remembers me i grew up in knox place till 1980 moved to ashdale ave my family are john anne findlay jannetmacdonald i went to mayfield pr 1971-78 then auchenharvie 78-82 does anyone remember me and is there a site for auchenharvie acc

Elizabeth Mitchell   25/Aug/2001:02:22:11 What a fabulous web site it is wonderful to go on the site and see all that is great about home, I was brought up in Ardrossan, went to Stanley School,Ardrossan Academy, Kilmarnock college and then left for London and abroad. I would love to hear from folks who may remeber me Elizabeth Parker was my maiden name. Still have all the family in and around Ardrossan and Saltcoats, I have been living in the USA for 22 years, it would be good to hear from Julie Muir if you check the site I would love to catch up. I was introduced to the site by my brother in law Alan Pettigrew the big yin when he was over visiting in the US and since then have checked it out regulary, thanks for this very informative site.
All the best Elizabeth M. Mitchell

Catherine Drever    25/Aug/2001:22:28:29
What a marvellous site. Searching Frew, Gray, Kilpatrick, Watson. Amazing the material I have found on your site. Thank you for all the work you and others have put into this.
Regards, Catherine, Victoria, BC, Canada

Sandra 30/Aug/2001:11:09:52
Kilmarnock Ayr is the name of where James White bc 1801 married Agnes Taylor 1833 daughter Jane White b 1835 she some how made it to NZ and married William HENDLE he is born 1831 London and was a New Zealand Lighthouse keeper. James White disappeared. He was a carpet manufacturer. Agnes Taylor White died in New Zealand 1879 and had two daughters alive. One is Agnes White Dow (Mrs David Dow) the other unknown. Jane White Hendle died 1874 in a fall at Pencarrow Lighthouse Wellington NZ. i would like to find White and Taylor in Kilmarnock.

Alan -&- Elaine Simpson   31/Aug/2001:17:03:43
Just recently found this site, brilliant, anyone who knows us send a
quick note, Alan

Jim McCreadie 02/Sep/2001:03:24:09
Hi again Hugh, back again visiting the site. Great place and many familiar names like Ian Gibson whom I list touch with about a year ago due to PC problems at my end. Since my last correspondence, my 2nd twin daughter and her husband have made me a grand-father again - oh God, I'm that old already. I can recall diving off the tower at Saltcoats Harbour into the gap between the steps and Inner Neebock (I think) and it doesn't seem a lifetime ago either. Keep up the great work Hugh, you help us keep in touch and up to date.
Best wishes to you and yours
Jim McCreadie ex-34 Dalry Road

Frederick Buchanan 02/Sep/2001:05:45:53
I signed on a long time ago but perhaps I'm in a different time warp--does anyone remember Stinston before 1950? Does anyone know where I could get pictures of Stevenston as it was
decorated to celebrate the end of the war? If there are any old (?) lads and lassies frae Stinston please give me proof that I am not the only survivor of pre-1950 days. Please!

Francis Ferguson 03/Sep/2001:20:14:34
Hi my name is Francis Ferguson from Stevenston, St John's Primary School, 1955 to 1962, St Peter's from 1962 to 1965. I work at Ardeer, Stevenston (35 years +). If anyone remembers me I would be delighted to hear from you. I married Ann Duff (Saltcoats)1972 and am still
blissfully happy!!!!!!! Ann attended Ardrossan Academy from 1964 to 1968. Please be in touch should either name ring a bell!

Margaret Muir 05/Sep/2001:20:08:45
Hi Hugh, just to say thanks for a brilliant site, my cousin John Lundie from Australia made contact with me. Wonderful!!!

Francis Ferguson 07/Sep/2001:15:36:23
Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful site. I only just signed in a couple of days ago and already I have been contacted by a number of people I knew from years ago and had lost
contact with over the years. I am using a friends e-mail address but I can be contacted through her anytime until I get myself an on-line address. Thanks again to all who have written to me and especially to you Hugh for giving us the opportunity to 'meet' old friends again. Regards, Francis

Agnes Neish (Hughes) 07/Sep/2001:20:15:50
Found this page and was overwhelmed to see people from way back. My name was Agnes Hughes and I lived in Mayfield Road in Saltcoats. I would particularly like to hear from Betty McLaughlin(West Kilbride) and Evelyn Medine (Beith) and any one else who remembers me.

margaret    08/Sep/2001:15:55:24
ive had a great time looking through old stevenston but i did not see any of my own school photos.i will have a look through my own at home if you would like them get in touch and ill give you a copy. thanks again for a great time down memory lane. margaret mccabe (houston)
email me at magsanne1@

STEPHEN McCABE 08/Sep/2001:17:23:28

jim cochrane 11/Sep/2001:08:58:14
Alex Teven, from Stevenston, and I were sitting in the coffee shop of the Beryl Bravo Oil Production platform in the middle of the North Sea. Being both from Stevenston we were having a rare natter about old Stevenston worthies. The name of BIG VINCENT, the amiable giant of a dustman of the fifties and sixties (seventies?) came up. We both don't know whatever happened to Vincent. Does anyone out there know, perhaps? Any info would satisfy our curious minds and help while away the time

GARY McMASTER 13/Sep/2001:09:19:23

maria di carlo 14/Sep/2001:11:25:09
It was really nostalgic when I found pictures of my old school and town. I would like to know who to get in touch with to add school photos' of St Michael's and St Peter's as there is none for the years yet that I attended. My friends Margaret Carpenter and Frances Tinney are also interested in a re-union. I have all the names(maiden) of our classmates. I live in the Highlands of Scotland now and would be interested in any contact in relation to this. Thanks, if anyone reads this! Lorenzo Savario was my cousin and so was Paul, Frank and Margo
Di Carlo.

Mark Gallagher  16/Sep/2001:05:50:45
Hi my name is Mark Gallagher aged 45years,i have lived in saltcoats and surrounding area all my life.I came upon this site by accident and was pleasantly surprised by it,s content. I went to st Mary's and then to st Michaels in kilwinning. I just want to say a big hello to anyone who
knows me andget in touch especially schoolmates i have not heard from for years. I was talking to my brother on the phone tonight and told him of this great site,but he already knew of it's existance. He told me he knows Hugh Mccallum well as he stays in Aussie too. His name is Fank Gallagher and his wife Joan.I also have 2 other brothers who live in Aussie ,Ned and Pat,Neds wife Margaret is on your expats photo page. Hoping to see more great stuff here in future. P.S Jim Mccreadie-&-Senga

Frances Tinney ,Gilm 18/Sep/2001:22:06:23
Great, finding this website. I attended St Peters school Ardrossan from 1959, leaving in 1969. I
married James Gilmour, formerly from Kilbirnie, who attended Dalry High. We lived in England and overseas until 1986 returning home to Saltcoats with our three children. My sister Maire, attended St Michaels Academy Kilwinning, and my brother Stephen Tinney is a former pupil of St Andrews. Our father is John Tinney. I was introduced to your website by friends Maria D'Carlo, and Margaret Carpenter, classmates from the annexe at Ailsa gardens Ardrossan. We are interested in contacting pupils from our primary class or secondary school year, and would be pleased to hear from anyone who recognises names mentioned above.

Jim Lindsay 19/Sep/2001:18:51:02
Hi everybody that knows me. just wanted to put a post on here to say im in Canada now living,
im the son of Jim Lindsay and Mary Houston with 3 older sisters and a big brother, i saw a guy guys post that i know "Hallo-Hallo gibby" i have some pics of my old school pals i would like to post up. lived in saltcoats all my life and have many fond memories i love to
think back on Cheers Jim-L

Rae    20/Sep/2001:13:09:27
Saw a couple of names I seem to recall, Francis Tinney your mum and dad were very friendly with my parents David and Margaret White, mum lives out in Perth Western Australia along with a few other members of our family including myself Rae. I think maybe you were of an age with my sister Catherine (also living in WA). Mark I believe we went to school at the same time there is another site you may be interested in for St Michaels can't remember the address off  hand but it covers from the year we started68 I think. If you want the address just let me know and I will look it up somehow as I have it in our favourites. Hope all is well with everyone. Rae

Markgallagher   20/Sep/2001:20:11:31
Re-VAL MORRISON,she is married to Martin Coleman and stays in Knockrivoch area of Ardrossan.She has two kids ,Lee and Jay.If you require any more info i can pass your e-mail or other contact to her. Hi Ray,your correct to assume we were at St Marys together, also
Robert Higgins ,Dennis Ramsey Tommy Taylor,Irene Bunting,Anne-Marie Gallagher,Paul Dorrian.Nice to hear from you keep in touch.

Alison 21/Sep/2001:00:18:44
This is a lovely site. Some of the photos are really beautiful. It would be nice to see some more photos, including recent ones. I live in Milton Keynes which is way down south in Northamptonshire but my boyfriend lives in Stevenston so I was curious to see where he lived! Keep up the good work!!

Harry Oliver 21/Sep/2001:03:53:51
Hi,My family left Stevenston for sunny Melbourne in March'63,I went to St.Johns in the mid 50s and on to St.Peters.I saw the school photo of me at St. Peters (Circa 65) I think it was taken in 62.We still have a few relations in Stevenston,Saltcoats and Linlithgow,If any of my old school mates read this it would be nice to hear from them,or people that knew my parents Harry and Nettie Oliver.
P.S. Hugh it is a great site.

Jane Saunders (nee: 22/Sep/2001:07:27:13
I left Ardrossan in 1965 when I married John Saunders from Stevenson. We lived there until we migrated to Australia in 1970. My father, Ermo Marroni, had the fish and chip shop which was the second down from the top of Glasgow Street and which has now been converted into a house. I use my birth name 'Jane' instead of 'Janette' because the Aussies tend to pronounce Janette as Janet or just cut it to Jan, which I loathe. We live in Perth, Western Australia. I would be happy to hear from anyone in the three toons who remembers me. Cheers Janette

John Thomson ( IAN )   22/Sep/2001:11:30:36
Hughie A mane from the past I remember your old man hens in the back door. I also work with your Jim for a while in Nylon Work's and he took one of his last photo's of my oldest when he graduated from uni I was at a reunion last night in the masonic club and was speaking to Bob. That where I found out about your site have spent the last few hours going through it it's very good keep up the good work. For them that have lost touch I have been allround the world but all ways come back to my home town Ardrossan And would never think of moving, as there is no place like home.
All the best John -&- Margaret Thomson.

ROBERT GRAYSTON 23/Sep/2001:09:04:01

Karen Allan 24/Sep/2001:22:12:19
I've spent hours browsing this sight and think it's terrific. Keep up the good work.

MARKY GALLAGHER. 24/Sep/2001:22:59:19
On behalf of Val, thanks for telling her that her friend, DEBBIE GRANGER was trying to find her on this site. She had lost contact with her 16 years ago, and wondered how she was getting on. They have now been in touch and many a tear shed.She will buy you a wee Vody when she see's you.

I see you have been looking for me, Austy, Andy, Jim etc.on this site. We have all e-mailed you back but no answer? As for "Did the band make it?", we are all excentric millionaires now and have retired to a luxurious life style in the Three Toons.

Mike Kean asktraining 27/Sep/2001:11:32:56
What a fantastic resource this web site is. My cousins in the USA have got me into it and I love looking at the photos and the chat. I would like to enquire about people who went throught the ATC 1138 squaron in Ardrosan round about the same time as me. My wife Mary and I emigrated to South Africa for 10 years soon after leaving the ATC and we lost track of most of the people. It would be good to create a trail on the ATC in Ardrossan and the people connected with it. I have a picture of me and some friends I'd like to send you.

G Havlin 28/Sep/2001:15:43:14
Hi Folks
A couple of hello's to say,first to Jim Lindsey,hi Jim hope your life is going well out there,is this the same Jim lindsey that ran around with Gibby when you were boys runing around the tap end of Saltcoats. If so this is his dad,contact me sometime its good to hear how you are
all doing. CHEERS,GIBBY
Second hello is to Marlyn you wrote asking about G Havlin who stayed at 152 Hayocks rd he was my uncle and name sake i'm afraid he passed on a while back, if you would like more info email me and i'll try and help.Bye for now. G Havlin

Monica Keegans (Horn 01/Oct/2001:16:08:00
I worked in Kilmarnock Infirmary (75-79) and before that in Ayrshire Central Hospital (72-75) after leaving Saint Michaels. I now live in Ayr. Married to Jim Keegans from Sannox drive in Saltcoats and have 4 children two of whom are now at University.

Louise (Cavani) Brog My Home Town 01/Oct/2001:21:04:53
It has been a few months since I first registered with the 3towners site and have been very fortunate to have 'met up' with some old friends from my home town and also from my school days at St. Mary's and St. Peter's. I was born and raised in Saltcoats - 1949 and lived and worked there until 1981 when I 'emigrated' to England with husband Peter and our son Stephen. Our son is 30 now and still considers Ardrossan to be his home town. Although he was only just 10 when we brought him south of the border to live he still retains his Scottish
accent - thankfully! Want to say 'hello and thanks ' to all who have taken the time -&-trouble to contact me and who have stayed in touch since. It is such a lovely feeling when someone you had known many years ago and had lost touch with, suddenly appears on your screen saying 'Hi'. Thank you again for this great site and for giving us all the chance of enjoying a 'walk' down memory lane.
Regards, Louise

fay gray (buckley) 21/Oct/2001:15:08:39
had the best laugh in a long time when i discovered the threetowners website. enjoyed reading messages from people i remember from st. peters primary in ailsa gardens and enjoyed even more looking through the old school photographs. i'm looking forward to visiting the site in
future and learning of more folks that i knew.

erin cook 21/Oct/2001:14:36:32

Wilthia Buckley 20/Oct/2001:15:16:12
MY sister told me about this page and i have really enjoyed looking through the old school photos saw faces and names i have not seen in a long time .I went to StPeters Ailsa Gardens Ardrossan.

Colin Duff 17/Oct/2001:12:46:54
i went to Gelncairn Primary 1970 - 1977 pleased!! to see our class photographs where there on your site LOL
all the best

Jim McIntosh 02/Oct/2001:22:31:57
Hi Hugh I think your page is really good . Born and bred in Ardrossan and spent most of my ( married ) life in Saltcoats I know what a three towner is. I have helped to produce a video called the threee towns history which the final version was not to my expectations. This video
is obtainable at the North Ayrshire Museum but if they charge you for it take them to court. Only Joking! I love the TOWNS

Valerie (Morrison) C 04/Oct/2001:00:01:43
Hi Hugh,
I am Val Morrison,daughter of your cousin George.I think this is a great website.I found my cousins email address on here.She is Lynda Morrison,she has been living in Australia for roughly 12years now.We have been in contact after 6years through your website.Thanks.

Maria Di Carlo 06/Oct/2001:20:35:59
We are trying to get in touch with as many people as possible for a reunion before we are too old and decrepit to travel etc! I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters who were brought up in Ardrossan and have many happy memories of there. (It aint half changed a lot recently? Busbie Drive where I used to live has a posh name of Strathclyde Terrace! and where did Kirkhall Drive go!! I must admit that it does look a bit nicer but not the same as I remember it.) Mario, Peter, Tony, Caterina and Vera are their names and I am still friends with Margaret Carpenter, Frances Tinney and Teresa Magee who has returned from living in London all her life, to live in Glasgow for a while. It would be great if anyone could get in touch, PLEASE. email me at

Hugh Cunningham 09/Oct/2001:15:02:56
Hello everybody and especially big hellos to Elizabeth Mitchell, Stephen McCabe, Mark Gallacher and Martin and Val Coleman. There's a new Yahoo group started for ex- St. Michael's pupils from 1968-74 (stmichaels1968to74) and any former pupils can join and check up on old pals. Mark, Martin and Val, I'll probably bump into you three in Safeways but Elizabeth and Stephen get in touch via my email.
Tara the noo Hugh

Catherine Drever 12/Oct/2001:01:02:31
I keep coming back to this wonderful site, hoping I might find  ancestors. At first I thought I was looking for a Mary Buchanan, but have recently found that I may be looking for a Mary Robertson, b 1836, Saltcoats. She married David Walker, Jan 18, 1861 in Ardrossan. Enjoyed the Butcher Shop, Hugh.
Regards, Catherine

Margaret Carpenter 12/Oct/2001:10:45:28
Great web site - I've really enjoyed looking at those old school photos. I attended St. Peter's Primary when it was in Ailsa Gardens (in fact I lived right next door to it at 13 Ailsa Gardens) then went to St. Michaels. I am still friendly with Frances Tinney and Maria Di Carlo and like them would like to get in touch with as many old school mates as possible with a view to a reunion - maybe in our 50th year. (2004)

J Evans 15/Oct/2001:05:22:27
Congratulations to Kilwinning resident Danny Kemp (Fullarton) on the pregancy of his mexican factory worker and live in lass in Houston Texas.

Frank Behan 23/Oct/2001:01:48:15
It has been very interesting reading the guest book and recognizing names from the past.
My name is Frank Behan. I was born in Saltcoats in 1947. My father was Frank Behan who worked at ICI in the work study group, and my mother was Kittie Behan(MacSween) who was born in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. I have three older sisters, Eleanor who is married to Michael McCann, son of the late Dr. McCann; Francine who emigrated to America in the early sixties, and Annette who married Willie Armstrong from Ardrossan. I attended Ardrossan Academy primary school and then Stevenston High School between 1961-1964. I was a dunce at school but pretty good at sports, playing football for the Stevenston school team. My buddies back then included Dougie Barber, Hunter Dempster, Charlie Meanagh, Tommy Walker, Jim Love, Colin Wilson and Jake Campbell,who was captain of the school football team and as fine a player as I saw in school football. I now live in Oakville, Ontario, just west of Toronto. I am sel

John MacPherson 25/Oct/2001:10:45:34
Known as Jake. Lived in Stevenston until 1971 when moved south.

Maureen Leighton 25/Oct/2001:20:31:17
An excellent web site,Ileft Saltcoats in 1976 and rarely have the opportunity to visit, now I can.

Grace (Morrison) Bou 26/Oct/2001:02:58:16
Just recently heard about this site. What a great source of information from the past. I am one of the seven Morrsions from Sannox Drive, Saltcoats. Went to St. Marys, St. Peters (for one year) and St. Michaels. Emigrated to Canada in 1972. Just viewed the reunion photograph at the Seamill Hydro, was amazed at the number of faces I recognized. I still have contact with some really good friends from my youth, had my own reunion here in Canada last year, it was awesome!! Thanks to Anne (Chalmers) Purdie for bringing them all to Canada. Anyone else out there remember me, I would love to hear from you. To Tim Reid, I still have a picture of you and Jim and myself at our first communion! To the recent influx from Saltcoats that attended Stephen Reid's (son of Angus and Kathleen Reid) wedding in Canada this month,
thanks for the fun and the memories, seeing all those Scottish men in dress kilts took my breath away and made me quite home sick. Thanks Hugh for creating this site,

Peter Bird 26/Oct/2001:20:22:30
Thought I would sign in again under the new format as my first message some time ago will be lost in the archives. It's graeat to see so many people getting in touch through the site and ther are many names from the past that keep cropping up. Keep up the good work Hugh and if
anyone cares to get in touch with me it will be good to here from them. Recently attended a Sporstmans Dinner in Masonic Hall and spent a good bit of the time with an Ardeer Thistle hero, TOMMY DUFFY, (he is still in the Guinnes Book of Records) of the late 50's and earlt 60's. By the way Jim Cochrane I don't remember Ardeer Rovers ever beating us!!!
regards Peter.

Anne Power (Gourlay) 27/Oct/2001:09:00:42
hi great web page. I came to NZ from Saltcoats in 1966.I attended Kyleshill, Saltcoats Public, and Auchinharvie School, leaving in 1951. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.I lived in Quay St,New England Rd, and Knox Place. I would especially like to hear from any of my old school friends, or dancing partners from the 'Town Hall', 'Ardeer  Rec','Castlecraigs' etc.
Regards Anne

Russell Dunbar 27/Oct/2001:13:21:52
What a season 1959 - 60 was for Thistle and Tommy Duffy - how many goals did he end up with, and which Largs Thistle players record did he surpass?? There's one (or two) for the Scottish quiz!! The Scottish semi-final at Firhill was unbelievable, 3 up at half time and cruisin' - and T Duffy had the opportunity just before half time to wrap it up - but, he didnae play to the whistle, thought he was offside, and gave the ball up!! Who was that team that then came out in the second half, scored three to equalise, and went on to win the replay on the following Wednesday ?? There's anither wan fur ye?? And lastly who beat that team in the final to win the Scottish??
All the best to all you fans.
Russell Dunbar.

jim cochrane 27/Oct/2001:13:26:25
For the attention of forgetful Peter Bird.... Oh yes we did. I can distinctly remember the celebrations afterwards, instead of all those usual commiserations. Maybe we'll get some confirmation from any ex-Ardeer Rovers or from some more St John's players with a better
memory than 'The Bird'.
Best regards,

jim cochrane 27/Oct/2001:13:29:28
For the attention of Russell Reid Dunbar.... It was Greenock Juniors and St Andrews United beat them in the final. Two-nuthin' I think.... And don't go callin' me a smartass!

Anne Power (Gourlay) 01/Nov/2001:21:43:25
I would like to contact friends Sadie, Bill and Barbarah Woodcock and family as I haven't a current address for them, also Mary and Tom Anderson, Francis and Rita Rae in Glasgow and Saltcoats. I would appreciate any photographs especially school pictures of Kyleshill, Saltcoats public and Auchenharvie between 1940 and 1952. Some names of my old friends are Margaret Atkinson, Ellen Farrell, Jean Cook, Margaret Sweeney, Moira Hamilton, Cathy Fullerton,Anne Marshall, Danny Gilmour, Sonny Gilmour, Drew Bell, Rinty Monaghan, Patsy Kiggins, Betty Mcloughan, Betty, Mary- Rose, Agnes and Patricia McAvoy. Also anyone of
my freinds can contact me at - - via Email or if anyone knows any of the people mentioned could you please let me know how to contact them or could you please let them know my E mail address. All of the names mentioned were all born in the 1930s or 1940s in Glasgow or Saltcoats, Scotland. Thank you, Hope to hear from someone soon. Ta- ta the noo. Anne

Maria Paterson 06/Nov/2001:22:39:57
Hi, came back to have another look, this site is getting better all the time. Still haven't found anyone who remembers my mum (Lilian Wilson) from the bottom end of Stevenston (about 1940 - 1950's). Please contact me if you do remember her, would love to have any old photos,
especialy school ones. Anyway I have an old St Peters one. Not sure the year or the names,
except my dad. But i will forward to you as soon as my dad remembers most of the names.
Anyone knows me, just send me a message through the guest book, would love to hear from you.

Bill Greer 13/Nov/2001:18:08:55
Hi my name is Bill(Wullie)Greer I lived in Quay Street Saltcoats until 1950. I went to Kyleshill School and then to Saltcoats Public leaving in 1951.I also lived at 15 Sannox Drive for a number of years. I left Saltcoats for London, Ontario,Canada in 1968.I would like to here from
anyone who may have known me in those days. my e-mail Address is Bill Greer.

Ian Middleton 14/Nov/2001:18:46:52
Used to pedal my bike from Irvine to Saltcoats often in the good weather. Will need to go back sometime for a look as I hear from relatives that still stay in Irvine that there have been many changes in the area.Great web site. Does anyone know of a web site for Irvine?

Mary Jane Swanwick 15/Nov/2001:11:46:24
I moved to Seamill in 1957 aged 10 as my father was contracted to work on the construction of Hunterston Power station.I attended St. Peter's Primary School, Ardrossan and later St. Michael's, Irvine,returning to London in 1961.The total culture shock and change in environment has never faded from my memory. They were four years of sheer freedom! I
went to Guides in West Kilbride. Names I remember are Pamela MacKay (with whom I am still in contact) Tom McGratton (contacted through websit) Betty Mclaughin,(Guides), Ian Crawford and David Butcher, (Seamill) Mary Teresa Monan, Mary Irvine and a few others. I am married to Mike, have three grown up children and three grandchildren. We live in a village in Essex.I have taught primary children for many years but now work part time as an optician's receptionist. I enjoy the open countryside, mountains and the sea---Scotland obviously made a strong impression! This is a wonderful web site! Keep it going!

David Miller 18/Nov/2001:22:24:13
Hi Folk's Does any body remember the West Scott's Choir, I have just found a book from my parents estate (Scottish orpheus 2). It was presented to Marjorie and William (Bill) Miller 1940"s. I visted Saltcoats and had the great pleasure of meeting my first blood relative Aunt Annie. Thanks to people from hear that helped. Particularly Richard Maxwell.
Cheers, David.

Jean Kelly 19/Nov/2001:00:11:19
Hi everyone,
I'm using the guest book in case the person I'm trying to contact doesn't get mail from the site. I have some information for the person who was looking for Evelyn Medine. I'm sure one of our members had a query out about her. Anyway, I was talking to her cousin last night and
have an e-mail address. She can give whoever it was, details of Evelyn's whereabouts. Jean

john millar 22/Nov/2001:19:16:27
Hi I am so glad I found this web site and group since, I have looking I have found a neighbor, a friend in australia, and a few other friends. I was born and raised in SALTCOATS attended Saltcoats public school graduated in 1958, I then attended ayrtech, when I lived in saltcoats,
I first remember living with my grandmother after the war at 15 glebe street, until we moved into the quonset huts off of dalry road, then we moved to 6 corrie crescent,my family imigrated to the USA in 1959, My father JACK was a bricklayer and my mother Catherine worked at ICI,My mothers family name Finnegan was from Stevenson, my fathers side was
from Saltcoats,I have two brothers Peter and Martin, if anyone knows of any one who knows my family or frinds please let them know where to reach me THANK YOU JOHN

Margaret Muir 24/Nov/2001:23:27:58
Hello my name is Margaret Muir (nee Sweeney) what a great site! I live in Stevenston went to St john's from 1959 to 1966 then to St Peters from 1966 1969. I am married to John Muir have two sons would like to hear from any body who rembers me from school days.

Patricia Bostock 24/Nov/2001:11:32:52
I have been tracing my family tree -&- have found my grandfather, Matthew Cargin was the son of James Cargen and Margaret Biggar who married 5 July, 1790 in Saltcoats, Ardrossan, Ayr. Margaret had two sisters, Elizabeth and Mary Biggar, -&- a brother James Biggar. Their parents are James Biggar and Mary Reside who married 22 March, 1764 in Killbride, Ardrossan, Ayr. Would these names be related to your Adam Biggar?

Jimmy McBlane 07/Dec/2001:01:51:37
Does any one remember the Stevenston Dummy? I thought he was a funny character, collecting empty bottles and scaring the local kids. Did'nt someone murder him?

Colin Morrison 09/Dec/2001:11:58:55
Hi I'm Colin, the son of Annie and David Morrison. We left Ardrossan in 1964 and emigrated to Melbourne, Australia. Would like to hear from anyone who knows of us I also have two sisters Catherine and Caroline. What a fab website!

John Blair 10/Dec/2001:09:42:13
Originally from Ardrossan. Left to see the world, still looking. Your site brought back a lot of memories. Keep up the good work. All the best JB

Antonia McIvor 15/Dec/2001:10:56:57
My daughter, Antonia, replied to Sarah Walsh from St Andrew's Academy but the mail was sent back as a 404 not found. If anyone knows her, would you let her know that there is a problem with her address and my daughter would like to get in touch, thanks! Her parents teach at the school I believe.

david macdonald 16/Dec/2001:19:33:35

FAY GRAY (BUCKLEY) 21/Dec/2001:18:27:43


CAROLINE CAMERON  23/Dec/2001:11:49:28
HI TO FAY GRAY ( BUCKLEY). You have the right family. What a surprise, I was blown away. I do remember climbing over the fence as the only scar I have on my body is from falling over the fence and my hand cought the barbed wire. What a memory you must have, we have
lived in Australia for 37 years. Colin rang me to tell me about this message. He is married with 3 children. I am married and have 5 children and Catherine has 3 children. Mum and Dad are both well. I would be grateful to hear more from you. Our e-mail is: I think it's wonderful to make contact after so many years.
Best regards, Caroline.

john mclelland 24/Dec/2001:12:04:13
Hello there folks,
My name is John Mclelland originally from Dalry Road Saltcoats. I have lived in Perth Western Australia since 1989,My Mum -&- Dad Doris -&- Willie moved down to Oxfordshire at about the same time with my brother james ( Toots ) -&- my sister Ruth.

Margaret Gourlay(McK 26/Dec/2001:09:15:23
I will try once more and hope someone replies to me. My last attempt brought many replies for my sisters and brother, but alas not for me. I attended Saltcoats Junior Secondary from 1950-54.School mates were: Kathleen Boyd, Dorothy Annis, Cecilia Mcgaw, and others equally important. I remember the monkey walk,on Sundays.The fair used to come to the Braes, and the show kids would attend school. Hope all of you have a fabulous Neerday, and Hugh this site gets better all the time. Best Wishes

Catherine Mihalec (N 27/Dec/2001:10:52:51
Hi to Ardrossan or should I say Scotlands Riviera. I lived in Central Ave, Daughter of David -&- Annie Morrison went to Winton/Eglinton -&-Stanley schools, Emigrated to Australia / Melbourne in 1964. Still in contact with Anne Woods (Nee McCrindle) my friend since childhood, we used to play with the Smiths, Donnely's and Bells from Stanley Road. Also still in contact with Frances Coller (Nee Bigham) from Queens Drive. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers us. I have a Brother Colin Morrison, and a Sister Caroline.

alana farrell   08/Jan/2002:09:57:28
I have lived in Saltcoats all my life, working in the Elms Bar have been for 9 years I have a son of 11, live with Mark Fleming and have a very happy life.

Tricia Jack (Moran)   10/Jan/2002:02:17:39
Hi to the three towns. I was born and brought up in Ardrossan. My parents are Joe and Mary Moran (Morrison). I went to St Peters Primary school from 1965-72 then St Andrews in Saltcoats from 72-78. I currently live in Cincinnati, Oh, USA. We have lived here for 16
years. I have 3 children 15,13 and 12. I would love to hear from anyone who knew me.

Wilma Moreland (nee     10/Jan/2002:19:08:31
Heard about this site from a friend, Jeanette Blair (nee McLaughlan) and think it is brilliant.Went to Winton(1955-60)and then Eglinton from 1961-62. Finally made it to Stanley in 1963-1965. Still in Saltcoats, happily married to Dick Moreland for the past 31 years and have two wonderful children Claire and Billy. My brother Philip has a few class photos, but unfortunately I don't see any from my era. if anyone has any it would be great to see them on the site. I will be checking more often now that I can work this computer!!! Thanks to everyone who helped set up this site and help me reminice. Wilma.

Cameron Wallace   11/Jan/2002:14:53:49
I would love to haer from anyone who played volleyball at Ardrossan Academy under Jim McKenna during the 19080's.

 Jacquie Macdonald    12/Jan/2002:01:05:38
I have some excellent school photos of my time in Winton Primary (seventies ). How or where do I send them to ?

Jason Hammond    13/Jan/2002:17:42:29
Having signed the guest book a while back, here's my e-mail address (and spiel) for newer visitors. From Stevenston, living in Qatar in the Middle East, son of Robert (Ninch) Hammond and Margaret Hammond (nee

ROBERT GRAYSTON    13/Jan/2002:18:01:10

Adrienne Dransman nee Bigham   17/Jan/2002:10:32:05
Have just found this great site. I was born in Ardrossan in Kilmahew street -&- lived in Queens Drive till 1969. Parents Frank and May Bigham, sisters Margaretann, Frances -&- Lorraine and brothers Colin and Craig. Live here in Aust. with husband Ralph(an aussie) -&- kids Kelly 24 and Marc 22. My cousins are Brian, June -&- Donna Bigham who were from Queens Drive too, and are here in Australia as well. Have just come back from a holiday in Ardrossan, and still consider myself a local girl. Have family still in Ardrossan, Saltcoats -&- Stevenson. Love the place -&- will be back. Recognised a few names, love the memories. Can't wait to go back. If my best friend Karen Wardrope(Byers)reads this I miss you heaps and hallo to everyone including "Big Al" Anyone who remembers me please get in touch

May Kerr nee Cook    17/Jan/2002:22:08:51
Bobby and I were married in Saltcoats North Parish Church 17th Oct.1964 Our Daughter Deborah was born Kilwinning 1st May 1967 We left for London Ont Canada in 1976. Would love to hear from any friends or relatives that we have lost touch with over the years

Richard Farquhar    26/Jan/2002:20:50:50
Stayed in Ardrossan until 1982 now living on Arran. Attended Winton Primary, Stanley Primary and Ardrossan Academy. Left in 1969 and work for Bank of Scotland. Brought up at 48 Kilmahew Street then 86 Lawson Drive. Also stayed at Seton Street and Munnoch Crescent.

Holly Deim   27/Jan/2002:06:23:14
Hello, I have ancestors from Saltcoats. I am looking for information about the Andrew Ritchie Born 14 November 1764, James Ritchie Born May 15 1807, or James Andreson Born 1764. If any of this sounds familiar or if you know anyone that might be of some help, please contact me. I appreciate your help.

Darren Partridge   31/Jan/2002:07:02:15
Hello Saltcoats. I was born and raised in Saltcoats. We moved to America in 1980 and left some great friends behind. I attended Argyle Primary in 1978-1979. My parents are George and Nancy. My sister is Amanda. I have lived in California and now Nevada and still think of
Saltcoats as home. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers myself or family.

Gay Walker   09/Feb/2002:13:51:29
I am seeking information on my great, great grandfather, Neil Campbell McKenzie, born in Saltcoats 3 Jan 1815. I will be visiting in the area this summer and look forward to seeing the places he lived before going to America in 1832. If anyone has any information, I would
appreciate hearing from them.

Ronnie Kelly   10/Feb/2002:03:03:23
Caught your web-site on my son-in-law's home on the Bruce Peninsula on the shores of Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. How astonishing to see my photo in the St. Mary's School football team taken after they won the Victoria Cup in l952. I remember the Final very well and I have a frozen recollection of the young boys in the picture. "Glory Days", indeed!

On the walls of this room where I am typing there are paintings, one of Dockhead Street and another of Saltcoats Harbour. Both were wedding presents to my daughter, Carolyn, who came to Canada with the family when she was two years old, in 1968. My career was in Secondary School teaching. I plan to be back in Saltcoats, this summer, 2002.

David Miller   11/Feb/2002:22:44:29
Hi all, Well I pasted an email on this site a couple of times last year. Since then I actually made it to Saltcoats. Looked up and found my very first blood relative Mrs A Wilson.
Typical warm and inviting Scot, she is a lovely Lady and her husband. Also found a photograph in the Bowling club of my Grandpa John Miller. Funny fealings,a beatufill town and with just 1/2 a day there, I felt a lot of history in the air. I will try and come again with the family, Best wishes from Melbourne, Australia.
David Miller

John Lundie   12/Feb/2002:08:44:14
Hello to all the Threetowner fans, a great page is it not. I must say that it gives me a great deal of pleasure each time I visit. Where are all of the Ardrossan Academy people that I went to school with? I have been in contact with some, so come on the rest of you make the effort
and send an E-mail. Hi also to Harry Oliver, I saw your little note Harry, drop me a line if you can. Thanks for a great page Hugh Mac, and hello to Ian and Christine Yuille, if either of you you read this page. ( they both are still in Ardrossan) and hello to any of the Lundies who
still live in Ardrossan. All the best to everyone.
John Lundie.

Louise Gallagher   15/Feb/2002:13:49:33
Great Site -
Would like to know of anyone with some info/photos on parents: Patrick Gallagher - Saltcoats - St Mary's school 1942-1949. Mary Frances Kavanagh - Originally Stevenston went to St Johns around 1949-1956. Sister Janette Kavanagh. Bridget/ Martin / Bernard / John / May Kavanagh all Stevenston also - (Grandparents etc - deceased in 1970's) Would appreciate it.

Jean Campbell (McBla    23/Feb/2002:12:09:33
I stayed in a prefab in Hayocks Road till I was nine then moved to Misk Knowes at the bottom end of Stevenston. My brothers Billy and John now live in Ardrossan and Kilwinning respectively but I now stay in Bath in the South West of England with my husband Billy Campbell, formerly of Kilwinning. I left Stevenston J S School in 1959. I was a member of the
school choir. This is the first time I have used this site, and it is good to hear of the few of you that I knew. There are none from my class, or from from pals I played with, so if any of you read this, get in touch.

andy mckee    24/Feb/2002:07:32:56
Frank,I am not sure if you remember me at stevenston high you should I was another one of those dunces,I havn,t been in the guestbook for a wee while,I also live in Canada just outside of Edmonton in a wee town called fort saskatchewan,I work with Shell canada,my son stephen lives in Toronto my other two boys live out here in Edmonton ones an engineer the other a teacher they must have got there brains from their mother. cheers frank .Andy.

Jeanne Bell    24/Feb/2002:13:19:27
Hello, my name is Jeanne and I am in NZ. My grandfather was born in Stevenston in 1894. His name was Robert Houston McAughtrie and he had 5 sisters (that I know of)three of whom were also born in Stevenston, at Greenhead (a farm)? after 1894. Their father was Thomas McAughtrie -&- mother Mary Houston. The family was still living in Stevenston at the time of the 1901 census. I am really keen to locate living McAughtrie relatives, I know that there must be heaps of them still around. I have lots of info and photos to share and would love to be
in contact with family. If anybody knows any McAughtrie or Houston family members, could you please ask them to contact me. Thank you very much. Jeanne Bell

P.S. I LOVE THIS SITE and visit often. Hoping to make more than a virtual visit soon!

E.Adamson   07/Mar/2002:17:44:41
Hi Folkes just found the threetowners a couple of months ago great stuff Hugh was not interested in the computer until now . My name was Eunice Anderson married to Ian Adamson from Saltcoats I worked in Murchies at winton st. Ian for Gibson bricklayer ,wondered if anybody remembered that far back we have been in Canada for the last 45 years
Toronto Would love to here from anyone who remembers us old folks all the best Eunice -&- Ian Adamson

ELIZABETH ANNE McMIC    11/Mar/2002:16:50:05
Hello Everyone,
Went to St Andrews Academy 1979-1983, stayed in Stevenston till got married, now in Kilwinning. Married Steven McMichael who went to Hayocks, Auchenharvie then moved to England. Great Website! Great to see the "old town" seen some relations along the way! Would be great to see more school photos of "our years" if anyone's got any. Passing this website onto sister-in-law, Andrea McMichael who is in one of the old photos! She'll love to see it I'm sure!!!

gilbert (gibby) Mont    11/Mar/2002:18:57:31
Hi to all would like to here from any one who remembers me from school. First time on site, nice to see the old school pic.

BETH BROWN    11/Mar/2002:19:53:22
Hi to all, any one who remembers me please get in touch ardrossan academy,1963.

Valerie Howie    12/Mar/2002:23:10:29
Hello to all who remember me. Left Auchenharvie A 1979. Amazed to see primary school pictures of me on site. BLAST FROM THE PAST.Been married now for nearly 23 years and have a twenty two year old son. WOW where did all that time go.Life is Fantastic. Will need to look out the old photo's. take care val x x x

Marilyn    30/Mar/2002:11:25:26
Hi threetowners..does anybody remember a family of Millers who left the area in the 1950's and went to live in Sydney?? The mother was Lizzie [nee Robertson]What about an Andrew Robertson born about 1920 in the Saltcoats area or Stevenston? Both families connected with
Robertsons Fish Shop and the Murray family. Andrews mother died young and he may have been bought up by other family

Andrew Mackay    01/Apr/2002:21:43:38
Hi, My name is Andrew Mackay, I was born and grew up in Ardrossan, lived in Princess St.and Rowanside Terrace.Attended Winton and Eglinton schools from about 1944 to 1955.
I left Scotland in 1961 for England. Emigrated to Canada in 1962,moved to California 1969 and lived near San Diego since then. Would very much like to hear from anyone from school or generally from the old days.

DAVE CARSWELL     02/Apr/2002:19:49:09
Hi everyone my father Robert was from Saltcoats (Glebe street)I was born in Irvine christened in Ardrossan but my family moved south while i was a small child I love to visit the 3 towns even though ive lived away nearly all my life ! Iam very proud of my Scottish roots -&- have
wonderfull memories of Ardrossan as a child(school holidays)I now live in Scunthorpe nth lincs be nice to hear from anyone who lives near me! Best wishes to all ! DAVE CARSWELL

Ian Clarkson    08/Apr/2002:20:49:52
I have just heard about the Kyleshill Reunion on 28th May, and looking for more info. I was there from 1952 till 1959, and my favourite teacher was Miss Kenyon. I was at Kyleshill when it was burned down and went to Auchenharvie. I now live in Irvine, but my roots are in Saltcoats.

Sharon Dishner    08/Apr/2002:23:10:51
I was born Sharon Cummings in Kilwinning, grew up in Stevenston. Attended Hayocks Primary until Primary 7 (Miss Cuthbertsons class), moved around 1976. After living in Kilmaurs, Irvine, and Hallglen, emigrated to the US. Have greatly enjoyed this website, all the photos and memories. Now live in Virginia, with my husband and two daughters. Would love to hear from some old schoolmates. 🙂

David de Mello      13/Apr/2002:04:48:00
I miss the three towns alot, except when I see the Temp at Prestwick. I'm living in Papua New Guinea at the moment, volunteering for the VSO, teaching kids how to be mechanics. The temp never goes below 28 degrees here, which sounds brilliant, but as human nature would have it! I wish I was somewhere colder sometimes. Just had a thought, If all us x saltconians went back home, I wonder how much bigger the place would be?

Helen Steel    14/Apr/2002:18:32:33
Hello anybody remember me. I went to Eglinton and Winton 1945-1955. I am now an East coaster living in North Berwick. I lived in London for over twenty five years and raised my family of four girls and a boy.I would love to hear from anyone who remembers the good old days. Has anybody got any old photos with me in them as I have not managed to keep any
from the past and my daughter could do with a good laugh.

Jane Woodman(Ramsay)    15/Apr/2002:18:25:19
I left Ardrossan Academy when I was 14 and moved to Brentwood, Essex. I was in the primary school and first two years of seniors before leaving. This is a super site.I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Still in touch with Louise Rorie and Elaine Robertson
(the year above). I remember all the old primary teachers Millar, Taylor,Reid,Christe, Connel,Gaul and Munro.

ROBERT GRAYSTON    17/Apr/2002:21:42:12

Dougie Brown   18/Apr/2002:23:35:01
I went to Hayocks primary school in 1970 and to Auchenharvie academy after that. I have been in Australia the last 20 years and it would be great to here from anyone who remembers me.

Barbara McGookin (ne  01/May/2002:19:19:49
Hi, I went to Saltcoats Old Public/ Kyleshill Primary 1965- 1969 - Argyle Primary, Saltcoats - 1970 and Auchenharvie Academy 1971 - 1976. Would love to be in touch with anyone who remembered me.

Barbara Gordon    01/May/2002:19:22:17
Hi, I went to Saltcoats Old Public/Kyleshill Primary, Saltcoats - 1965 - 1969, Argyle Primary - 1970 and Auchenharvie Academy 1971-1976. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

MIKE BRANTON    05/May/2002:15:08:25
Mike(mikey)Branton here,I went to St Johns Primary from 1965-1972 and St Andrews from 1974-1975 before moving to North Carolina,U.S.A. I would like to hear from anyone that remembers me. Thank you, Mike

Jackie Houston    14/May/2002:05:40:58
I attended St Andrews Academy from 1979 - 1983. I emigrated to Australia in 1983. I have three beautiful kids but still miss home terribly. If anyone can remember me from that time, I would love to hear from you. I was dating Ricky Scott also of Saltcoats at the time I left.  This is such a wonderful site, and I know that I will be logging onto it quite often from now on. Regards Jackie

RODERICK GRANT    16/May/2002:01:22:38
My Mum and Dad owned The Grant Arms on Boglemart St. in Stevenston in the early 1950's. Minnie and William Grant. My Grandmother(Mary Grant) had it before that when it was the Burn's Tavern. We moved to Windsor, England in 1958 and then to America in 1959. I attended Stevenston Primary from 1955 til 1958. My brother Alex is 5 years older and
started school in Ardrossan before moving to Stevenston. The only classmates names that I remember are Clark Frew and Wullie Brannan. I just discovered the threetowners sight tonight after being refered by my cousin in Ontario. I live near Lancaster, Pennsylvania and look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers us.

Terri Meadows    21/May/2002:20:38:33
I am the American daughter of a great man from Stevenston. I am just thoroughly enjoying this web page he passed along to me...what a wonderful way to get in touch with his roots! I will definitely be logging on here more. It's a wonderful thing you are doing----it's such a pleasure seeing him enjoy visiting with all of you and reminiscing over the pictures. Keep them coming! Although quite happy in the USA, I know he misses Scotland very much. Thank you!

james mckenzie    wee of the never never   30/May/2002:14:46:09
born in Ardrossan, parents " Big Guy Mckenzie" Mother may or MARY Crozier From Kilwinnig where as my Father used to say They Hung a Monkey for a German spy during the War {there could be some truth in that} as they still call the moon "The MIN" an doant go doon the mine daddy cos thirrz plenty coaal in the Bunker Wee lost a Wee brother Alistair tae THE CROUP! when he was only two Aye and wee still miss HIM. i have my loving Sister Jannette Smyth living in Ave.Central and all my wee papish loving family of same Nearly fifty of them Sisters Isobel ,May, My younger Brothers David, And younger Ian now Who has been living in Canada, in B.C. vancouver Island we first lived in Kilmahew street and yes we also lived happily in that Notorius KIRKHALL DRIVE Sorry Folks enough for now!!!!!!!!!!!!jim

Lorna McIlroy (Carra    12/Jun/2002:03:30:29
Fascinated to find your website and the text from my grandfather (P. charles carragher) regarding Saltcoats. My father emigrated to Australia in the 1920's. I have been collecting the publications of my grandfather and was pleased that he was recognised in this way. Would
love to hear from anyone with any information on my family and their association with the area. Lorna

Marilyn Cumming(Newa    13/Jun/2002:01:19:17
I attended Stevenston High School until 1966. I married Jack Cumming and we emigrated to Canada in 1978. We now live in Burlington, Ontario and have a son and a daughter. I worked at the Bank of Scotland at the Ardeer Factory and Ardrossan offices from 1966 until 1975. Does anyone remember me?

Jack Cumming    13/Jun/2002:01:22:55
I attended Stevenston High until 1965 and then Ardrossan Academy until 1967. I played rugby at A.A. I married Marilyn Newall and we now live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. We have a son and a daughter. I worked for Strathclyde University and then N.C.R. in Glasgow before
emigrating. Does anyone remember me?

Marilyn Newall(Cummi    13/Jun/2002:01:37:47
Oops! Just realized that my maiden name does not show fully on the guestbook. When I attended Stevenston High I was Marilyn Newall.

Nancy McCombe    19/Jun/2002:13:10:31
Hi, Nancy McCombe nee Hillen,just returned from Stevenston after a 2 week break, went to celebrate our folks Diamond Wedding BOB -&- FLORA McCOMBE was a great doo at the Lauriston. We came to S.A. 20 years ago with our 3 sons ROBERT, SCOTT -&- STEPHEN lived at the bottom end Trelawney Terr,anyone remember us??

Jim McCreadie     22/Jun/2002:14:35:20
Hi all you 3T expats. I arrived back in WA from Saltcoats at the end of April 2002. The towns have not changed all that much. That said, I noticed the harbour at Saltcoats was empty of boats and where the bowling alley once stood a new cinema complex was being developed. The old swimming pool has vanished and in its place now stands a childrens playground. Even on a wet, windy evening, it's still a sight to behold the sunset over Arran.

Marion(Marie) Findlay    27/Jun/2002:05:07:19
Hello I have recently returned to live in Ardrossan after leaving in 1962 to live in Stevenston then England and Argyll. I left Eglinton school in 1958. I have been visiting Australia for a couple of years and been in touch with quite a few threetowners who live near Melbourne.
I would love to hear from old school friends. I lived in Beggs Terrace.
Regards, Marie Findlay

Fiona Lyon    30/Jun/2002:18:51:46
Log on every week now in Saudi Arabia after finding out about this site from sons Duncan in Riyadh and Gordon in New Hampshire USA. Husband Duncan is an avid reader of this site too. Wonderful way to keep in touch about home events. Thanks a million.

Ernest George Ford    07/Jul/2002:13:57:03
My mother Flora Barr Benson lived at 62 Morris Moodie Avenue Stevenston Ayrshire Scotland and was born July 11,1901.Any information concerning her especially photographs when she was young would be greatly appreciated.Thanking you in advance.

Thomas Kennedy   11/Jul/2002:15:42:33
Hi, Saltcoats had a major impact on my young life. Raised in the Glasgow slums, our escape was Saltcoats. My parents retired there in 1946. I have written a book 'Glasgow Remmebered' Several chapters are devoted to Saltcoats. If anyone would like, I will send them the full
manuscript of book, detailing how much Saltcoats affected my life. My email is:

Rhonda Bailey(Smith)    12/Jul/2002:12:46:44
My mother was from Stevenston (Ardoch Cresent)Her name was Jean McCandless. She married Jim Smith and they lived in Irvine before we came to Australia. My mum Died some years back and I have lost touch with my relatives on her side of family some who still live in area. Her sister Nellie Miller last address was Burbank Road, brother Eddie and his wife Ella. Maybe someone has some info for me about these or any other relatives.

Tom(Tommy) Newall    28/Jul/2002:00:36:54
Hi. Went to Stevenston High School till '68, then Ardrossan Academy till ??   Now living in Mississauga, Ontario. Divorced. Used to play drums for a couple of groups. Does anyone out there remember me??

Trevor O'Rourke     01/Aug/2002:20:27:08
I was brought up in Saltcoats and have lived in British Columbia Canada since 1980. I have made several trips back home the last being Dec2000/Jan2001, it is good to see that the threetowns are doing well. I had a great childhood in Saltcoats and in later years played in
sevaral rock band's including the Vacation and The Power of Tabby Glum. I hope to make another trip fairly soon to see my friends and family. I will also be attempting to track down some old friends, so if any of you read this pls let me know.

Robert Eyers    10/Aug/2002:05:01:02
Hello all you great people,this website is a find and Hugh this is a piece of genius,great source of local info and linking people with the past. Well its been a long haul and we've put in the miles but we're still here where are all my old class mates come on out of the woodwork
we need to chat and catch up. Best wishes Robert Eyers.

john petrie    10/Aug/2002:20:56:59
Hi all. I went to St Peters in my primary years -&- St Michaels in secondary from 1968 to 1972.I would like to here from any old school mates or any playing collegues on my football travels mainly Ardrossan Castle Rovers/Ardrossan Winton Rovers. Wonderful site which I was put on to by Mark Gallacher.  Bye for now!! John Petrie

Sandra Haley    17/Aug/2002:18:55:58
Hello everyone. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, and I am looking for information about some of my ancestors from Saltcoats. My greatgrandmother was Catherine Mary Higgins, daughter of Terrence Higgins and Catherine O'Hara. Some of her siblings were: Mary (who married Harry Malloy), Nellie, Susan, Will and Dan. Catherine Higgins was born on July 17, 1879 and was christened in St. Mary's Catholic Church. I believe several descendants of those mentioned above still live in Saltcoats and I would love to make contact with some of them. I believe some of them live Union Street and Canal Street. Hope to hear from you.

Elizabeth Baird Bell    19/Aug/2002:00:54:27
Hello, I was born in Saltcoats in 1941, to Adam and Ina Bell (Campbell). We lived on Parkend Rd in Saltcoats until 1949 when they built new houses on Mayfield Rd, we moved to #12. I lived there until 1960 when I moved to the states. My aunt lived next door they're family name was Mitchell. My brothers name was William Bell, he joined the Navy and went to Australia. I went to Kylshill School and then the Public School. If anyone remembers me or anyone in my family please contact me, I'd love to hear from you.