Jim Dickie

Jim Dickie
Born Saltcoats 1945

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Personal Recollections ~ Saltcoats

In the early 1950’s I lived in Quay Street, Saltcoats. Our house was above the Harbour Bar, which was on the corner of Quay and Harbour Streets. My bedroom window faced onto the "Braes." I can remember the big trucks carrying the dodgem cars, swings and all the amusements belonging to "The Fair." There was great excitement from all the children, seeing the trucks coming along Countess Street, Quay Street and around Hurst Place, which was situated near the slipway to Saltcoats Harbour. I lived there from age 4 to 6 ½ years of age.

After being put to bed, I would jump up and sit at the window, looking over at the "The Braes", listening to the music and watching all the twinkling lights. On going to Saltcoats Primary School, we (Anne & Jim Tennant, Sandy Thomson, Ian Garvin and myself) would go through "The Fair" and gaze at the "Fair Folks" beautifully decorated caravans. Many a night I went to sleep with the jingles ringing in my ears.

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As we lived one flight of stairs up, the wives of a family had one job to do once a week, clean and wash the stairs. This involved sweeping and washing the stairs with a bucket of water, soap and a scrubbing bush. Each family took turns to clean the stairs and heaven help any housewife who did not clean the stairs properly. Many a women’s reputation was tarnished because she did not clean the stairs as good as the others. After that we moved to the "Prefabs" which was a bungalow type house.

From Quay St we moved to Ailsa Cres "The Prefabs" as they were affectionately known. They were fully detached cottages, separate toilet and bathroom, which was unheard of then. They were a lovely little home. "The Prefabs" were situated between the High Road, Dalry Road and the fields separating Saltcoats from Stevenston. I remember having my 9th Birthday there.

We then moved to Kilmory Road, brand new house. For my Mum and Dad it was a dream come true, a new council house. Mum and Dad then had to get the garden into shape. As we lived in a cul de sac, right on the corner, we and our next door neighbour Tommy and Margaret Gough, had the largest gardens. My parents spent many hours and many years cultivating a variety of vegetables.

I lived there till I got married in 1968.

Wonderful Memories.

Jimmy Dickie ~ Australia