Auchenharvie Row

Auchenharvie Row, Saltcoats 1922. Report by Mr James Brown (Annbank) and Mr Mckerrall (Miners Agent).
Auchenharvie Row was demolished in 1924.

Auchenharvie Row, Saltcoats contained twenty-two houses, twelve single apartment houses and ten 2-apartments. One room measured sixteen feet by nine feet and one twelve feet by six feet. One apartment measured sixteen feet by nine feet, the floors were brick tiles, broken and twisted. Each house was provided with a water closet and there was a wash house for every three tenants. All tenants had coal-houses, the roadway in front of the houses was unpaved and very dirty. The rent of the 2-apartment was 10/2 per month and the one apartment 7/11 per month. There were no ash-pits, but dust bins were provided. The syvers were usually very sluggish and were lying filled with stagnant water as often as not. There were several taps for gravitation water serving the row. These houses were demolished in 1924 and the Esplanade Cottages built on the site. Incidentally these were demolished quite recently, after a life of about forty years.