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In the early days of the internet, website guestbooks were popular. They were as you will see, a way for folks to announce their web presence and an aid for seeking out old friends - perhaps you'll recognise those who have made entries. A follow on from this is our expatriates page

hugh.mccallum@... 03 April 2000
This is the first entry in threetowners Guest Book. I enjoyed putting together these pages and although it's been time consuming it's been a learning experience that I've enjoyed immensely. I hope you can gain as much enjoyment from these pages as I have gained in constructing them. Hugh McCallum Melbourne, Australia.

MLove34513@...  03 Apr 2000
Hi List, I'm Bill love from Fla. My family came to Stevenston from Kilwinning in 1776, and my direct line left in 1867. I am the GGG-grandson of the Poet and Songwriter Francis Love. I have never been to the 3-Towns, but by reading the comments I feel as if I know it well. Hope to get there within the next few years. Keep up the good work. Bill Love

salgeo@...   03 Apr 2000
Hi Hugh, Web site looks great. Lot of work though! I wish you well with it, and hope we catch up with a lot of old and friends. We love the Old Herald files. Sally O xx

tdenny@...   04 Apr 2000
isabella Park Kerr was born in Ardrossan, Ayr, Scotland, 16 Aug 1874. She married Robert Rigby born in Springburn, Lanark, Scotland, 8 Oct 1872. Children of this couple were: Janet (Jeanette) Hunter b. 1901 d. 1992 Georgina Thompson b. 1903 d. 1964 [my wife's mother] Isabella Park Kerr b. 1905 d. 1996 Martha b. 1907 d. 1972 Catherine K. b. 1909 d. 1996 John b. 1912 Robert b. 1914 d. 1990 All the girls were born in Scotland; the boys in the USA. Therefore family must have emigrated between 1909 and 1912. Am trying to trace this family backwards. Any helpful hints greatly appreciated. Tom Denny

billdickie@...  04 Apr 2000
Hi Hugh,
Nice site, a lot of work went into it, good stuff, it was nice to look at the old familiar places, and know what you are talking about, i have forwarded this site to a few of my friends so you might here from them as well, In fact i will be going back at the end of May 2000, after an absence of a few years, if i can send you any info let me know.

george.smith@...  04 Apr 2000
Hello Hugh, Thanks for the Email pointing me to the three town website. Great idea. I'm going to Saltcoats the week before Easter. I'll give you a small summary on my return. Keep the site going, it's brilliant.

rueggan@...  10 May 2000
Hello Hugh, Your site was advertised in this evenings Herald; I decided to check it out and I am glad that I did, It was very interesting and informative. Keep up the good work, I am from Saltcoats so I will give you a wee update concerning the pavilion, it's been demolished :)....There is going to be a cinema complex built on the site in the near future. Bye for now & I will enjoy visiting your site often. Carol.

reid_shirley@...  11 May 2000
Hi Hugh,
Excellent site (but then I would say that being from Stevenston myself) Keep up the good work

mcgrattan@...   11 May 2000
Hello Hugh, Saw your letter in this weeks HERALD. Excellent site My interest is Local History (Ardrossan. Born (1948) and brought up here. I have lots of information on "LAIRDS ISLE" in fact I named my house such 19 years ago. Will keep in touch
Regards Tom McGrattan

mob464991@...  11 May 2000
Hi Hugh,
A wonderful site! I found out much about the three towns and I COME FROM SALTCOATS. Perhaps when we live here, we don't appreciate the ex. pats. pride in the place. If I can do anything to assist yourself or other visitors to the site, please contact. Margaret O'Brien (Nee Pentleton)

gcrawfrd@...   12 May 2000
I live in South Africa, and I am trying to find out about my ancestors from Saltcoats. All that I know is that my granfathers name was Thomas Crawford, and he lived at number 15 Raise Street in Saltcoats. I would realy like to hear from anybody who could possibly help me in my search for my early relatives. Living in South Africa has its disadvantages when trying to find information overseas. Any help appreciated. Thank you very much Gregory John Pringle Crawford

Richdarr@...   12 May 2000
Richard Darroch married to Margaret Crawford Orr my parents were Richard Darroch and Margaret Gilmour; Margaret's parents were Crawford Orr and Margaret Cochran Bain. we moved to Motherwell in 1993 and Margaret's sister and her family moved there soon after. We are now in Aberseenshire and they remain oin Motherwell.I think that this web page is a very good idea.

grizwald@...    13 May 2000
Hi! Good day from Sunny Saltcoats ( honestly it is sunny here ) Any way I can help anybody with things about Saltcoats and possibly Stevenston then just let me know. Lots of changes in the old area. Sandra

GeorgeMcGrattan@...   13 May 2000
I read about the Three Towns website in yesterday's Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald. I was very impressed when I logged on. I will send you some information later. Keep up the good work.George McGrattan

lynda@...    14 May 2000
Hi Uncle Hugh, I must congratulate you on a terrific site. It's great to be able to hear from people all over the world who are from the threetowns. Keep up the good work. Lynda

les357@...   17 May 2000
hi hugh its brenda here im your neice please e-mail me at les i bet you are surprised to hear from me .My mum and dad are asking for everyone, David is also here .Write soon or Email soon. brenda mcintyre your favorite haha

David@...  18 May 2000
Nice pages Hugh! Lots of very interesting stuff indeed. I've included a link on my own homepage, hope thats ok. Maybe you could visit Kilwinkieland too.
Best Wishes David Murray

stevely_peg@...  20 May 2000
My beloved Da was born in Saltcoats. He was about 14 when the family emigrated to the US in the thirties. They settled in New Jersey. His father's name was Alex and his mother was Annie. I would like to visit his birthplace, Saltcoats, one day soon. I may have more family over there. Would love to find out anything I can about the Stevelys and Saltcoats..

paula.reid@...   20 May 2000
Hi, Hugh: I have just spent the last 2 hours in a trip down memory lane....what a thrill to read names of people I knew and to revisit the old haunts. Great job! I live in Canada, originally from Saltcoats.  Marie

salty-the-pirate@...    20 May 2000
Hi! I'm Salty the pirate, something of an incomer I am, I've only recently arrived in Saltcoats. I arrived here by a magical journey through the inspiration and imagination of my creators. They are a group of people who firmly believe that Saltcoats can once again be a vibrant, thriving community in a busy and lively town. Steeped in history and proud of it, it seems a great shame that we can allow this to continue so please do your bit. Even from the other side of the world Hugh has managed to create a stir throughout the the www with a well thought out approach to an old problem within this new medium. Very well done and if there is anything I can do just email as shown and I'll do what I can. Salty the Pirate

mcreadie@...   24 May 2000
Haw Hugh Jim McCreadie back on-line again. Visited the 3 towns about 15 months ago and, considering I've been in Western Australia some 27 years, it seems I never left. Several times I had to hold back tears recalling boyhood adventures. For example, diving off the tower into the gap at the Inner Nebbock, "sojjers" on Castle Hill or hunting swan eggs on the Auchenharvie swamp (gone now though). Found your site again and believe it to be one of the best of it's kind. My best wishes to you and your family. Jimmy

tmehana@...   24 May 2000
Your site has the most specific information I have yet found on Dalry.Robert Dickie and Mary Patrick came from Dalry, bearing their first child (my gr-grandfather) in southern Illinois in 1859. Robert died suddenly in 1870 at age 38 while scouting a local forest for appropriate wood for his wagon making business. So far I don't know when they emigrated or what other family members they may have accompanied. There was a woman, Rebecca, age 66, censed in their home in June 1870.
There were a great many Scots and Welshmen in Macoupin County, Illinois in the decade preceding our Civil War. Several Dickie families appear in the area from 1840. The land had recently become available for settlement, timber was abundant, and coal had been discovered there.
I am: Mrs. Tirrill Leslie Mehana in (occasionally) sunny Los Angeles searching Scots/Ulsterites: o/;^}~ Dickie, Gregg, Leslie, McCully, Moodie, Smyth, Stuart and also: `/:^)) Foust, Klinefelter, Oakes, Porter, Smith, Tirrill/Tirrell A RootsWeb Sponsor

JScott6060@...    26 May 2000
Congratulations on building such a good site. Very interesting and the link to Ardrossan Academy prompted me to E-mail a guy,now emigrated,who was in same year in the '60's.Well done!

jamesbarr50@...    03 Jun 2000
i am 53 years old and stay in saltcoats and would be only to happy to let expatriates know about all the changes in the town and would be happy to do local research for anyone (time permiting) james barr.

mcguire@...    07 Jun 2000
Thank God! I have been searching the web for ages trying to find a 'page' about (especially) Saltcoats. Now I have found it. I would like to hear if there are other members from Saltcoats who can especially remember the 'Glad Fifties' and the 'Monkey Walk'I moved to Saltcoats at the beginning of the fifties and left to join the army abou 1963 since then I haven't been back but woul dearly hear from anyone who might remember me!!Although I have lived in Denmark for the past 30 years I still regard Saltcoats as my home. Regards Tony (Anthony) McGuire formerly of Raise Street Saltcoats

ginger34@...    10 Jun 2000
I live in Kilbirnie but my Ballanti(y)ne rellys came from Stevenston, mainly. I have "Trees" for Ballanti(y)nes of Stevenston which I would share with any interested, only wishing to add info to these trees in exchange. I think the Threetowners web site is great and hope it continues to grow. Agnes Harris.

nordby@...    11 Jun 2000
Thank you Hugh for directing me to this site. It has given me even a greater insite into where my roots are. I have been researching my g.grandparents, CHRISTINA LOVE & WILLIAM LOGAN B.1849 M.1872 STEVENSTON. I am a first generation Canadian, and have heard so many great stories during my lifetime about this wonderful area of Aryshire. Thanks again for the message on the article concerning FRANCIS LOVE. I will forward info on your site to other family members here. Regards, Linda Nordby

sandglow@...    12 Jun 2000
Hello everyone, My name is Sandra Glover, now staying imn Auchinstarry but from Ardrossan, where my parents, Tom and Margaret Rout, still stay. I really enjoy the three towners, a bit of news fresh from home in my own living room. Keep up the good work, and if anyone knows me who would like to contact me , feel free.

alanbuchanan@...    12 Jun 2000
my father william buchanan was born in saltcoats on 14 december 1898, gruduated from Glasgow university about 1921 with in chemistry, worked in natal, south africa in sugar industry, married grace anne mc dougall in durban, had two chldren, alan & rosemary. I would like to hear from anyone who knew my family. dad's brother george was a dentist in saltcoats. another brother ritchie was in the sugar industry at spalding.

mirandapod@...    14 Jun 2000
Hi Hugh, you have made a very interesting site, I live in Saltcoats and can remember when some of my friends left to go and stay in America also to Canada,my grandmother was one of the first people to move into a new house in New England road and the bus used to turn of at the cross roads to go to the stands in Ardrossan, I have lots of good memories and I know lots of people, I will be happy to help with anything. Agnes.

scapolo.dean@...    14 Jun 2000
Good site, finally found a connection to my LAMBIE line!!!! Thank you!!!!! Any chance of getting a pic of Steveston Railway Station?

pablito@...    15 Jun 2000
What a wonderful site and a really great idea. I originate from Saltcoats and have lived in South Africa for the past eighteen years. Hugh, I have found my long lost cousin James MacCreadie as a result of this site. I also see Alan Buchanan beat me to it. I met him for the first time only last week by chance, and told him about this site. I would like to hear from any long lost friends out there, especially those who went to St Michael's Academy in the Seventies. Here's hoping your site goes from strength to strength. Kindest regards,Paul Dorrian South Africa.

dbain@...    15 Jun 2000
Hi Ya everyone,
My name is Dean Bain and my father is Ian Bain (Born: 07/10/45) of Saltcoats, and my mother is Isabella Curlett (19/12/45) of Stevenston. I also have one brother Scott Fraser Bain (Born 04/04/75). My fathers mother is Isabella Morrison and his father is Hugh. My mothers mum is Isabella Hamilton and her father is Joe. Love the website and canny wait to see the three towns on Wednesday, when I will be flying back over fae Nashville, Tennessee where i now reside. Thats all for now, just wanted to get my families name on the web for contact purposes. If any of oor pals see this the please drop us a wee line or write us a letter, I would like to know as much as possible about my family and our history:
27107 Clocktower Dr. Franklin, TN 37067 USA
Cheerio and again Hugh great website.
Dean Bain

jrdksmci@...    17 Jun 2000
Enjoyed your site, Hugh. I see you have a Ryan connection. I also have connections to Ryans from Stirling. I have postcards written to my GGrandmother (Catherine (Ryan) McIntosh)from people in Saltcoats about 1905 before she came out to NZ. Info on site below. Cheers John McIntosh

david@...    19 Jun 2000
HI, My name is David Young. I now live in London but have fond memories of Saltcoats, which I visit once or twice a year. Was very pleased to hear that the Sea Queen Celebration is being re started. I was in that on three occasions from 1952. Who remembers the rehearsals of Mr Wiliam Latta. I shall be in Scotland soon and hope to catch the Sea Queen celebrations. Thank you for this most interesting site.

truffles20@...    19 Jun 2000
Hi my name is nancy barr nee(Monaghan)Istay in Saltcoats was born and brought up in blakely road I have 4 Brothers and 4 sisters i went to st mary's school then st peters.compliments on a great site hugh.
nancy barr.

tom.p@...   25 Jun 2000
Hi, I am writing on behalf on my father William or Wullie Paton. He was a bricklayer to trade and latterly before his retirement he was a site agent working with companies such as Loudon's He was employed all over , at Oban,Saltcoats High Road,Castlepark (Irvine) Anybody out there in Australia know him? or in any other part of the world for that matter? He was a pupil at Kyleshill. He is in his seventies at present. Drop me a line he'll be glad to hear from you !

sharon.cunningham@...    23 Jun 2000
Hi; I have found quite a few long lost relations from Ayr, (Galston,Loudoun,Stewarton,)The Boyd family from Galston are the main ones but also trying to find information on & the Shaw family -Robert & Mary (WATT)Shaw & daughter Janet Shaw born 14 Feb. 1811. Any info. on these people would be appreciate. Regards Sharon C. GUELPH,ONT.CDA

tom.p@...   25 Jun 2000
lovely web site showing and clearly telling so much about the area where I still stay. My name is Tom Paton .I am 48 years old and attended Saltcoats Public School (Argyle Road), then moved on to rhe new school in Jack's road, then passed my "eleven plus" (Mr Bryson headmaster) and moved to Ardrossan Academy I was employed for 24 years at ICI Ardeer in the central workshops. I now stay in Kilwinning.

jennifer.wilson@...   25 Jun 2000
This page is just great, it has so much information on it! My connection with Stevenston is through my husband's family. Nathan Wilson, the son of Adam & Margaret Wilson, neé Love, moved to Hampshire in 1878. He is my husband's great grandfather. Francis Love the poet is also his 3 X great grandfather. We made it to Stevenston last summer which really helped with a better feeling for the family and the town. We would love to hear from anyone who think they may be connected to our line. Jenny Wilson

peter.smyth@...   02 Jul 2000
At last a site about the greatest 3toons in the world. Well done and keep up the good work.

dave.park@...    02 Jul 2000
Hello Hugh, I am David Scott Park, from Stevenston initially, my family moved to USA in 1953. My first trip back to the 3- town and the U.K. last month was great. My wife Donna had hooked up to your site when looking for information about our trip. Love the site, loads of information, the pictures are even more effective after have been there.

edmonds@...    03 Jul 2000
Hi! Both my wife and myself hail from Stevenston and Saltcoats respectively. Kathleen (Duffy) worked in the ICI Nylon Plant until she left for Australia with the rest of her family in 1971. I , Jack Edmond, had already emigrated to Australia in 1959. We are now both married and reside in Perth Western Australia. Kathleen went to Stevenston Higher Grade School and Jack went to Jacks Road Primary in Saltcoats. If there is anyone out there that knows us or wants to say hello. HELLO!

bonnieview@...    03 Jul 2000
Hello: What a wonderful website. My Dad was born in Saltcoats in 1900 - Samuel Findlay Bell. He was the oldest of 16 children of John Bell (b.1879 in Stevenston) and Jessie (Kerr) Bell (b.1882 in Saltcoats) and I would love to hear from someone in this family. Of the 16 children, my Dad came to Canada in 1923, some others did as well. And to Australia went Francis and Adam Bell. Now at last I can see pictures of the towns I heard so much about. Bonnie

george.smith@...    06 Jul 2000
Hello again Hugh I said I was visiting Saltcoats just before Easter. Well! I did and it was wonderful. Amazingly, the sun was shining most of the time. I stayed at the Bay hotel on the seafront opposite the site of the old swimming pool, nice hotel. I visited as many old childhood haunts as I could, my wife was a bit bored. My mother, (Barabara Gray) old hairdressing shop is still in Hamilton Street, although it is no longer a hair salon and the rail tracks at Ardrossan harbour where my Grandfather William Gray) drove his steam engine are no longer there. Anyway, I greatly enjoyed my visit and hope it's not too long before I go back.
George Smith

isabel isa_riviere@...    05 July 2000
my name is isabella riviere(monaghan)ilive in b c canada i used to live in blakley road saltcoats today i arrived back home to spend some time with my family i have many relatives around thiss area some on my fathers side and some on my mums side if anyone knows me if you would like to e mail i would love to hear from you

mildred73@...    06 Jul 2000
hi, i am married 18yrs, i have three children, they are really young adults now.i work in saltcoats in springvale nursery school, i live in stevenston, and i am interested in gardening and keep fit.

mildred73@...    06 Jul 2000
i have enjoyed reading all the things that people have written about, and i even managed to scan a photograph of saltcoats vics to margaret lyons. my husband changes us to lineone and now i dont know how toget onto the site where people are asking about the threetowns,can you help me , i miss the site very much.

mcreadie@...    07 Jul 2000
Haw again Shuggy. I see my wee cousin, Paul Dorrian, has submitted. Thanks for both your emails. I return to the site fortnightly just to catch up on any news and new members. Keep up the good work. Jim McCreadie

w.ingram@...    08 Jul 2000
Great web site.My name is Wullie (Linden)Ingram from Saltcoats I Married Margaret Priest from Ardrossan.I was educated at saltcoats and worked in the detonator Ardeer for 18 years before it closed,I was transferred to I.C.I Acrylics in Darwen (Blackburn.Lancashire) 4 years ago. My family and wifes family still live in the Ardrossan/Saltcoats area. Its good to log on to the three toon site.

cadden@...    10 Jul 2000
Dear Mr.McCallum, I saw a note of your involment with stamping visas at Melbourne Airpot, and where you mentioned a favorite was Weary Dunlop. Sir Edward and I were very good friends, and I think he would have been delighted at your comment and feelings of kindness to him.Warmest regards,[Sir] Richard Cadden. Sandringham Melbourne.

alanbuchanan@...    10 Jul 2000
Greetings from South Africa. By an incredible coincidence I met Paul Dorian from Saltcoats, right here thousands of miles from our roots! He told me about your website and I have so enjoyed visiting it. My father was William Buchanan, born in Saltcoats in 1898, educated at Ardrossan Academy Higher Grade Public School(Head Master John W Butters, M.A. BSc),and Glasgow University where he obtained his BSc. in 1924. My uncles were George (who had his dental surgery at "Methven" in Argyle Road and who used to fill Paul Dorian's teeth!) and Ritchie who, like my father was a sugar chemist. My aunt was Emily. This incredible chance meeting with Paul and your great website has brought back wonderful childhood memories and a resolve to see the Three Towns again. With best wishes, Alan Buchanan.

MARTMCGI@...    10 Jul 2000
hi hew martin mcginn here I met bobby he got the school photos he sends his regards sorry im new to this game i tried just to let bobby know about you wee ronny was telling me about you and his holidays with you had a great time with you see you martin bye

11 Jul 2000
Hi Hugh, Thanks for your e-mail.As a result I visited your site. Whow! I learnt more about the area of my birth in 10minutes than I ever knew living there for 50 years. About 3 weeks ago I had a strange dream. I dreamt I was back in Dippin Place kicking a ball about with my nextdoor neighbour Jim Mc Creadie. The next day, by chance,I came across the Irvine Herald website. There in the ex-pats section was Jims e-mail address. SPOOKY! Anyway I gave Jim a call and now you lot turn up.DOUBLE SPOOKY! What a brilliant site.I am very happy living here in Northamptonshire in a sleepy wee village but nostalgia just gets in the way.Thanks to you I can still drool about a "Reid`fish supper" from Boglemart St. Amazingly I recognized almost all of your correspondents,no wonder they live abroad! To Alan Buchanan I would like to say that I remember his uncle well.He was a colleague,friend, and patient of mine-a dear,kind,caring man- a tribute to the dental profession. Again thank you Hugh, your efforts are greatly appreciated. Regards, Jim

Brian Brayford   05/Jan/2001:22:40:56
St.Johns,St. Michaels(1960-1966)--happy days!!!Great site well worth the visit.Look forward to hearing from fellow expatriates.Now living in Penarth ,South Wales.

Drew Gillespie   05/Jan/2001:22:30:25
Good site well done. I have been looking for something like this for a while for my mother. My mothers name is Babs Armour (now gillespie) and she went to Saltcoats Public School 1939-1949 appx She worked in Macleans the chemists in Dockhead Street Saltcoats and remembers Moira Lafferty and Jenny Matheson well.She would love to hear from, or any news of, her old pals. My uncle is Billy Armour, now lives in Sunderland and went to Ardrossan Academy around the same time. I lived in Ardrossan up to 19 70 and was at the Academy all my school life until we all moved down to Southport England. Only about 200 miles but it felt like emigrating at the time! Keep up the good work. Many Thanks

Billy Lamb   05/Jan/2001:20:22:03
Great Site, found a couple of people I have lost touch with.

Mr Coulter   08/Jan/2001:21:08:28
's toigh leam an larach. Bha e uabhasach inntineach. Tha mi a Ardrossan ach tha mi a' fuireach anns an Eilean Sgitheanach an-drasda. A bheil Gaidhlig aig duine sam bith?
Great site, very interesting? I am from Ardrossan but living in the Island of Skye now after spending my University years in Glasgow. Does anyone in Ardrossan have Gaelic and if anyone knows of there being a history of Gaelic in the town I would be very interested in finding out more info.
Cheers an-drasda, P. Coulter

Cath Mackie   10/Jan/2001:21:00:06
My niece in Texas introduced me to this web site and I have found it absolutely terrific. Your inquiries for your Mother brought back many memories. I knew your Grandmother and your Grandfather very well. Your Grandmother was married to my cousin Bill Armour, and when your Mother was just an infant I used to take her for walks in her pram. We emigrated to Canada in 1955 and though well settled, will always think of Scotland as 'home'. Sorry I can't help you find your Mum's friends, and hope you have had some success by now. All the best to you, your Mum and your uncle Billy.[I knew him too.] Cath. Mackie (Formally Cath. Stewart, Saltcoats.)

Margaret Brayford   12/Jan/2001:16:40:56
I see my big brother beat me to it - I just had to say that this web site is terrific - the address was sent to me by Morag (Rogers)Black, who lives in California - we were at St. John's Primary and St. Michael's Academy together - I live in Italy with my husband and three children - and I can't begin to tell you what pleasure I have reading the mail and all the information included here. Keep up the good work - as you see there is something rather magic about this site!

Tony Scott   13/Jan/2001:15:42:33
I am researching my family tree and found some interesting information on your web site. I am originaly from Saltcoats and attended St Marys before moving to St Michaels. I have sourced my family tree back to abt 1680 in Stevenston parish. I am now trying to put some 'meat on the bones' by accessing any additional information. If anyone can supply information about the Scott family I would like to hear from them. If anyone remembers Tony Scott B. 1957 and lived in Saltcoats till 1969 I would be delighted to hear from them.

Billy Lamb  15/Jan/2001:19:55:50
I have made contact with Gus and Mike Morrison after 18 years or so. I don't know if it was a good idea finding Gus again after all the times he led me astray! You never wearied when Gus was on shift. I could write a book about working at the BSC Terminal at Hunterston. I've never met so many characters on the one job. Various people eg. Basher, Gold Dome, Toffo, The Moonman and other nicknames I don't think you would like on your pages. And to Hugh - thanks for allowing me through the dock gates with my guest!!

Annette Newell   21/Jan/2001:22:42:06
What a wonderful web site. I visited the Three Towns two years ago and met some of my relations. My mother was born in Saltcoats and came to New Zealand in the 1930's. Thanks to George McGratten for all the help he gave me in tracing my mothers family. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who may have information on my grandfathers family. He was Henry Murphy born in Dalry 4 Nov 1884 and married Margaret Murray in Saltcoats Nov 1915. He went to the United States in 1927 and worked in a Coal Mine before coming to New Zealand.
Regards Annette

Ian Gordon   22/Jan/2001:21:00:55
What a great site,made me feel home sick. I am replying to the person who is trying to get in touch by using your guest book dated 6 Jan 01 but the contact address is missing. Names used were Jean Fullerton, Marylin Howard, Jeanette Campbell, Jackie McEwan and Mick McArthur. I would love to hear from you. It was also great to see Eglinton/Winton School again Which I attended from 1955 to 1960 with some of the good people mention previously. Teachers: Kitty Brown, Smiler,Joe Dodds and the Hook as well as Bouncy Miller the PT Teacher will remain in thousands of great memories. It was also lovely to read about big John Shearer the policeman, a fitting tribute, I can still feel the box round the ears he gave me for raiding the Puffers apple tree in Winton Street. The same Puffer that used to write the column for the Herald. As I remember we actually got in his column described as wretched urchins. After 34 successful years serving in the Royal Air Force I now reside in Lincoln England a

Robert McLean   28/Jan/2001:10:23:52
Just to let you know of my new e-mail address and to say thanks for this great site...Robert McLean

bibbis   29/Jan/2001:21:12:36
Hi Hugh, love those old school photos, especially St michaels 1959 ....Im not in the photo so I guess they were the swots class. If theres anyone out there from same year but C stream I probably know you.

Mary Kean   30/Jan/2001:13:15:10
I grew up in Stevenston. Then I was May Goldie. I went to Ardeer primary school from 1958-1965 and then went to The Higher Grade till I was 16. I worked in J.D. Bannatyne and Campbells in New Street for 4 years then got married and moved to South Africa. We returned in 1984 but couldn't find work locally so ended up in Ruislip in Middlesex. My dad's name was George Goldie and my mother's is Margaret Park. She lives with us now. She is 89 this year. Her family owned the little cottage next to the High Kirk until my uncle died a few years ago. His name was Robert Park. I enjoyed browsing through the site and will visit it again.

Senga Morrison   04/Feb/2001:18:16:55
Found out about this great site while on holiday in Tennant Creek,Australia .I'd like to hear from anyone who went to Auchenharvie Academy from '71-'75.I've lived in Glasgow now for 16 years but often spend the weekend with my Mum who lives in Harbour St.,Saltcoats. I'd also like to say hello to my best mate Lynda who I know visits this site a lot.Thanks again for a great holiday. G'day-lol.

Mary Doland  12/Feb/2001:01:42:13
Hello Hughie Congratulations on a well laid out informative web site. The amount of information is great for anyone seeking family history and ancestors. I am searching for my great grandfather William Meechan, born in Saltcoats in 1873/4. I found him on the 1881 census living in Windmill Street with his grandfather John Malone. He moved to Glasgow and married Ellen Keery in Bridgeton in 1898. I would love to hear from anyone who knew this family, or the parentage of William. I have many happy memories of holidays in the area when I was a child. I emigrated to Australia in 1973. Keep up the great work, it's a pleasure to visit this site
Cheers Mary

David Miller   14/Feb/2001:22:02:01
Hi to all, great job on this site. How do I start? well my father was William Miller 57 Boglemart st D.O.B. 1926 he married, Marjorie Jean Templeton Kerr,1948 Came to Australia where I was born, I have now 2 children and I would like to find some realtive(if any) that might be intersted in the helping me with the family tree. Both of my parents have passed on and I don,t have a lot to start from. My best regards to all, David Miller

Michael Mc Culloch   17/Feb/2001:17:25:59
Great Site. Can anyone put names to the photograph St. Michael's 1959 I know some as I was in that class (I think!)but not in the photo' Names-Eddie Monan,John Donnelly,Cathie Cowan,Anna Dorrian,Gerry Pollock,Christopher Mc Ateer,Donnie Mc Lean, Nuns- Sr.Eugenius(Big Jeanie),Sr.Mary Campion.Etc  Help!

Angeline McSorley   (M 18/Feb/2001:23:35:04
Hi Hugh, Found the site really interesting and had a wee trip down memory lane for a few hours. I went to St. John's in Stevenston from 1961 - 1968 then to St. Mick's in Kilwinning until 1974. I am now living in Neilston with my six children. It would be great to hear from anyone who knows me. Thanks again, Angeline

Angeline McSorley  18/Feb/2001:23:37:37
Forgot to put my maiden name on the last message. Hope to hear from some old friends soon, Angeline McGee

Dorothy McGrath   20/Feb/2001:22:48:38
I found this truly great website after searching for hours. I'm seeking any information about the James McFarlane family who lived in Ardrossan. My husband, Frank McGrath (now deceased) was born in Alexandria, Scotland but came to the states when he was five yrs old. Jim McFarlane was his cousin, I believe. He was a teacher (possibly a headmaster) and I think his wife was also a teacher. There were several children, Anne was the oldest. One son is possibly a priest. My three sons and their wives are planning a trip to Scotland in June and would like to contact some one in the family. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ANNE M. HAMILTON  20/Feb/2001:03:28:24

Beryl Paton   25/Feb/2001:08:27:02
hi i,m looking for william paton he was born in edinborough scotland 1819 convicted and sent to australia on camden 2 .arrived here 1832.he married lucy ann strickland.he married in australia.its family from scotland. would like to hear from anyone who knows anything about the patons to contact me i have lots of infonmation on the family here in email found this site by accident will come back thanks for having me good luck
beryl paton.

Jean Kelly   03/Mar/2001:17:36:03
Born in 1948 at 36 New Street Stevenston. Moved up to the Hayocks in 1954. We were the first tenants of the house right next to the "Co". Many happy memories of life at the Higher Grade. Found this site by accident and it's been such a thrill to see names remembered from the past. I'd love to hear from anyone who knows me. I will try to upload school photos from the early 60's.

Jean Park   (now Kelly 03/Mar/2001:17:43:06
Oops, I forgot to tell you my maiden name. No-one will know me as Jean Kelly, but I hope there are some out there who remember me as Jean Park. I have a brother Robert (nearly all the Parks were called Jean, or Jim, or Robert). Try tracing the family tree with names like that!! Anyway, please get in touch if you remember me. Look at the entry under Jean Kelly for more information.

Jim Kelly  /Mar/2001:17:39:47
I was born at 14 Gladstone Road, Saltcoats in 1944. Went to St. Mary's school, then St. Michael's, Irvine. Lots of happy memories. Moved to Mayfield Road when I was 11 and played in Auchenharvie (the forest) and have great memories of the outdoor swimming pool at Saltcoats. (when the water was 62 degrees, we thought we'd died and gone to heaven). Moved to Canada in 1982. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I may have some school photos, and will try to upload them on to the site.

John Hood  04/Mar/2001:19:40:00
Excellent site, I'm sure that I have a few old school photographs that I can contribute from my days at Eglinton and Winton schools.

TOM HAMILTON   04/Mar/2001:01:31:39

Alistair MacDonald   06/Mar/2001:17:20:54
A wonderful site.
I have some school photos from Ardrossan Academy that I will be happy to contribute. I attended Ardrossan Academy primary and secondary, and they were happy days ( well except for primary 4 with Miss Christie or a visit to the office to see Miss Love).
I lived on Sorbie Road opposite the playing fields so was always close to school. I could wait for the school bell to ring before leaving for school and still be in line on time.
I now live in a beautiful part of America. All the schools have class reunions where all the class gets together at 10, 20, 50 years etc. It would be great to meet some of the people I went to school with. My brothers Iain MacDonald Born 1944 , Kenneth MacDonald Born 1951 Alistair MacDonald 1946

Anne McBride   06/Mar/2001:05:24:17
Hullo from Anne McBride (McLelland) My school friend Jean Kelly( Park ) further down passed this site address on to me and it has been great to read through your letters.We went to Higher Grade same time and have managed to keep in touch ever since. Married Jas (James) McBride 1966 and left for South Africa 1972 . The name below , Dick Maxwell is familiar I think I heard my Dad mention it, they were also brought up in Townhead St , Davie McLelland and my Mum Mary Sillars. still have family in Stevenston and Ayrshire who we visit often. There's also a boy asking about his Mum -&- Dad , Jason Hamond , his Dad stayed in Reids Ave just around the corner from us and we knew them all well.

Dick Maxwell  06/Mar/2001:03:18:01
To David Miller:
Who is William Miller? Now I have a problem. I was born on Townhead Street Dec.1925, thought I knew everyone in Stevenston. Have friends right now who live at # 53 Boglemart St.I know lots of people from that street by name and other Miller families from Stevenston so you will have to give me some more clues. Same for Marjorie Kerr. For example, Higher Grade School was Protestant, St. John's was Catholic. I attended Higher Grade. Did your dad have any nickname he went by. Where did he work, what was his trade. Where did Marjorie live or anything else that might help me to remember who your folks were. I am going to Scotland at the end of March and will find out some info. for you .Keep watching this site.

Louise (Cavani) Brog Happiness   08/Mar/2001:23:57:26
Thank you for all your hard work on building this wonderful site for people like myself and others who moved from 'God's Country' to other parts of the world. I have really enjoyed viewing your site and have recognised a few nameson your pages from my childhood/teenage years in Saltcoats. Perhaps if anyone should recognise my name I would be happy for them to contact me. Thank you again for giving people like myself who come from one of the three towns, the opportunity to get close to their roots through this medium. I can recall a lot of the happiness I felt during the years I spent in and around the three towns just by reading some of the other writers comments. Thanks again for making this site.

Mandy Buchanan   08/Mar/2001:10:11:22
Hello all, I just dropped in to have a look, but didn't think I had any particular connection with the area, HOWEVER, in the 1819 Stevenston census there is an entry for Rohanis? (the question mark is yours not mine) and I wondered if anyone has access still to the original document. I am researching the name Romanis and variations and wondered if the name could be Romanis and not Rohanis. I love the site and have wandered about it for a while. Keep up the good work, more sites need to be like this one Regards
Mandy Buchanan Gateshead Tyne -&- Wear

Anna Smith   (nee grah 08/Mar/2001:00:56:44
Would be pleased to communicate with anyone who knows me. I went to Stevenston Higher Grade from 1945 - 1955 and then on to Ardrossan Academy until 1957. Have taught music for donkeys years in this area and wouldbe pleased to hear from any pupil I have taught either privately or in Ardrossan Academy or Largs Academy

Noreen (Morgan) Szym   10/Mar/2001:22:28:51
Thanks for this great opportunity to explore the past, Hugh. I am a first generation American whose paternal family left Saltcoats in the 1920's. They settled in Detroit, Michigan. My grandparents were Francis and Agnes (Markie) Morgan. My father was the oldest of eight children. He was born in 1903. There were six boys and two girls. The children were Frank, Edward, James, George, Harry ,John ,May and Nancy. Edward never left Saltcoats and Nancy died at the age of ten of meningitis. Edward had one son who lives in the area. We keep -up once a year. I know little to nothing about my grandfather's family but I know that my grand mother was one of 13 children and I think that she came from the area. If anyone remembers any of the family I would enjoy hearing from them.
Noreen Szymanski

Scott McCallum   11/Mar/2001:17:56:43
i enjoyed the threetowners site - will visit again - born saltcoats - seabank st - youngest of 4 bros - now live in glasgow - love to all

Jim Miller   12/Mar/2001:16:20:34
Thanks Hugh for a very interesting site. I am Jim McMillan from Ardrossan (Kirhall Drive) and I left Eglinton school in the summer of 1960. I recognised two names in your excellent guestbook and sent them an email but unfortunately, after a month or two, I've still not had a reply. I would be interested in contacting anyone who would have been in my class. My 'favourite' teacher was probably Kitty Brown but a number of others run a close second. Hope someone out there remembers and will contact me for a tour down memory lane. Cheers, Jim

Rae (Higgins) White   12/Mar/2001:12:30:47
I found this website really interesting. I'm originally from Saltcoats and my husband[david white] is from Ardrossan. We emigrated in 1981 to Perth Western Australia with our two daughters. I attended St Mary's primary -&- then St Michael's and recognise a few names in the guest book from there. Dave went to Eglinton Winton and then to Ardrossan Academy.

If anyone knows where Dorothy Barr[from Pladda Rd, Saltcoats]can be found I would like them to contact me. They moved from the district when the Nylon Plant closed. Thanks again for all work you have put in to this website.
Rae White

Allan Burns   13/Mar/2001:19:15:49
Hi there,
I am wanting to hear from anyone who was friends with my father, Joseph Burns. He was a Stevenston lad all his life. He attended St Johns Primary from 1948 until 1959 and then went to St Michaels. He had a great interest in football and helped to run St. Johns amateur football team for a while in the 60's and 70's.Unfortunately he passed away 8 years ago but I would love to hear from anyone with a tale to tell about him!!!

Penni Currie  13/Mar/2001:12:10:05
My how this site has grown! I first signed the guest book way back (the lost pages)!!! and havent visited the site since but have lurked in the mailing list. I am connected to the Maxwells of Stevenston, and Williamsons of Ardrossan/Saltcoats and am trying to trace any connections to my tree. Thank you Hugh for a great site (and list)

Linda Allan   17/Mar/2001:15:37:30
Thank you for a wonderful site. I came across it while looking for information about Saltcoats and now know that my father's half brother Hugh Barr is listed on the war memorial. I now need to visit the town. My father Walter Barr was born in Saltcoats in 1918. He had three brothers John, James and Matthew and a younger sister Betty. There was possibly an older sister Annie who went to Australia. They lived in Union Street then Green Street. Their father David Galbraith Barr was a spirit salesman and possibly run a public house in Green Street. Following the death of David in 1925 they ended up living with a farming family on Arran. They seems to have been boarded out/put in care since their mother Barbara Chapman Barr although alive was either not around or could not look after them. The family never talked of this, and claimed to be orphans. I only recently found out that she lived till 1933 and I'm trying to find out why she left them. The boys left the area during the war b

Marilyn  17/Mar/2001:01:21:11
Great page Hugh I have a connection with the three towns. My grandfather's cousin of the same name, Archie Robertson lived there in late 1920's to 1941 when he was killed in a fire on board ship in West Ham. He was first married to Mary Hendry Stirling and had three children, Annie, Lizzie and Andrew. The descendants of Annie cannot help me much, but Archie remarried an Elizabeth Graham. They were living in Stevenson when he died[ he was a ships stoker. His parents were Elizabeth Armour Jaap and Andrew Robertson who owned Robertson's fish shop in Ardrossan, they lived in Armour Cottage. They had a daghter Polly who was married to Johhny Murray and had a large family. Lizzie [daur of Archie and his first wife] married a ? Miller [surname] and emigrated to Australia, I wonderif any one knows about this family and also the son Andrew [born 1920]his whereabouts if still alive.

Liz Geear   20/Mar/2001:21:32:29
Hello HUGH
and also hello to Irene Park, Gus Morrison, Alan Burns all of which I have emailed. It is amazing just how many old friends have logged on to this site. The three towns expats must have had something good in their past to warrant this nostalgia, considering we (mis)spent most of our youth trying to get out of it! Keep up the good site

Pat Holmes   20/Mar/2001:15:05:32
Great web site, I have just found out recently that my grandfather was born in Dalry, I always knew he was born in Scotland but I didn't know where.His name was John Holmes, born on September 30,1881. I don't know his parentsyet, but he moved to Glasgow and married Helen Reid and together they immigrated to Canada in 1913. They may have had a couple of kids in Scotland, but I am not really sure. After moving to Canada they had a few more,I beleive there was about ten altogether, maybe more. They are all gone now, except one,Alexander was the youngest but I cant find him.If anyone from Dalry or anywhere recognizes these names please cotact me.Thank you Pat

Jim Cochrane  25/Mar/2001:16:00:49
John Hood from Ardrossan put me on to this page. Have spent a great deal of time going through the letters. I was born in Stevenston in 1945 and, unlike many of the contributors, I am STILL living in Stevenston! Although I had to go away to find work (i.e. in the North Sea).Recognised names already like Jas McBride, Anne McLelland, Jean and Robert Park, Joseph Burns and Lexy Stirling to name a few....Great site. I'll be back in often.
Jim Cochrane.

John Bone  25/Mar/2001:00:10:58
I was born in 1945 and lived in Quay Street Saltcoats until 1951 when we moved to Auchenharvie Road where I grew up. Went to Kyleshill School which I enjoyed. The highlight of my career there was being picked as the Town Drummer in the 1957 Saltcoats Queen of the Sea, when Ruby Soden was crowned queen. I remember that day 2nd June and it poured with rain. Anybody know what happened to Ruby? Went on to Ardrossan Academy for a few years where I was educated in the arts of smoking and playing Pontoon behind the toilets. Highlight there was the day I left the place. After a mispent youth at the Ingledene and running around with my mates who had a band called the Tulsans I went to High Wycombe in England for several years. I moved here to the Promised land in 1983 and live in Sydney. My brother David lives in Gilfillan Avenue Saltcoats and brother Kenny in Ardossan Road. Would like to hear from some one who would remember me. Though most would probably like to forget????

Jim Murphy   25/Mar/2001:21:56:49
Jim Cochrane out in the north sea sent me the info. on this site had fun looking and came across some emails of Anne Mcbride'smy cousins wife. I was born 1937 at 36 Moorpark Rd.East Went to St.Johns and St.Michael's.My dad moved us as a family to Canada In 1953. Like a lot of us who moved To Canada eventually migrated to the States. New York, Connecticut now living in Dallas Texas. Love visiting Stevenston and the Shell Pub. Would like to make contact with old school pals

Sam Boyce  26/Mar/2001:07:51:04
really enjoying the site i love to read all the letters from expats from all over the world my name is sam boyce, born Ardrossan 1949, Kilmahew Street, went to St. Peters during the early 60's i recognise lots of names and recall many great memories from when i was growing up in Ardrossan anyone who remembers me during that time i would love to hear from you, even Gus Morrison i now live in Brisbane Australia, i immigrated 30years ago i thought on a two year holiday (10 quid special)but i'm still here my other claim to fame is hugh mccallum is my big cousin cheers
Sam Boyce
Brisbane, Australia

Penny McWhirter  27/Mar/2001:21:11:16
Hi this is Penny McWhirter, (nee Morrison). I grew up in Ardrossan and went to Ardrossan Academy. Married Murray McWhirter (Saltcoats) emigrated to Australia in 1981. Live in Brisbane. Would love to hear from old freinds and what your up to.

Lesley Burns  27/Mar/2001:17:21:05
Found this site by accident and I've really enjoyed trawling through the guest book and the schools photographs -I spotted my mum in one when she was about 10!
I'm a Saltcoats lass from the Braes (mum and dad still live there). I have 2 sisters, Susan (now in Oxfordshire) and Karen (now in Henley after many years in South Africa). I went to St Andrews from 1982 to 1986 and left Saltcoats in 1989, spending 11 happy years in Oxford until my job relocated me to Glasgow last year. I've got to say its good to be closer to my roots again!
I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me!
Regards Lesley Burns

Anne -&- Matt Walker  27/Mar/2001:09:54:04
Dear Hugh,
What a wonderful website! I was born in Glasgow in 1951 (nee Reid) and used to spend lots of holidays in the three towns. I came to Australia in 1974 and met my husband Matt who was brought up in the three towns in 1981. We are really enjoying the chatty emails.
Kind regards - Anne -&- Matt Walker

Alex-&-Isabel Millar    01/Apr/2001:20:08:56
Alex;born 1938 union st Saltcoats,raised anderson dr.-&-sannox dr.went to st.marys -&- central schools. served apprenticeship at Ardrossan shipyard.Chumbed with Neil McCallum (ardrossan)-&-Peter Giovanetti (Saltcoats) played darts at Nicols Bar.Isabel;born 1943 Allan Square,Irvine.went to Bank St,school -&-Irvine Royal,worked in ardeer-&-Skefko. (own name Fleck) immigrated to Canada in 1967.would love to here from anyone who remembers us.Sheena Logan,Nancy Hale,Janice Roden,Elsbeth Todd??????.great site for all the expats!!

Robert Kerr   01/Apr/2001:01:04:42
I was brought up in Saltcoats, living in Middlepart Crescent. Went to Auchenharvie Academy with Jim Latta, Alec Bennett, Kevin Mathieson -&- Brian (chicken) Maxwell.

Dave White    02/Apr/2001:13:37:18
My wife Rae has been visiting the site for a few weeks now and i have seen a few names i recognise and enjoyed the local pictures etc. I have sent a follow up photo to the one John Hood Sent from Winton School for
the year 1954 . Thanks .Dave White.

Lily-Anne Kerr    02/Apr/2001:08:18:12
Maiden name, Gemmell. I was brought up in Ardrossan (Chapelhill Mount -&- Greenacres) until the age of seventeen. Migrated to Australia with my family, where I married my sweetheart, Robert (Bobby) Kerr. We
have an eighteen year old son, William (an Aussie). There's so much we miss about the three towns, especially living surrounded by countryside. We're very much nature-minded people, bird-watchers etc. and live in the aussie 'bush'. It seems to us that we had a great upbringingduring the seventies and early eighties and I like to think that the kids there now are experiencing some of the experiences we had. Fishing for tiddlers in the burn, tree swings, up at the dams, collecting tadpoles, kick-the-can, (-&- kiss, cuddle or torture occassionally!) I think it's all T.V. -&- computer games now! Anyway, if anyone remembers me it would be nice to hear from you. Lorna Craig, Mary Blackwood, Elaine McColgan, Jacqueline Adams, Lorraine Nicholson, Susan Smith, Dianne Wilkie, Margot Li

Campbell Cowie    03/Apr/2001:18:02:16
Great site. Brought up in Ardossan, attended Stanley Primary 77-84, Ardossan Academy 84-90. I left to go to St Andrews University in 1990 and the moved to London after graduation - now living in Kent.
I love the site and it reminds me of happy days up the dam or playing football with my mates at Jacks Park (for 1st Ardossan BB's) or at Stanley Park (for the school).
Is there anyone else down south? Thanks for the site. Campbell

stuart gillespie    05/Apr/2001:22:27:37
Went to stanley primary school Ardrossan now living in Southport England very interested to hear from anyone who new me then.left Scotland in 1970 aged eleven years.

Jane Gilmour    05/Apr/2001:20:27:43
My name is Jane Gilmour my grandfather James Gilmour arrived in Stevenston in the 1890's. He owned a grocer's shop on the corner of Warner Street and Shore Rd and next to the station. On his death in 1943 the shop passed to my Uncle Jim. The site is unfortunately now a car park!
My father was Alexander(Alex) born in Stevenston in 1909. He died here in Cambridge in 1974. My Uncle John his younger brother is still alive (aged 90) and living in Toronto Canada. All the other siblings are dead, Jean, Nan, Jim, Nell, Peggy, Bill and Frank. I would be interested to correspond with anyone who can remember the family and particularly the grocer's shop. I have a few pictures of the shop but would appreciate some more.
Have just discovered this site. Its great.      Jane

John Campbell    05/Apr/2001:03:43:59
I was born in Kilwinning and emigrated to Vancouver, BC with family in 1948. Both parents were born and raised in area. Mother, Theresa Campbell (Taylor) was born and raised in Saltcoats and father Joseph Campbell was born and raised in Stevenston. I believe one of my mother's sisters, Maria Reid, lives in Ardrossan.
I have unfortunately never been back but certainly have enjoyed touring this site and getting a feeling for the towns. Very quaint. I still have relatives in the area and if any of them read this and recognize the family please e-mail me. I would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you.

isabel smith     07/Apr/2001:20:46:40
my name is isabel smith(maiden name pettigrew)married with four grown up children and 5 wonderful grand-children.married to ronnie smith of kilwinning.grew up in saltcoats. loved growing up in saltcoats have
lots of wonderful memories. would love to hear from someone i grew up with.----issy

Linda Morrison    08/Apr/2001:14:59:50
Couldn't believe it when a friend from work told me about this site! Nice to see a site like this, but, I must admit, I don't like the term "Three Towns" - you see I love Ardrossan and can't imagine living anywhere else. Not even Saltcoats or Stevenston. I went to Stanley Primary School 1970-1977, and then on to Ardrossan Academy. I haven't seen any school photos from that time, but who knows - maybe one day! Did get a look at some of the others and am amazed that even I can recognise some of the folk who are still around today. Even spotted
Jim Rowlands and will have to ask Dad if it's his brother!!
Brilliant site! Regards. Linda

Louise (Cavani)Brogi      09/Apr/2001:21:49:56
Would anyone out there know whatever happened to a girl I went to St.Mary's Primary in Saltcoats called Kerry Reid. She lived for a time in Mossgiel Road, Saltcoats. Her Mum's friend was a Mrs.Forbes who lived across the road from them. Last time I and a few other of her friends saw her we would be only around 12/13 years old (1962/3)and she was leaving from Stevenston Railway Station for Union City in America with her Mum, younger sister (Maria) and her new Stepdad Davie McNamara from Ardrossan? Kerry's own father lived in one of the houses around the 'square' at the top of Adams Avenue. We were all in tears that night and always said we would keep in touch but of course never did! If anyone remembers her or knows how I could contact her or anything
about her I would be happy to hear from them. Thank you for the use of your site in the hope of finding a lost friend. Louise Brogi

Ann (Park) Rogan    09/Apr/2001:09:16:54
My big sister Irene (Park) Dickie - see earlier entry - told me about this site.
I was born in Stevenston in 1951, lived at Reids Avenue -&- Hyslop Road. I attended Stevenston Primary/High School 1956 to 1966 and some of my classmates were Sylvia Torbet, Ann Kerr, Elizabeth Watson, Norma
Parker, Jim Seggie. I worked in Cockburn the Chemist at the Cross prior to emigrating to Sydney Australia in 1973 to join my sister and her family. I do remember Jean (Park)Kelly who lived along from the Co-op. Love to hear from anyone who knew me before I came to Australia.

Maria Paterson    13/Apr/2001:22:15:02
I am looking for a class photograph from Glencairn Primary in stevenston from around 1946 - 1953 containing a photo of Lilian Wilson. (She will be 60 this year) I hope someone out there can help me. P.S. I am her daughter.

Peter    Howie, Howey -&- Huie Families    13/Apr/2001:21:18:47
Sandy from Stevenston is desperately seeking living relatives, descended from the Mann family in Stevenston. Her uncle Robert Mann went to Capetown, South Africa about thirty years ago. Most of her cousins went to Canada. Sandy is not on the internet, but I work beside her, and will pass on any messages. Terrific site, but must admit that the old three towns were an awful lot better than they are now.

isabel smith    15/Apr/2001:22:15:49
does anyone out there know where Elaine LOWery[maiden name] is originaly from Millar road,Saltcoats.Marie Mclure would like to get in touch with her.

JEAN BLACK    18/Apr/2001:04:57:08
Would anyone be able to tell me what happened to the Clellands who lived in Dalry from 1800. I can find no trace of them and would like to know if possible where next to look for them. Thank You,
Jean Black

Helen Alston    The Alston    20/Apr/2001:19:37:55
Hi Originally from Stevenston,born at home 1968 in Ardoch Crescent.Parents James and Helen Jordan.Now living in Kilwinning with husband Stephen and daughters Louise and Charlotte.Started first full time job with Nobels Explosives in 1985 as a YTS .Found your web site during normal Friday night surfing.Interesting and enjoyable!
I am trying to contact former pupils of Auchenharvie Academy who entered first year in 1980 for reunion.If interested web site to visit
Helen Alston (Jordan)

Jim Cochrane    20/Apr/2001:07:17:41
Hi Hugh,
Congratulations again on an excellent site! I've been in and out several times now and have made contact with several 'auld aquaintances'from all over the place. I'd like point everyone who has or had an interest in Ardrossan Academy to their excellent award-winning site at
It is run by the Chemistry teacher hence, I think, the title 'methyl'? However, it's crammed full of information and has former pupil lists going back to the 1920's. I'm sure it will be a source of rewarding research for anyone seeking out old friends from Ardrossan Academy.
Thanks again for your great site...
Jim Cochrane

inda riddex    23/Apr/2001:23:05:34
hi  this is a great site.i'm saltcoats born and own name is linda farrell from fleming crescent,now i live in anderson drive.i moved to west kilbride when i got married but moved back in 1983.i went to st mary's then st peters then we moved to st andrew's when it changed would be good to hear from anyone who thinks they know me linda

kathleen(forman)muir    23/Apr/2001:13:40:19
hi hugh great site. i was brought up in ardrossan in queens drive. i went to stanley primary from about 1972 till 1979 then on to ardrossan academy. i left ardrossan in 1984 when i got married my name is now graham. i have some photos i will send in. but would love to hear from anyone who knows me or my family.i have three brothers ralph.stephen and jason.

Liz scott    24/Apr/2001:19:27:46
Hi hugh,
this is me just finding the guest book.i am really enjoying this site. my name is liz scott (maiden name scott as well) i was born 1948 at whitlees crescent ardrossan went to winton primary -&- eglinton school. I married alan scott from saltcoats ( fleming terrace) his father was davie scott ( lees lemonade man). if anyone remembers me
please feel free to write to me, i would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I am living in saltcoats with my husband alan, i have 4 grown up children-&- 5 grandsons. My mother maiden name was margaret cameron -&- my father was william scott ( smiler) as he was known.
Liz Scott.

Alistair Mann    25/Apr/2001:17:17:26
Hi Hugh and everybody out there:
Brilliant idea and superbly executed!
This is ALISTAIR MANN (Stevenston, 1945) Higher Grade and Ardrossan Academy (Class of '64). Married MAGGI WHITTEN (Largs and Academy) and now living in San Diego, CA. We would love to hear from any old school pals out there. I've just recently discovered the site and already I'm catching up with lost souls and
have also been able to help some people track others down. Its going to be part of my daily routine - keep up the good work!

Elizabeth McAlpine    27/Apr/2001:15:11:47
Ann and Barbara McAlpine told me about this site tonight and I will enjoy perusing it. Hugh and Betty McCallum, I met you in Geelong at the Hughey's. Irene Park and Jimmy Dickie are friends of Barbara. I also recognized other names in your book but not too many from Stevenston.
oops I forgot to mention that I went to Stevenston High till 1965 with Maureen Beattie, Annette Clark. Ray Urquhart, to name a few. We lived at 4 Castlehill Road - opposite the fields, beautiful. Our family had "pops" shop on Hayocks Road.

cath smalley (murphy    28/Apr/2001:21:41:42
does anyone know a gina corbett she used to live up the haydocks we worked at the mill in kilwinning in the 60s i would like to here from her she knows me as katy

Christine Chisholm    29/Apr/2001:19:43:13
Greetings from Tobermory, Ont. Canada. My grandmother was born in Stevenston in 1895(Agnes Mccain Anderson) Her father's name was John and her mother was Joanne. They emigrated to Canada(Hamilton Ont.)in
1909. I believe her father worked for the Caledonia railway. I will be visiting Scotland this fall. If anyone out there has any knowledge of this family or if there are any living descendants I would love to here from you!!

Ian McKillop    03/May/2001:08:41:19
Great site Was born in 1948 and stayed at 121 New Street Stevenston till 1952 when we moved to Anderson Terr Ardrossan,the white bungalow on the corner of Seton Street opposite Dr Duffs house then moved to
Argyle Rd Saltcoats in 1960, I am a genuine three towners My father Bill McKillop worked in ICI for over 30 years and my mother Nettie McKillop(Donohoe) worked for a while at the paper shop at Ardrossan railway station.Went to Ardrossan Academy(primary and Sec)I am married to another Stevenston lass Magdalene Ferguson.Now say not far away in Glasgow.I remember the outdoor swimming pool at Saltcoats where we used
to spend hot? summer days and the Ingeldene Hotel where spent evenings

Mary Holland    06/May/2001:04:30:52
Thanks so much for a very interesting site. My great grandfather, John Ritchie was born in Saltcoats and I've always wondered what the place looked like! There is a lot of information and I'm hoping to find more ancestors as I return and check out all the rest of the site. Keep up the great work - it's a winning site.
Mary Holland, Canada.

ELEANOR WEATHERSTON    09/May/2001:19:33:08

Marilyn    09/May/2001:04:07:02
Just wondering if anyone knows of a Lizzie Robertson who married a chap Miller and emigrated to Australia in the 1950's. Possibly from Ardrossan. They had two sons and two daughters. Also any Robertsons who lived in Morris Moodie Ave, Stevenston? Hope someone can help.

Jean Brown    10/May/2001:22:08:00
great site, and we enjoyed looking at the school pics, nice surprise to see my hubby's photo (Sam Brown).
Lots of good memories of the 3 towns and surrounding area. I'm looking for an old school friend who left Ardrossan round about 1964/65 for Australia, I believe the family settled in Melbourne. Where are you Maureen Glachan? If anyone knows Maureen please tell her an old school friend is searching for her. Kind regards to old and new friends I met when I was in Australia.
from: Jean (Menzies) Brown

davy lynn    10/May/2001:21:03:05
Hi,I was born in 1945 (morris moodie ave. stevenston) I only recently got a computer and have been "surfing" everywhere, I landed here by accident, what a pleasant surprise to find some old friends and good information on this excellent website. If any of my old mates are on line get in touch. webmaster: keep up the good work.
p.s. I still live locally (Kilwinning)

david morrison    10/May/2001:16:40:40
Nice to see that the old place has taken the leap into the 21st century. Haven't lived in Ardrossan for 20 years, miss it? No! Not at all. But, still it's the town of my birth and there still are some thoughts, memories and people who loom out of the mists of time. Fortunately, I don't live in Scotland and therefore don't risk meeting some "memories=people" who I loathed. And vice versa as well... As they say in new home country " draa aat helvete era jaevlar!"

David Miller    10/May/2001:00:25:40
Any body know of a William Miller, from 57 boglemart, Stevenston. Born 1926. or of his wife Marjorie Jean Templeton Kerr,1920 of the same area. Came to Australia 1950 and I am his son. I would like to find out for my children some family history. Would anybody be so kind to contact me, if they have any information.
Many Thanks, David

Eleanor Weatherston    13/May/2001:22:11:01
I was interested in the name Marie McLure Isabel Smith mentioned is this the same Marie who married Nugett Gibb and used to stay at the Baes in Saltcoats if so I would love to get in touch my maiden name was
Eleanor Dallas.

Jessie (Richmond) Ma    18/May/2001:21:27:16
Hi folks, My schools were Kyleshill Elementary (behind the train station) and Saltcoats Public. Would get such a kick out of it if anyone back there remembers me. My best wishes go out to all those who stayed home. My Dad was Matt Richmond and he had a small store (grocery) on Miller Road, prior to that a small tearoom down at the
Quay in Saltcoats, a very good old frien whom I have lost touch with. I am married to Bill Mann from Stevenston and have lived in Canada from 1952, Nov. Will be celebrating our golden wedding anniversary in Nov 2002. Would really like to get in touch with Kathleeen (White) McCormick, Mrs Robert McCormick of Irvine.

Frank Millar    18/May/2001:20:45:40
Hi folks this is my first visit to the site. I was born in 1948 brought up in Arthur street Saltcoats then Links road. I have a sister Dorothy who married Hugh Welsh from Ardrossan and my older brother Eric married Margaret Ramsey from Stevenston all still going well. I married Agnes McNeillie from Saltcoats 31 years ago and we are still blissfully happy with three great weans. I recognise a few of my e.mail friends in the guest book such as the
McBrides and Kellys. My schools were St Marys then St Peters. Aye I remember wee Sammy Boyce well.

kathleen taylor    20/May/2001:23:18:58
hi was introduced to site by my friends husband jim barr i think its brilliant i was brought up in the bungalows would like to hear from anyone who lived there cheers katie tl

andy mckee    20/May/2001:07:45:37
Hello Ardrossan, I have been in Canada since 1980,I went to winton primary,eglinton and stevenston high during the early 50"s and 60"s. Canada has been good to me my wife Anne and three boys,Andrew Stephen and Alan.The one thing I miss more than anything is the Sea, walking along the prom to Saltcoats .I live in Alberta so we are surrounded by land ,we have not been back to Scotland for a number of years since Annes Mum passed away.I know I have been a bit long winded but that is normal for me.So if anyone recognizes the name I would love to hear from you,all the best from Fort Saskatchewan,Alberta.
Cheers Andy.

Angus -&- Kathleen Rei    21/May/2001:01:21:44
We've both had a great time looking over the site. Thanks, Frank for telling me about it. My own name is Kathleen Browne. I lived at 13 Saughtree Avenue, Saltcoats and 'flitted' to Canada in 1966. Angus is from Melbourne Terrace and emigrated here in 1967. We saw a few names we are familiar with including Robert MacLean, Jim Kelly, Rae Higgins, cousins Michael -&- Monica and Angus Morrison. Loads of names we are both familiar with but can get the face. Angus was a singer with the Soul Pakk for a couple of years before coming here. So the mentions of the Ingeldene, Kilmenny bring back great memories. What about the Melbourne Cafe. Angus -&- I are home often in Saltcoats and love to see family and friends especially Dorothy -&- Hugh as well Michael Keegans
Manse Street. Angus would like to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of Charlie Meanagh (Stevenson), Arthur Richmond (Saltcoats) - 2 other members of the Soul Pakk. Last I heard many years ago they were in
England. Terry Ke

Angus Reid    21/May/2001:01:25:29
We got cut off, too long-winded. Terry Keegans, brother of Bobby -&-Marie, somewhere in England. Also liked mention of the Tulsans, Eric Brown was my mentor and guitar hero. For those who remember us, please
contact at

Joyce McInnis Avery    21/May/2001:23:00:45
Was referred to your site via e mail. From what I have seen so far I am going to learn a lot from this and I will return often. I am searching for my g g grandfather Daniel McInnes who married Margaret Dunlop 24 November 1842 in Kilwinning. They had 4 children that I know of. James McInnes 29 June 1845 Kilwinning; John 1 Feb. 1846 Kilwinning; Margaret 28 Feb 1859 Dreghorn; thomas Dunlop McInnes 13 May 1861 Dreghorn. I am told thhat there was another brother named William. I also have a James McInnes who married a Elizabeth, called Bessie, McNeil who's family owned a store in Scotland according to my Dad. Thomas said in the 1920 Indiana USA censeus that he arrived in the USA in 1878 and was naturalized in 1919. My Dad says that the boys all came to the states together. James went back home to get Bessie and the kids and then later Bessie went back to get her brothers and brought them to the states. One of the boys was James McCaffer McInnes. All the men were coal miners. If anyone

Andy Killin    22/May/2001:06:45:20
Great to see that you are still keeping up the good work. I tried to contact Andy McKee who signed the book on 20th May. I think we were both officers in 1st Ardrossan Boys Brigade in the mid seventies. However, the message got bounced three times, so if you are reading this Andy drop me a line.
Best wishes to all fellow "Threetowners"

MICHAEL REID    27/May/2001:08:07:54
Brilliant web site i went too st marys saltcoats 1963 to 1966 then on to st peters 1967 to 1969 worked in ICI 1971 TO 1989 before coming to Perth Western Australia Hello to all Thretowners living abroad mick reid

ann van eyten    30/May/2001:04:08:07
Joyce, my maiden name is Mcinnes, my family is from Dalry and Kilwinning my grandfather is or was James McInnes, he had three sons and two daughters. James John Robert Agnes Jessie. One son emigrated to Canada[James] Jessie to the States Grandpa worked in the brickworks and the pits.still family in both towns, mostly Dalry. Ann

margaret gourlay mckay    31/May/2001:01:55:16
Great Website!
I was born in Saltcoats, attended Kyleshill, then Junior Secondary school from 51-55. Classmates Kathleen Boyd, Dorothy Manus, Annie Agrew to name a few. Live in Quay St, New England Rd and Knox Place. I married a Largs chap and went to New Zealand in 1964. I have one lovely daughter Linda and one lovely grandson, Theo. I work for NZ Defence and have done so for 27 years (I must like it or need the money!) My dear mother was Cathie. Brother Hugh is in Perth, Australia and sisters Anne and Ray in New Zealand. Was back in Scotland in 1974, 1990 and 1995. I write, mainly poetry and refer to Scotland as Back Home.
Regards, Margaret McKay

bryan monaghan.    02/Jun/2001:21:13:55
hi.folks...I,m from saltcoats but now residing in Largs.having moved here in 1973.I went to st.mary,s school-&- then st.peters in Ardrossan.I was born in Blakely road -&- when I left school I went to work in the abbotior loading the meat Lorries for export to would be interesting to hear from ex employees of John Scott.the first owner of the (Slaughterhouse)or from anyone who grew up with me either in the bungalows or who went to school with me .i,m 47 years of age if thats of any help to ex workers or ex schoolmates .

Ian keir    03/Jun/2001:01:56:48
My name is Ian Keir - I lived in Kirkhall Drive, attended Eglinton/Winton School 1950 to 1960. Served my apprenticeship with the Ardrossan Shipyard. Would like to hear from anybody who remembers me.
Immigrated to the U.S. in 1974 - live in the San Francisco Area

Leah (Ross) Lamb    05/Jun/2001:17:26:13
The year group that started at St. Michael's College, Irvine in 1963 and left from St. Michael's Academy Kilwinning up to 1969 is having a Reunion. This will be held in Seamill Hydro, Ardrossan Road, Seamill on Saturday 6 October 2001. There will be a bar, buffet, background music, a display of photographs and many opportunities to renew old acquaintances. The organisers have identified many pupils from the group and have postal addresses for some of them. They are keen to contact as many people as possible and ask anyone from the group who
has not had an invitation to get in touch.

The organisers are:
Margaret (Long) McCabe 01294 467282
Sharron (Roper) McCormack 01294 823727
Patricia (Cairney) Grant 01475 687251
Leah (Ross) Lamb 01294 467224
E Mail:
Some of the group are in School Photographs St. Michael's
The organisers are especially keen to hear

Gus Lauchlan    10/Jun/2001:20:01:05
I'm Gus Lauchlan brought up in Manse St and then Dykesmains Rd. I went to school at the Public both, old and new, and I'm in the school photo sent in by my old school buddy Scott McCallum. Some of the missing names are June Henderson, Heather Hamilton ( how could you forget her Scott, she was my first love) Rita Thompson, Mary Kelly, Sally Stewart. The boy named as Wallace Auld is in fact James Malloy. I'm now living in Hertfordshire having left Saltcoats in 1979. In between time I've lived in Oxford, Brighton and Austin,Texas. I'm spending most of my time doing a Phd in American History and still following the Killie. I would be glad to hear from any old mates either from schooldays or from work.

John Sheehan    10/Jun/2001:19:18:30
Former pupils from St Michaels , Irvine and who went into second year at the new academy in Kilwinning. Please get in touch with me and I'll let you know how the rest of us from that era have fared. Ex football team and galavanters (preferably).
Great to have this avenue open to communicate with old friends.

jim cochrane    10/Jun/2001:12:17:20
Hi Hugh, I have recently been reminiscing about the Nylon Works at Ardeer where I worked from its inception in 1968 till it shut down in 1980. I worked mainly in the 'shift lab' but also on Refineries, ADN Crude, Hydrogen and Catalyst Plants. When the old place shut down most of my workmates moved on to places like I.C.I.Teesside, The Middle East or The North Sea. I ended up in the North Sea and have been offshore since those happy days at Ardeer. It would be interesting to hear from any of my old workmates from those bygone days. Let's see what miracles your excellent website can do! Best regards to all the threetowners out there.
Jim Cochrane

Babs Gillespie (Armo    11/Jun/2001:19:18:37
anyone who attended saltcoats public school between 1939 to 1944 please get in touch.

Carol    Rain Town A history Of Port Glasgow    16/Jun/2001:07:45:06
Just wanted to say hello and let you know I think you have a great site here!
Best wishes Carol

Isa Riviere    17/Jun/2001:04:50:14
Hi Kathleen, was looking at the three towners web site and seen your note. As your friends husband is Jim Barr, and you were brought up in Blakely Road, and as Jim is my brother in-law then I am assuming you are the Kathleen that I grew up with. That stays around the corner from Jim. If so, it was nice to see you when I was over last year. If I do have the right person, I would love to hear from you and can be reached via emial. Take Care, Isa

Jan -&- David Upex    17/Jun/2001:15:12:46
Hi out there most folk might remember me as jan mc millan i married david upex from saltcoats who went to adrossan academy, We have lived in saltcoats for 30 odd years,I went to st andrews academy 1980-85 ?
I have two brothers Donnie who still stays here -&- Gerry who emigrated to Canada.Excellent website love to hear from any one who knows us.

Eleanor Weatherston    18/Jun/2001:22:13:58
Hi my name is Eleanor Weatherston I remember you Ian Kier I also stayed in Kirkhall Drive in Ardrossan my maiden name was Dallas you may remember my sister Mary -&-her husband John. how is life in the
U.S.A. best wishes Eleanor.

Irene mcMillan (nee Ashcroft)      18/Jun/2001:20:23:56
Hi there.
Just stumbled accross your web page by accident.(new to surfing). Found the site excellent and very interesting. My name is Irene McMillan, maiden name Ashcroft. i grew up in Arthur Street, then i moved to Miller Road. i have very fond memories of my childhood. playing at the Auchenharvie forest, over at the swamp. when it was iced over. I live in Ardrossan now, and have three grown up children and seven wonderful grandchildren. My husband went to st Micheals...david McMillan.  I was wondering if anyone in the threetowns area would happen to have old photographs from 1948 - 1959 of St.Marys primary -&- Central school...Now St. Peters Ardrossan.
i would also like to hear from anyone who remembers me from then...
Irene McMillan ( Ashcroft)

Hugh Gourlay    19/Jun/2001:12:02:36
Hi my name is Hugh Gourlay I attended Kyles Hill Primary then Saltcoats secondry I've really enjoyed the website and seeing one of my old school photosand they brought back some great memory's. I emmigrated to New Zealand in 1972 and then to Perth Western Austalia in 1974 where I still reside. I wonder if anybody knew of Andrew Bell who also went to Australia in the late 40's

TIM REID    20/Jun/2001:21:36:41

Colin Mason    Yorke Region Portal - South Australia    20/Jun/2001:02:44:53
i was searching the internet about Ardrossan (the one here is South Australia)and came across your web site and thought it was good so i am signing your guestbook,cheers.

Elizabeth Robertson    21/Jun/2001:20:27:46
Wonderful site. I am researching my family tree and my gr,gr grandmother Elizabeth Kennedy Anderson was born in Ardrossan in Feb 1863. She married John Murdoch in Mar 1885 in Kirkland St. Maybole. Her brothers and sisters were Janet b.May 1866, Ann b.Jun 1868 Robert born Aug 1870 and James b.1864 and died 1870 and James born 1872 and died 1872. Her parents were both dead before 1881 (James Anderson and Ann Young Fraser). My aunt thinks there was a drowning accident but can't remember details. Elizabeth was a domestic servant at 24 Royal Cres, Barony, Lanark (1881 census). Janet was a servant (nurse) age 14 and Robert was aged 11 and in an 'Industrial School', Maybole Road, Ayr. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Maybe someone will know what an 'Industrial School' was.
Regards,  Liz

Irene Brackenridge (    21/Jun/2001:10:03:26
Hi Everyone!
I got details of this great website from my sister-in law in Canada, Jean Kelly (Park). I attended St. Michael's 1969-1974 and now live in rural Aberdeenshire. I would love to here from any old school mates!

ralph robertson    22/Jun/2001:17:24:37
hello saltcoats my name is ralph robertson formerly known as stevenson,the reason for the name change was because i was a foster kid . i was born in 63 in kilmarnock but i was raised in saltcoats. i now live in florida but i sure miss being back home i went to mayfield primary and auchenharvie academy. i wonder if anybody remembers me if so email me at ps i miss my pub crawls all the best ralph robertson

billy ferguson    22/Jun/2001:01:39:46
hi andy killin i see you were trying to contact andy mckee we are both living in fort saskatchewan alberta canada,iwill give hi a call and let him know you were trying to contact him hope you get this message,cheers from canada

gibby havlin    28/Jun/2001:10:43:51
Hi people
Great site,i know loads of names already,i still stay in name is Gilbert Havlin,(gibby)i have three brothers John Robert Garry,my dad was John,(Jocky Havin)my mother Janet Brown.i am married to Margaret Armstrong,her dad was Tam,and her mother Betty Young. Please feel free to get in touch,oh and i have some photos i will enter into the site.

Ida Emerson(Bruce)    29/Jun/2001:22:14:12
Hello to Scott McCallum, Gus Lauchlan. A great big hello to you both - it would be great if we could have a re-union. My uncle sent me the photo Scott posted on the web site - I have tried so many times to find this. Have you heard from any of the others. Do you remember June Henderson, she died when she was 16. e mail me. I have been away from Saltcoats for a long time. More entries